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UK to France motorcycle trip planning

A brief introduction into what one should take with them when motorcycling from Britain to the south of the land of croissant’s and soft cheeses.

Test test test testing testing test ease testicles it is warm today i am a hot potato getting closer to my uk to the south of france trip i finally fitted my 12 volt socket in the frank i’m going to stay there at all and i fitted this funky little knob end for my phone so i got sat-nav now and power there’s a few other things i gotta do though i’ve been reading

Up the driving laws over there they’re a bit different to the uk another thing i read is you have to have a gb sticker on the back of a vehicle i do have a little euro stick and i i think i can use that on the number plate instead of the gb sticker but i hope i can anyway it is warm today wow left we heated grips on maxilla not one of my smarter moves yeah go

Change the tires and ah i also hate you have to take spare bulbs with you and i’m not really sure what to do there cuz they’re quite funny lights on this the end with me i’ll probably put together a little tool kit put some bits and bobs and if any of you guys can think of stuff i should take though let me know yes please i mean i’ve never done anything like this

Before also a bit of an amateur i was hoping to just don’t wing it i read the police really not tons of speeding they really big on it over there and like really baked on it so we’re gonna have to behave when we go as well from what i reading they catch you speeding they they basically take you to a dark dark place and shaft you oh you know things to that extent

They don’t like it well not sure what else to say i make i don’t have any pioneers on this but i do have this chat box this frank i should say it’s not a top box this follow opening inside of my machine so i know some bits in there i don’t really want to brave round with a heavy rock sack on so i’ll have to try and figure out a way to stick that on the back i’m

Not sure if i trust this little nor end spend a lot of money on a nice phone and then like five pounds for the mount is israel so it’s stupid on my part really wonder if insurance a cover-up i could see the conversation now how did you break your phone oh well i was i was trying to reach all of it on my motorcycle and it flew off absolutely busting therapist got

A bladder like a water balloon right now that’s the real water torture oh there’s nothing worse is they wow there are worse things and need in the toilet cancer comes to mind aids antibiotic-resistant super gonorrhea those things are much worse well there’s so many little flies out today completely see a thing from eliza so yeah if anyone wants to know disciple

From the uk to france so far i believe what you will need is spare bulbs high-vis jacket alcohol breathalyzers oh documentation so v5 insurance that sucks i don’t really know how i could enforce our i’d recommend you take some tools for wise ways yoda once told me or in planning for a motorcycle trip take as much of the bike as you’re comfortable with taking

Off and the tools that you used to do that with but just take those i think i don’t need a puncture repair kit it’d probably be a good idea i think we’ve probably got i think i probably got one hand lying around somewhere lube definitely lube lube and hive is what sounds like a fun saturday night isn’t it the lube is actually for the motorcycle chain not for my

Personal self as exciting as that sounds no one likes it dry imagine breakdown cover would probably be a good idea although i do like to live dangerously large collection of pornography i mean they might not be internet where we’re going who knows what could happen five men in a tent corn may be our only salvation maybe i won’t take the pornography ah passport

I can’t believe i forgot rather i would have been a short holiday would rock up at the border with nothing but rocks or pornography maybe a tent so things you need to take with you three-five insurance passport high-vis jacket spare bulbs breathalyzers gb stick on the back if you are the britain oh i think you can get away with those little euro gb ones on the

Registration plate i have a bit you’re supposed to have stickers on your helmet but i really don’t want to do that tools would probably be a good idea maybe break down cover that a map would probably be useful or your phone obviously box of pornography is optional chain lube always necessary probably wouldn’t hurt to take a liter of oil either body oil yeah i

Think i think that’s pretty much it i imagine i’ve forgotten some incredibly important things please let me know her i was trying to get excited about this trip now true i don’t know what it is to 3,000 miles so you really have to change these tires if i am gonna do that wow i need i need fuel to that is the amount of planning that i’ve done for my uk to france

Motorcycle trip i think it’s happening in about a month’s time true anyway hope you’ve enjoyed the video please let me know in the comments on bye for now yeah yeah good you like that don’t you yes

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UK to France motorcycle trip planning By Sir Rara