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trike steering 0001

Hello folks is spelter if not doing motorsports in spearfish something good today i want to talk about trike steering there’s a lot of confusion on when it comes to steering to try a motorcycle be very much lead to turn and don’t turn the handlebars hardly at all but a trike is very much a push-pull operation to operate the trikes later ok there’s a lot of confusion

When you hear the term rate triple tree what does all that mean do you need one what does it do the drake triple tree costs about a thousand dollars so you want to be very respectful with your money and make sure that we get it just right for you ok what am i talk about to pay deals mostly with the golding trike but it applies to other models of try conversions also

So let’s get serious let’s get it okay so here’s the animal this is the rick triple tree this steering head here and this is the steering stem from the frame and your fork tubes go down through here and this is angled out just a little bit more than the standard very small changes in the triple tree angle make big changes in how the bike skills is strictly a thing

Dealing with physics the longer the trike and the wider the wheelbase if you try the more need for a great triple tree consequently the short of the bike and the narrower by the less mean that there is this chart will help you determine if a triple tree is right for you what it does is take the length and the width of the trike and answer the two together you can

See over on the left is a motor trike with the smallest dimension top up to the hannegan which is the highest and then it gives a rating system of how important it is or how much the need is for a triple tree on a given trike with the motor trike and the layman the need is fairly low to moderate for the champion it steps up significantly and then for the trike shop

California sidecar and hannigan it’s virtually mandatory to add the triple tree it’s not to get the triple tree initially with our trikes glide very easily so they don’t take a lot of steering angles so we want people to try it if you decide later on that you want to add the triple tree for extra steering needs we can certainly do that but keep the thousand dollars

In your pocket until you know for sure that you need okay however if you just want to improve your steering or if you’re a person less than 150 pounds then it goes a little bit differently likewise if you have arthritis significant rotator cuff problems and in anything dealing with your upper body is a difficulty for you then the triple tree might be right for you

Okay one last point i want to go over with you great triple trees come in different degrees of angle but i recommend you do is stay between three and five degrees some some triple trees will be out as much as six or eight degrees that does two bad things if there’s a whole lot of pressure on the steering head bearings that are up in here but even more importantly

On a trike now i’m here it’s going to lower this ground finish if you bring this wheel out this is going to get really low and and if you get a really high triple tree with six or eight degrees that will get so low that one over speed bump in a parking lot you may scrape that and do some damage to the bottom of the tree i hope this helped you understand your triple

Tree needs and outdoor motor sports we know trikes we and up to eighteen different models we always have trikes in stock and we’d very much like to earn your business stop in an outdoor motorsports spearfish south dakota

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trike steering 0001 By psnmandy05