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Turo Best Types of Cars to Buy for Renting Host

I talk about what I think are the best types of cars to buy for renting hosting on Turo to make money with

So i just want to talk about what kind of cars i think are the best to get to run out on toro and i’m gonna be talking about getting cheap cars that you’re gonna buy with cash like off of craigslist not real high-end ones that are gonna be financing so that’s kind of like a whole different thing but i was getting cheap ones with cash and just want to show you my

First car here this is a 2012 prius c it’s real nice looking i got it with a 66 ki and i paid seventy eight hundred dollars for it i wasn’t like super cheap lang is a pretty good deal i only had one owner but maintained at the dealership and i kind of realized after i got this that what i should have done was just buy a 2008 with just under 125,000 miles cuz prius

Is so reliable anyway paid a lot less money and you know i could have gotten like almost two cars for the price of this one and basically they just be making me the same amount of money anyway another thing i don’t like about this car i wouldn’t recommend don’t buy a car with a light gray fabric seats if you can’t get seat covers for i was planning on buying seat

Covers for this because my i have a normal prius not this a little prius c one that i drive daily and it came with these really nice like fake leather seat covers which i like so is planning on doing that but then they don’t make seat covers for this model so the light gray just stands really easy so i wouldn’t really recommend it thing is i paid $1,700 for this and

Then i kind of wanted to get like a really nice car like a nice one that would last but what i didn’t realize was that so right now it’s 2020 and tours requirements of the cars to be twelve years old or newer and get a 2008 or newer under 125 k and if you buy a car that’s a 2008 with 124k getting the toyota get grandfathered in meaning you know you can just keep it

In the system i heard if it gets in an accident they can take it out but when you have a car that’s worth that little chances are you know a lot of accidents that it gets in are gonna be salvaged it anyway if you buy a cheap like i’m gonna show you how i buy these and get real good deals on in my next video he’ll be making money for get salads anyway because they

Pay the retail price for what a dealer would sell the car on average and you can buy them for much cheaper so this is the second car i just got this i haven’t even put it in the system yet i still need to finish get a couple card parts for it and detailing it but uh there’s a 2008 honda fit it’s got a hundred seven k on it and i bought this for $4,300 now this car

Can pretty much make the same amount of money as that prius price charged a little bit more for the prius but when you just try it when you’re just putting like budget cars into turo you can kind of just price them cheaper than anyone else and yours will just get rented out constantly anyway so like and the other thing i’ll add is like the type of cars you want to

Get you want to get something reliable so like you don’t want to get a car we’re just gonna be wasting a bunch of money on maintenance like so i just searched for honda’s & toyota’s another good thing about them is they have they’re really easy to resell they’re popular they sell quickly like priuses and hana fits are super popular in my hearing most honda’s

And toyota is very popular especially we have one with lower miles you can sell them really quick and they also don’t depreciate very fast like they have they keep their value really well so even if you rack up a lot of miles on it you’re not losing a lot of money on depreciation and for the price that i got this car for a year i pretty much know i kids like if

I wanted to flip this i could pretty much make a grand on it almost a thousand dollars like if i just sat on this car i could sell it for about fifty three hundred dollars pretty easily trying to unlock the doors i can show the rest of it and if you buy a car for about a thousand dollars less than it’s worth you could rent it out for about a year at the end of

That year sell it for pretty much the same price you paid for it and then you could just keep doing that over and over again never lose money on depreciation and also this car it’ll barely need any maintenance like these are the cassini’s a little bit of work i need to like shampoo the seats detailed up vacuum it all the tires on this are almost new i still need

To inspect the brakes and doing like brakes and stuff like that the brakes seem like they’re good i neither like measure them and make sure they’re in spec if you can do work like that on your own you can save money also so like i can easily rent this out for a year and a probably won’t really need any maintenance so i won’t lose out any money on the maintenance

Well i need a dozen toyota’s don’t need anything major for a long time i was looking at the owners manual for my prius and i was looking at the maintenance schedule the scheduling goes up to 120 k but it was really just like replaced the oil check the fluids replace the cabin filter replace the air filter really all it was there wasn’t any replacement items like no

Water pump or anything like that and so yo doesn’t honda’s they really don’t need anything like that replace them so like after they get over like 120 k pretty much so i could see that you can get cars like this for a four it’s a five grand like pretty easily if you stay in that four to five grand range maybe you know six k under your cars like that they’ll rent

Out a lot on toro and you know like if i gotten another pre i could have gotten another prius for like five or six k and it would have made me rent it out the same just as much is that orange prius over there and i would have save like two or three grand so that actually would have been a lot smarter so one other thing i forgot to mention which i would recommend

Is i like to get cars they have timing chains and not timing belts reason is because if a car is a timing belt the timing belt needs to be replaced that’s a regular maintenance item and getting that done is really really expensive it’s gonna run you at least $1,200 it could even be like two three grand on a lot of cars scars if you have a timing chain especially

Hon i think with honda’s and toyota’s pretty much all those small four cylinders have timing chains if you’re not sure if the car does just you know car you’re thinking about buying you just google it 2008 honda fit doesn’t matter you could search timing belt or a timing chain it’ll pop right up on here in google the 2008 honda fit comes with a timing chain some

Timing chains need to maintenance but i don’t think japanese ones usually do like if you look at a german car the timing chain a lot sometimes those need expensive maintenance but i think usually the japanese ones don’t you can just google that as well like on the 2008 on a fit timing chain service right up here on google or you can even call the dealer and ask them

That’s the best way to be sure to call the dealer up whatever car you’re looking at for you know looking at a toyota call the dealer app ask a does this car have a timing chain your timing belt does it ever need to be serviced because the last thing you want to do is you know buy a car that has like 90 k on it and then it’s supposed to get the timing belt replaced

At 90 k and it ends up costing two grand or you know obviously if you are gonna buy a car with a timing belt either make sure that it has that it had the timing belt recently replaced already and you have a receipt for you can verify that was done never just take the sellers word for it or say you know you buy a car with 60 k on it it doesn’t need the timing belt

Replace until 90 k maybe you sell it you know once the car gets 75 or 80 k on it that would be fine too it’s just something to keep in mind though timing belts are very expensive maintenance item and if the time belt breaks you can ruin your engine like that some engines you won’t but most engines will get destroyed if the timing belt breaks and check out the next

Video that i make i’m going to show you how to get good deals like this fit right here using craigslist show you the i’m going to show you the like the method that i use to get deals like this on craigslist i was buying and selling cars i’ve been doing that for like like three years before i started toro and i try to make at least a grin on each car so make sure

To check out that video thanks for watching

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