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Types of Motorcyclists you meet – Part 1 by AvgRider on CBR300R

Trying moto vlogging by talking about fun stuff. I will do regular updates regarding motorcycles that i test, as well as my own. Kicking off with a part 1 of the types of motorcyclists that you can meet. Thanks for watching and do not forget to subscribe!

Hey guys welcome back to another episode from the average writer so i’ve been riding my motorcycle pretty regularly now totally began to love the way this little beast as i oliver gobble ready to work as an attorney recreational stress busting in the rescission actually talking about whiskey’s i think i will do a short video of my trip out to the christie’s a

Couple of months narrative and i did take the wuzzle up there and i completely loved the way it handles in sharper curves and tons anyways back to the subject at hand so instead of just talking about waterside tools and i would grade all that i thought make it a little bit more fun and just talk about the type of motorcycles that you know the riders that we will

Meet me a lifetime of works everybody i’ve been riding for a better part of the last 18 years of my life i thought i would pull out some of my experiences and put down the rider style guys gals when i’m with my writing types write and write of the whole lot while i merge i’m going to collect my thoughts and then talk about it the tea let’s get the easiest ones out

Of the way i think these would be your professional writers you know these days you tend to meet a lot of these days when you go and group write itself some of them they’ve been you know they’ll have aspirations to become professional writers and they’ve been writing from when they were like three years old or four years old you know they’ve been kids and they’ve

Read written third motorcycles even on my or you know if you are an intermediate rider even on your very good day you will be really happy if you actually caught up with these days either on the track or other twisties so that’s the level of proficiency when it comes to riding motorcycles and the other thing i really respect about these guys are they’re they are

Never scared of trying any motorcycle right i mean i’ve seen those days they’ve always been nice about you know me bringing the crtc they’ll be like hey man awesome let’s try it and they’ll be really amazed and they’ll say hey this my grades awesome and even though some of them you know they read all the way from a thousand cc tell them they’ve written all those

Lights and they’ve gone down to like a honda grom you know which is a 135 ct and the funny thing is they make it look good so you know i feel if you want to get it become a better writer it’s always we it’s always good to be part of these writing groups that have professional writers being writing for the most part of their lives moving on to the other end of the

Spectrum throughout my time riding motorcycles i’ve always had guides or those that the people who were either wannabes are flat-out lying to you about stuff you know if i can actually go anyways i’m probably put a smiley or something to complete the video but you know i’ve actually met a writer and this includes me you know when i was young i used to blue this –

I will i would claim that i have written written the fastest baddest motorcycle out there and you can do we’s with my eyes shirt the fact is the when you question these guys further it generally reveals that they do not have a motorcycle license to begin with and they have all they’ve never been a motorcycle near near a motorcycle in their entire life and they just

Want to get one of dragged in so the short story is if you have a friend in your gang who keeps saying he is written a lot in his life he’s owned ducatis down to bmws but has more time for it now please question them further to get to the real truth and maybe at the end of the conversation you can hook the poor guy with a beer or something to get over the fact that

He needs to go get a license anyways that was you know there is something that i’ve met these guys and like that action share and i’ve been one of them when i was young and light and have the money to own a motorcycle or something i would flag and you know in the end i feel really stupid and i think there are a lot of guys who’ve done this in anyways long story

Short you might want to help so face in now the really juicy stuff right i think i will start hitting the next set of riders and these are the these are probably all the different levels of beginner you know i would say from you know anywhere riding from one year to five years they are very excited to have gotten a license and started riding a motorcycle and they

Make these you know i would say stupid mistake of getting a super sport as a first motorcycle point in case this would be me i picked up by yamaha r6 as soon as i got my first license and i realized how stupid that was after a while of writing the initial part was however amazing i was like man this is exhilarating mostly straight lines and you know winding the

Throttle off and being amazed at the speed and the hit of the power and then i really didn’t have any idea of the beast inside the motor after a few months it really started hitting me hard that i had no where the riding ability or the skill to make full use of a motorcycle the fact became really clear when i actually had my first crash when riding the with the

Gang thankfully the riding buddies who i went with they came back to check because i didn’t show up in the rear view or something after some time so they came back and i count my lucky stars that i survived with no broken bones or a red motorcycle you know the due to me getting a crash in a kind of a marshy area and i ended up being the brunt of the jokes of my

Writing group for a while but the good thing is it definitely made a mature writer out of me after that because i i realized that i needed to respect the motorcycle and the power it had and also also learned very very quickly the cornering and the learning abilities and that’s what actually made me a better writer so i would say beginners they are an extremely

Awesome set of people to hang out with because they are full of excitement they have you picked up their first motorcycle but if you’re a experienced rider and you have a beginner in your mix you should you should totally coach them because if i had someone watching me properly i probably wouldn’t have had a crash but anyways i thought i would share those as the

Type of motorcycle riders maybe i keep it as a two part series we part one and in part two i will cover some more funny kinds of motorcycle riders anyways thanks for watching take care and until next time see you soon guys bye

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Types of Motorcyclists you meet – Part 1 by AvgRider on CBR300R By theAvgRider