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I catch up with my friend Ms Bago who escaped Victoria before the lock down and we have a ride around the FLINDER RANGES. We catch up with Grasshopper and Flub who are on a 4 month ride across central Australia. We chat about Roz Veersma and her ride on the Finke Desert Race Track, do some twisties, ride the PARACHILNA GORGE track and have a jolly good time.

All right that’s it back to solo traveling g’day big bikers guess what it’s a ride day today well here we are at the flinders again okay big bikers so this is the flinders ranges now i’m too off today i’ve put up with my good friend faye who’s traveling around the country in her camp event one of the many many solo travelers out there so uh she unfortunately

Got caught up in the lockdown in victoria last year and very glad to be out this time as victoria locked down again so she’s put a writing gear with her she had a planned dog come out and go for a ride with big bike adventures and no place better to do it than the flinders one of the main reasons that i put the motorbike in the back of the caravan was because

Of the flinders ranges and it’s a destination for a lot of guys it’s a destination you go to the flinders ranges and then you go home again and it used to really really bug me that i’d come to this amazing location and i only had like two days three nights maybe so two quick rides around the area and you don’t get to absorb or immerse yourself at all in any

That the history or the culture because you’re just going through so quickly and one of the main motivators for me to be able to put my motorbike in the back of the caravan one of the main motivators to go and live that life was so that i could come to the flinders ranges and just stay here for as long as i wanted i’m now my fourth day and i’ve had faye and

One of her friends with her and so we’ve been doing the touristy things running around in the land cruiser um faye wants to go for ride on the on the bike and so we’re going to do the blindman parachute in the loop um yeah says having a great time so it’s not going to be a a huge off-road ride today but we are going to have a look around the flinders ranges

And talk about what’s coming up next uh flinders is not all about the dirt tracks either there’s some really nice twisties in here really nice sections of road and then the quality of this road surface is also very very good just gonna watch out for wildlife now if anybody’s wondering what that uh motels desert ht is like on the road it’s actually not bad

It’s certainly better than it is off-road i’m not at all very i’m not very happy with it and it’s performance off-road but on-road in the dry it’s pretty sticky i like it oh that was not good let’s go to the lookout oh everybody dogs up here actually literally in their dog so we just went to blindman for lunch and uh there was a couple there that

Had escaped to victoria and the current lockdown situation she was riding at 790 and he was riding a dr 650 and um they were on a four-month trip they’re heading over to the west coast of western australia or the coast of western australia did you stop following us so where’s your ball in the caravan here comes rodney if you haven’t been watching ross versma

Holy cow just the last couple of video one on the last couple of but she just thumps them out it’s just it’s incredible she does it all from her phone around the campfire she does all these videos i’m so impressed anyway one of her videos recently she was she took the wrong turn ended up on the think racetrack think there’s a track on a crf 250 fully laden

And was just getting smashed the poor thing what have i got myself into what whatever got myself into so but our kudos to her holy cow she just did everything right and held onto that bike but what would be something that you know the more experienced riders be on yeah now wouldn’t be doing that on a fully loaded 250 but there she was pounding away we

Certainly wouldn’t be doing it on this big on the big bike and uh anyway she just she’s just amazing and her riding you watch some of her early stuff from when she left june last year she’s been riding this crf 250 around australia when she first started out she was such a novice rider it was hard to watch she was dropping a bike 30 times a ride it was just so

Much hard work to watch the poor thing but now here she is riding the thing desert track on a fully loaded bike by mistake but just some of the stuff she’s been doing is incredible i’m really really impressed so if you’re not up with ros versa go check it out definitely with some support from people who love to watch it just like she’s traveling the country

Literally riding around the country on a on a 250 dirt bike because it’s just that’s amazing anyway go check out roz give her a bit of big bike love so we’re just in the parrot we’re heading into the parachute gorge so we’re going from blindman back over to paratilna um but we’ve got to go through the gorge so we’re doing that and um i think the parachute pub

The prairie hotel is uh still closed but i’ll let you know when we get there i think now it’s closed for reservation renovations well i think they shut it down during the uh during the cover shut down and decide to do a bit of work on it so that’s just that’s as far as i know but um i remember the last time last time i came along this track was with uh neil

And chris and we came across a guy on a v-strom uh we strive for 650 and he and he snapped something had happened he bottomed the bike out and the tire had worn a hole through the inner lining i think it of his um obvious mud guard at the back and it burned through a cable or or a wire or something and um it actually looked like he almost snapped the bike in

Half as well it was sitting really really low so something could happen i’ll have to go back and have a look at the footage i’ve got the video there but it was the last time i was on this road back in 2000 and 19 maybe 18. anyway i think that’s the time that corbin was here maybe not it was the first time corbin shout out mate i was just chatting with him the

Other day actually so you remember corbin came and played tour guide for us a few years ago and the winters the plan today was go from where we’re staying in bernamora down to hawker and hawker up to blindman um beautiful sealed road all the way to blindman then come back through the parachute gorge and then back down the highway to murder just yeah amazing

So the last few times we’ve been to the flinders we’ve always stayed inside the flinders themselves i’m staying just to different places this time because you know just that’s what we’re here for we’re staying out on the western side of the range this time it’s it’s just unbelievable the evening sun out across the plains and then the night sky because there

Are no mountain ranges around us like there are inside the night sky is just incredible plenty of firewood and a little bit of whiskey there’s some good memories good memories right through here all right thanks for coming along big bikers that’s the flinders rangers probably as you’ve not seen it before the last couple of times i’ve been here and made videos

About it we’ve done different rides all over the place with the boys it’s been fun but uh yeah this is a really nice way to see and relax you know i’ve been here for a few days i’ll be here for a few days more very very cool all right thanks come along over now

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Two up in the FLINDERS RANGES – AFRICA TWIN By Big Bike Adventures