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Tweakin on Two Wheels

Everyone loves a good compilation! Whether its #crazybikers or #baddrivers just wanting to #sendit

Hey what’s up everybody we’re back with another compilation of bike fails i didn’t make this compilation myself this is from this is happening let’s dive into it jesus jesus christ jesus christ supermoto 690 it’s nice you can already tell it’s not gonna go here oh some people dude i thought you walked away like he was mad at the wall classic classic buddy

Ride my dirt bike jesus christ i’ve seen this the defeat it leaves whatever that was in the road foreign that was almost so nice i hope he killed the bike i did security california this is what it’s like we’re still oh gonna smack the husky some people dude like what did you think oh dude do you see that dude i’d be so pissed you guys see this holy

Shiitake mushrooms that’s embarrassing why you do these things bro he said straight that up a lot bro i know you like that one dude isn’t it the worst when they’re showing off and then you eat you’re using like seaweed well he’s using seaweed dude take it easy bud oh no neighbor’s defense was almost nice qualifying for modified bikes stretch jacks oh what

This is not racing oh that was almost cool it’s not painful look at this huh other countries are still full of me look at this what are you doing you made me so angry like what are you doing just keep going you should have just ran them over god it’s like ah like they’re gonna pause it it’s a giant it’s a giant fire truck i don’t know if he was a paramedic or

A cop or just a guy on a bike or what i don’t care what it doesn’t matter there’s a giant fire truck get out of its way it’s moving faster than you it’s moving faster than you it’s got to go maybe it’s going to the same place you’re going maybe it’s not either way it’s huge and it’s moving faster than you and it’s going to get out of its way yeah i can’t stand

It proud bikes are awesome sand dune oh wow dude that’s wild that’s insane are these guys stealing his bike crack ass oh it’s too it’s a cop jason get on the bike i’ll hit you out of the bike how do you not know i feel like purpose nice oh oh no oh damn that sucks he was doing good too nope what are you doing hey we’re going back on this one that

Was insane go back here we go you did it on purpose and and and then again ladies what are you doing what were you looking at your phone oh no no no no oh i’m over here like reaching from the bike trying to help him send it again brother you almost had it i was legit you haven’t done that oh fine did you see that he just took me in the booty that’s

A barbecue i want to be at no it’s a good time to me dude those places fast too it’s like cooking this sucks oh i thought he was gonna swerve right around him but how you mad at him you were the one right like an idiot they don’t pay attention no one pays attention man pay attention it’s my motto around here pay attention nice that’s it oh there’s a horse

Dude oh a cop on a horse blue god bro oh yeah burning man that’s cool i would not want to ride that around oh take it out by the water oh face plant why’d you have your drone out bruh easy brother i like how soft that was soft do you want to use it i like that uh i get up that was nice so nice of you that was pretty uh it was pretty solid i like

That that was from this is happening again so they did a solid job i guess i’ll uh i’m gonna subscribe to them and then hopefully i can use another one of their videos again well all right guys come back next time and hang out with me a little bit we’ll watch some of these videos you can chat bye

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Tweakin on Two Wheels By Postocalypse