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TW200 | Best Adventure Touring Bike?!?

Is the Yamaha TW200 a good touring motorcycle? I took my TW200 for a 200+ mile trip and had a great time. I have taken the TW200 on many shorter trips, 40+ miles, and I am thinking of turning it into a touring motorcycle. Have you toured with your TW200? Where have you gone? What gear do you use? What would you recommend?

Hey matt here and welcome to another mob street video now i’m out here with my 2021 tw200 and i might do something that a lot of people say you shouldn’t do with a tw what is it well stick around and find out i’m out here with the tw and a few weeks ago i took this on just a little over 200 mile round trip and spent about six and a half almost seven hours on

The bike i’ve gone about 104 miles right now see that 104 miles and i’ve thought from then on about how much fun that i had out on that ride and i’ve been thinking you know i might turn this little tw into a touring bike what did you say now when you think of touring bikes normally you’re not thinking of a tw200 you might be thinking of a big cruiser like a

Big harley davidson or the big honda gold wing or maybe even the big ktm adventure bikes those bikes are a lot more quote unquote suited for touring however i had an absolute ball going out and cruising on the tw and since then like i said i’ve been thinking you know what i might just turn this into a little touring bike now out here in utah we have a ton of

Small towns a lot of cool history a lot of cool places to see and the great thing about it is most everything is connected by back roads two-lane highways you don’t have to take the freeway to get to all those places now a lot of these roads that i’m talking about these back roads and these two lane highways they have a lot lower speed limit than the freeways slow

Down which is nice because the tw is not a freeway machine however it can cruise the back roads it can cruise the two-lane highways fairly easily and the thing that i love about these roads is they’re not very busy just nice quiet little back country roads that take you to some cool little towns that have a hole in the wall mom-and-pop burger shop that’s a lot

Of fun to sit down and eat at and go check out and go see so i thought you know what it’d be kind of fun to turn the tw into a little touring bike for the little two lane highways that connect the dots of all these little small towns that we have out here and all the cool history that we have here in utah to check out so first off let me tell you what i’m thinking

About with the tw when i was on that ride i had my milk crate strapped to the back here that carried a two gallon gas can some tools and a few other little things that i needed for the ride and i had my backpack on and while i was out i was thinking man it’d be kind of cool to have a big old duffel bag or something right here that could carry all my stuff and

Then i thought well what about some sort of saddle bags that i could get for this and the cool thing is that i have the cycle racks rear rack here on the back well cycle racks makes a side panel that’ll fold here over the side so if you want to get some saddle bags you can get a set that’ll sit right here on the side you know those panels help keep the bag away

From the exhaust and also the chain and the tire on the back end now this cycle racks rear rack can hold quite a bit of gear as far as carrying capacity goes i know that it will carry at least 50 pounds um my kids ride on this you know when we go out to go cruise and stuff and it carries the kids just fine and it has not been and so a big duffel bag not that big

Of a deal and while i was thinking as well coming from the harley world there’s a lot of companies that make like bigger like day bags or even like few day carrying packs that you can get for the back of harley’s well they can strap right here to the cycle racks as well so stuff that might work you know for the harleys might also work for the tw with that big old

Cycle racks and maybe even some of the other racks out there even the tusk rack that sits back there and has all the different tie down points on it that’s got a wide base as well that i think a pretty big duffel bag could sit on and then also you know some side saddle bags that will give you enough room to just go for the day go for the weekend those are gonna

Offer some really really cool storage ability for the tw which is gonna make you a lot more comfortable riding the bike but then you start thinking okay well you’ve only got a 1.8 gallon tank what are you going to do for fuel it’s like with my milk crate i had my 2 gallon gas can and i was able to go quite a bit farther than you would normally with the gas tank

Now the cool thing is is cycle racks makes the front rack for the tw and those side panels that fit on the back they also fit on the front and they come pre-drilled so that you can put a rotopax on either side you’ve got a whole bunch of extra fuel and it’s not with the rest of your stuff maybe stinking stuff up with the smell of gas or whatever now a lot of folks

Might be thinking man if you want to go cruise just get you a bigger bike but the reason i want to do this is because this bike allows you to slow down slow down it allows you to take things in it allows you to see what it is that’s around you and just enjoy what it is that you’ve got all about you even today i just went for almost a 50 mile ride and i was

Completely content cruising at 35 to 45 miles an hour and i was just grinning just taking things in seeing things that i haven’t seen before and that’s the whole point of me wanting to turn this into a mini touring bike there’s a whole bunch of different options out there for bags and like luggage and stuff like that you’ve got the stuff from tusk you’ve got the

Stuff from nelson rigg wolfman giant loop i mean there’s a whole bunch of different companies out there and i’m thinking you know maybe just a big duffel bag here in the back maybe some saddle bags so that i can turn that day ride into maybe a weekend ride if you’ve turned your bike into a little cruiser or if you’ve got some luggage that you prefer put that in

The comments down below because i’m still looking around and seeing what’s available out there i want to see what there is want to test a few things try out a few things but that’s the great thing about the little tw2 is it allows you hey there’s a dirt road i wonder where that goes and we’re still out on the t-dub running like a champ just came up this trail

Right here and i still have about another 55 miles to go that way you just hop off and you just take that dirt road and just see what’s up there maybe there’s a really cool camping spot that you want to spend the night or you know just it’s nice when you get into these small towns have a speed limited 25 it’s easy to handle it’s just comforting it’s low to the

Ground the controls are super easy to use and it just makes cruising around these little small towns just that much more enjoyable so that’s what i think i’m going to start working on with the tw again if you have any recommendations on gear that you would use maybe fuel storage that you use anything that you think they’re like hey that would work for this or hey

I’ve got an idea for that why don’t you try this out or hey this company’s got a really good duffel bag why don’t you check that out put that information in the comments down below because i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one that’s wanted to turn this little tw into a mini touring bike now you say well that might not be the best idea well am i not for some but

For me it sounds like a great idea so there’s any questions comments things that you’d recommend or if you think i’m flat out crazy for trying it put it all down below and let’s go from there and that’s what this video is going to be all about i’m matt this is the 2021 tw200 this is mob street and thanks for watching

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TW200 | Best Adventure Touring Bike?!? By MOBStreet 83