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Types of Motorcycle Jackets

How to find the perfect motorcycle jacket or pant for you. Differences between the types: sport, touring, cruiser, ADV, dual-sport, motocross and commuter. Part four of our motorcycle jacket and pant buying guide. Find the complete guide here:

Hi and welcome to a motorcycle jacket and pant guide in this section we’re looking at the different types for each riding style right off the bat we have the sporty stuffed sport bike the racing stuff those jackets and pants those are going to be really really safe lots of padding because you are doing that aggressive riding those are going to be quite slim this is

Better for aerodynamics it’s also better for movability and even safety if you go down in a slide and there’s less room for that jacket to move around against your skin it’s going to create less heat there less friction so it’s not going to burn you as much that’s really important as well all this normally means leather you know you’re going to get better sliding

Protection from that but textiles of course are going to be fine a lot of work by guys will buy textile jackets they will be really safe especially if they have that high-tech kevlar cateura or something like that in there even some race courses will allow textile garments on them so there you go the other thing to note with the sport bike our racing jacket and pant

Is you’re going to want them to bind together if you are buying two pieces so if you have a jacket and a pant sometimes i’ll have straps and loops you’re gonna be able to bind those to top and bottom together and then with that if you go down in a crash they’re not going to come apart on you which is really important there of course you could buy one piece and it’s

Not worry about the whole thing the last thing i’m going to mention about this is that a lot of sport bike jackets were full suits we’re gonna have a speed hump on the back that just takes up the space behind your helmet so air vortices can’t collect there which ultimately reduces drag on your head and of course reduces neck neck fatigue from that half that way you

Can look at a cruiser jacket or pants this really blends fashion and function cruisers normally like leather on top but of course textile is cool too especially if it’s in the summer you know get a mesh jacket or text out get a lot of airflow flow and that’s going to be really great for you on the bottom cruisers will often do chaps that’s quite cool full-on leather

Pants or even just a casual look in some kevlar jeans we recommend getting kevlar jeans though a real reinforced purpose-built motorcycle pen rather than just riding in your you know everyday jeans because you are going to get a ton more safety from those reinforced jeans for sure after that we can look at something like a touring garment this is really meant for

Those long distances all whether you know you’re tackling all kinds of things so it’s going to be a loose your jacket you can be able to put insulation shells under that thermo liners in there probably come with the jacket as well then you can also take those out and just have the mesh layer until out lots of airflow in there they’ll have adjustability straps down

The sides you can cinch them up too depending on if you have tons of layers in or if you have tons of layers out see the next section for all the special features and jackets because you’re going to look for all of these in a touring jacket you know if you’re really in this thing all day long days in the saddle you’re going to want those special pockets for your gps

For your cell phone they want to built-in hydration system you want the ability to put in a thermal line or all those special features that we talked about in the next section those are going to be big for tutoring drivers of course all this means textile right i mean normally for a tree router you can be looking at textile jacket of course leather can be done as

Well it’s totally up to you i thought we’re going to look at a tv so adventure touring this is basically exactly like touring the section that we just did the only difference is atv riders are going to go off-road a little bit and with that you’re going to look for a bit of a thicker shell on the outside so a thick coat or something like that on the exterior of the

Jacket just because you’re gonna be taking branches off you may take a tumble in the rocks you know all that stuff you get from riding off-road so basically textile jacket just like touring but maybe a little bit tougher if you’re doing that atv riding after that we can look at off-road and motocross this is where it gets really different see for everything before

This the main worry is you know you take a spill on the pavement you’re sliding for a long way you have to worry about abrasion resistance for off-road motocross that’s really not the case you know if you go off you’re going into a tree you go into some rocks or tumbling around on the ground it’s not so much abrasion resistance as it is sucking up those impacts

That becomes much more important so you’re going to look of course for really good armour in that you’re going to look for a durable exterior that’s going to take the branches take the rocks without cutting that just protects your purchase you know if you put a big rip in your jacket may not be good anymore so it’s good to get that durable exterior on there the

Other thing is is basically always going to be textile for offroad and motocross it might be rotted proof depending on if you ride in the rain you can decide for yourself whether that’s getting the important thing but the main thing i’m going to say here is that a lot of off-road riders they’re not going to buy a purpose-built jacket or pant at all whether you

Do is buy piece wise armor you know there any other chest protector the elbow pads knee pads whatever now there’s going to wear a thin shell over that you know like a jersey that’s going to give great airflow through there so if you’re an off-road i don’t think you have to buy a purpose-built jacket or patch at all you could do as armour and the jersey the last

Thing i’m going to say is for commuters you know this isn’t really a category of riding but it’s definitely a special issue you know because you’re riding to work in the days of motorcyclists and you have to be in the office all day as an office worker whatever you do you’re riding back again so how do you deal with that for jackets it’s not that much of an issue

You can put anything on overtop of your work shirt just take it off when you get there for pants though that’s where it becomes a little bit more tricky some people will do those kevlar jeans that reinforce denim that’s going to be good for motorcycling it’s going to be safe for that when you get in the office it just looks like a regular pair of jeans you can

Get away with it other thing you can do those by an overpass you can search it right on our site over pant with that basically it’s going to be exactly like a motorcycle pant it’s going to be waterproof it could be reinforced with all kinds of armor panels can be quite tough it’s going to be good in the weather so all the benefits of a regular abrasion resistant

Motorcycle pad but it’s designed to go over top of your regular slacks your dress pants whatever it is that you’re wearing to work so you can wear your over pad on the motorcycle to work when you get wherever you’re going just take it off and you’re there your work clothes which is great that’s really it for all these different types a couple things may look for

It each but we would never presume to tell you what to wear for whatever bike you ride whatever jacket you want you should really do what makes you happy whatever you think is gonna be best for you thank you very much for watching this guide we have lots more coming so be sure to stay tuned thank you

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Types of Motorcycle Jackets By Canada’s Motorcycle