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Travis Pastrana VS Brian Deegan Photo Finish!! | The Deegans

For over two decades, the rivalry between Brian Deegan and Travis Pastrana has always been strong. From inventing new tricks off of a ramp on a dirt bike, to throwing several kinds of four-wheeled vehicles around a racetrack– The action that happens when these two put helmets on never disappoints! Watch today’s episode to see how they threw down ’till the end, for a photo finish in their @CAN-AM OFF-ROAD !

Foreign which had been here a million times so that’s cool nice windy dry day in cali it’s funny i can’t and he’s got so green and nice and he’s come to the desert here but i don’t know it should be fun we always had some good battles in travis so anytime he gets a race with him i try to make i try to make the trip and make the most of it so uh this should

Be good he i won last time i won the first day he won the second day so i definitely have some redemption for sure so we got a little catch up to do today so that’s the plan foreign drive the track again at glen hill and it’s been a long time dirt’s like so slick and rocky it’s actually pretty fun you can slide everywhere you have to have like something

Like a street tire yeah we’re using like a haley’s calling me dude i i saw that i saw my phone i had my phone in the dash while i was driving the canon the new iphone detects a crash oh isn’t that weird that’s lame that’s so lame i’ve never had that happen i’m checking up on you how do i shut that off oh the chp’s calling me let me call you yeah see ya so

We’re out at the track here and i the phone was in the glove box in this uh race car and it was bouncing around so it called you guys which i don’t know why i’m gonna have to figure out how to shut that off no crash now sorry about that well no crash as of yet that’s so lame you imagine how many freaking bad dispatches they get because he’s that’s so weird so

Here’s the setting you can hold it call withhold and that will call the emergency i’ll shut that off call after severe crash turn that off i catch myself doing a lot of dumb lately that old like old technology literally put my phone in my glove box driving to can-am my first day of practice here it’s bouncing it i’m like i’ve been doing that at home for the

Last two weeks why here maybe because bigger jumps i ended up calling haley and it gave her the pin glen helen raceway crashed she always like why is he calling me if he crashed on the track anyhow that’s that was weird hopefully that fire truck doesn’t come out here don’t worry about the tires man foreign definitely wasn’t his thing motocrossed by more

We’ll see direct sushi i’m sure it’s just fake crab i don’t know 15. see how you feel in a couple hours what’s the green stuff called wasabi wasabi the wasabi looks a little like fluorescent green what do you rate it i don’t know i like spicy tuna the best this is pretty good seven six i don’t know can you come around to start if you stay wide open off that jump

There’s a few spawns that jump that kid yeah like it could get gnarly if guys go wide open yeah then i was like okay when you nose dive stay in the gap yeah so it don’t worry those drops the front wheels will pull you out of it it’s like when you hit the brakes yeah foreign rip all your body we’re out here in nitro doing some freestyle watching some of some

Cars what do you think man there’s a bit of a breeze it’s glenn helen it’s nice weather it’s a beautiful saturday morning here got right in the family we’re gonna watch the deegan and the pastrana go head to head again like the old days what more could you ask for right yeah the rally cars going no the electric ones i didn’t hear them no did you hear them yeah

They like you don’t hear them they’re like future you’re not even gonna know what gas vehicles are he’s gonna get a pay weight i’m definitely getting him one another a heat race and i grab another heat race and then they’re the final it goes quick there’s only like four laps so it goes super fast which is good it doesn’t get boring yeah last race everyone just

Started running each other over which is pretty funny it starts everything because it’s really i mean in four laps it’s pretty hard to pass and the joker’s supposed to be a lot slower that you got to take it one time during the race it’s like a rally thing and this time the joker’s only like a second slower so it you kind of have to time it just right to where

You have enough room behind you when you do take it you don’t get past because if you take it early and you get stuck behind slow guys then you’re screwed so i always try to time it to later and when i have a gap i mean everyone gets to go out and race the same cars you got everyone from young youngest kids racing to to older vet racers and you know girls you

Know the t-shirts skater uh ken block’s daughter it’s cool it’s just like a fun race and i have to get haley out here you know it’d be fun get everyone out battling it’s definitely like i don’t know a good like glorified fast go-kart grudge match inside of a showed on the way to turn i’m sorry fast life look at it 50.9 brian diego’s gonna win this this is a

Great job by brian na just held his position how to go every four left with travis pastrana and then michelle in third place he freestyle motocross just wrong okay well i remember watching the sport of skateboarding like you tell people yeah bro drop it in bro let’s get this beautiful meat bread yeah you know sometimes he’s got a little c you know what

I mean so we’re just uh signing autographs hanging out feeding the people you want a burger or dog oh yeah all right that’s good you enjoying the race hell yeah it’s practice jumped into the time qualifying today called my second and travis see your hq heat races was able to get out front and win the heat race so i get to start up front in the main hole shot it

From the outside gate so the dude next to me has a shot of doing the same thing i just got to beat him the first turn whoever gets the lead has an advantage here big time because there’s just so many turns that it’s really hard to get ahead so i had to do my best to try to get out front early and between travis and there’s another couple kids that are pretty fast

That really soft road so in these can-ams everyone kind of goes to a certain level and that’s about as fast as you can go in these things we did some tweaks to art to mine that we’ll see if it i can get it to go a little faster we’re just trying to find more grips like i haven’t been racing in a while so it’s good to come back and get excited about oh my god

The feeling of competition um even like literally at my age racing never gets old and a car racing you can do it for a long time it’s not racing dirt bikes dirt bikes takes a lot of physical energy so anyhow we’ll go out and rip it up and uh one more main event today and hopefully we can bring home a win it’ll be good we need another trophy look for it yeah he

Squeeze digging straight off the line driver couldn’t get and going almost on two wheels just a green great racecraft from both those gentlemen and it came down to that lesson since i was 14 years old and we’re still talking crap i lost another dollar this guy is ridiculous i i actually thought he beat me because like you’re ahead of me in the last turn i

Must have had just enough drive in the timing strike i mean it had to be by heritage like yeah 4.03.03 how good is this incredible yeah yeah you’re saying that possibly the closest you guys trying to i was so frustrated for my group be a dismal performance in the first team i was taking everything out on ryan running him off the road every chance like you know

Try not to like hurt him too bad i didn’t hit you too hard in the first time it was racing you had a bumper on me i bond dieted into one doing a hail mary and you do it yeah but in the end we never did run each other over totally it was just a little rubbing but never just like malicious run you over what’s up hey in the end it’s made for a great race and at

The end of the day we beat the kids foreign nobody ‘s oh man it’s bumper to bumper did he say he lifted over the finish i now i know his weakness guys for your winner today is side by side brian deegan what the hell am i gonna do with this thing it’s like a big frisbee can i carry this on the plane all the way home and like stuff it through

Everyone and put it like right on my seat like um

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Travis Pastrana VS Brian Deegan Photo Finish!! | The Deegans By The Deegans