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Unboxing New Condor Motorcycle Stand:

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Okay what’s up guys showing you from srk cycle calm we got a great video for you there in damn yells right let’s see what we got we got the new condor fans well that’s like the new model or england that lumineer the latest and the best condor no not at all so we just stand in the beginning yep yeah we got the over get the trailer thing the trailer thing that’s

Really descriptive yeah this allows it’s not like the tracking things tracking so we can both the stand into the trailer tom we’re staying calm our tracking so the reason we got this is we do a lot of do a lot of photos and this helps you have the bike sitting upright the problem with the cheaper ones have you found this out we bought some $70 one no $50 one and

The problem was the front tire would be two edged in there and you couldn’t back the bike up without the whole chop just kind of folding in on the front fender so you needed two people one person to stand on the chalk another person that you can’t get as hard as they can yeah i actually bought one of these at a pawn shop a couple years ago and i loved it conyers

Definitely the the top the top of the line in this stop there aluminum i fell off my trailer somewhere in tennessee that’s not good no that sounds like a country song ace you fell off my trailer somewhere chili in real time how long it takes just let your condor hand up any other thing is for people who don’t sell motors that’s definitely comment that’s coming

No someone’s gonna calm it it’s like gloves are suddenly gonna stop you from hence to helmet but gloves don’t know where shirt you need your blows these are the two bolts no tools needed and you get your converse in delivered to you directly and you don’t need anything you could literally be caleb and own no tools what is condor stand against so true just denim

Jackets down jacket and this is a little tiny allen key my eating loves i hate you guys for making me work gloves for everything i really like this trailer alright get this one it’s a blue converse i take this sticker ma’am now how do we test this out do we have a motorcycle oh shoot all right i got you let’s go grab the up grab the camera let’s do it look they

Even have an ultra limited on the picture they guys were like what is that does it counts like a concours ultra classic georgia classic let’s go find us on all four classic condor stan unboxing another problem we were having was the rubber things on the other stand when i sold the other day we’re moving with a slide on the floor i never turn the lights on this is

Like seven minutes of pure fun for who’s ever watching this your stop your whole day just to watch this video one on the end let’s see if it works a moment of truth ten to the day momento dangerous watch it now fire up doesn’t sit as aggressive as the other one i kind of like it how’s it feel good nice and stable pacific it should roll out much easier alright

Let’s try it roll out tend to roll out here’s the rollout moment of truth so smooth nice give it a solid thumbs up for the immediate the other stand you go to rock it back and the host answer flip it up on you and you couldn’t do it i like that alright guys that’s the new uh condor stan condor check them out see you out there

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Unboxing New Condor Motorcycle Stand: By Srkcycles