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Uber EATS bike DELIVERY – Part 1: I used a Dangerous street for bikes

Ebike night delivery part 1. Dangerous major street that I should avoid.

Foreign ramen it’s like a legit place but sometimes they’re slow but it’s okay we can’t wait it’s part of the hassle wow she got her orders already i’ve been waiting for like five five minutes already i think that’s mine so yeah let’s let’s check so the order is 16.42 cents for 3.7 miles so this is about about four dollars per mile which is good so we are going

To venice beach yep that’s my order and let’s go to lobster and beer for our next order so we’re just gonna go straight about 0.4 miles okay let’s get it that’s done lobster and beer seems like a good combination no worries thank you it’s a nice area foreign ly got the order we waited about 10 minutes you know as i said part of the hassle can do we cannot control

It sometimes the restaurant is busy so we adapt and uber is paying when you wait anyway so it’s covered all right let’s do this we are going to to venice beach all right let’s turn on our light safety first the weather tonight is good it’s surprisingly cold this is the reality of the hassle sometimes you pick up an order and then you wait today is monday monday

Is usually notoriously slow so any order i can get i’ll take i think what i’m gonna do is use forge street now we’ll just go to lincoln it’s a little bit crazy there but it’s the best it’s the easiest fastest way to go there so we’re going to we are going to lincoln lincoln is so sometimes when i use link and have this butterfly in my stomach i have the same

Sensation when i go swimming the ocean you know that you feel like you’re going to be eaten by shark same thing with lincoln this is where you take the lane be proactive because there’s no bike lane look at this no bike lane so we will go in the middle son of a gun all right ah no okay ah shoot all right we need to take the lane all right let me pass this

One go ahead sir let’s take the lane oh my goodness you need to have a good lights blinkers i don’t care if i’m slow i need to take the lane they need to go around me there you go so they’re going around and we’re just gonna say thank you to everyone that keeps me alive here so right now i’m going about 17 17 miles an hour and in the middle and i have a strobe

Light there you go that’s the critical part there the rest will be a little bit safer so we can relax all right there you go the butterfly in my stomach kind of like go away right went away already but we need to be vigilant safety we are at venice beach oh shoot i’m going up no i’m going up look at that i am going up so just slow and steady slow and steady

Oh my goodness i need to do a serpentine yeah yeah that’s a car there hey shoot our stuff good thing i have an electric bike how was the store there have you tried it before oh yeah yeah yeah it’s like a new store huh that’s the first time i’ve seen that one okay sorry about my strobe light forgot to turn it off here you go sir have a good one okay all right

Thank you all right we are here so the good thing with this one is the food is still hot because we have a term on the bag yep still hot guys foreign how are you before i carry it’s a nice place pick up this one look at the order guys it says here i am a devoted gf yep that’s a good one all right we’re gonna start delivery we just completed that order whoa

Ferrari okay let’s see seven dollars in three cents for 0.7 so this is good let’s take it the name of the store is plant food and wine baby that’s good it can’t be healthier than that plant food and wine just saying those words make me feel healthy and i saw a ferrari i want to take a picture of it all right let’s follow the rules and regulation of the

Land to stop on the stoplight hello oh are you giving those back too wow so nice wow this display is nice yes oh sorry yeah yeah of course it’s uh for court courtney thank you so much of course all right free bag tonight all right

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Uber EATS bike DELIVERY – Part 1: I used a Dangerous street for bikes By Bike Hustle