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Unboxing the Beeline Moto

Today we are unboxing an awesome little satellite navigation device with a simplistic non-intrusive design, the Beeline Moto. A great alternative to a phone mount, this will give you step-by-step navigation or compass-like navigation.

Hey guys welcome to lagoon tv today we’re going to be looking through the beeline motel and how good it is and why you need one in your motorcycle let’s go so here we have the b-line motor box for the v-line boto black there’s an available app on smartphone devices for the app store and the google play store taking a look inside the box we first off get the

Device itself with a cute little bit of cardboard around it saying twist and lift and a hello as we take the device off of this little bit of cardboard you can already see how simplistic the design is of this little nifty device you can see how thin and how well scaled this is the amount of space you want it to take on your motorcycle it’s not intrusive and

It won’t get in the way wherever you put it here is my favorite mountain system to utilize this you need the rubber bits that come inside the box you can easily wrap them around the nodges on each end of the mount and attach it wherever you want to on the motorcycle next is the adhesive stick on mount this is for maybe a bit more of a tricky situation maybe

You’re on a sports bike you need the adhesive ultra sticky pad so you use that and you can stick it wherever you want on the tank from wherever you wanted to put it also inside the box you’ll get a little sturdy allen key helps with the adhesive mount moving further into the box we’ve got a usb charger you can plug this into a wall into a laptop into an adapter

Wherever you wanted and you just simply twist on your beeline moto onto the little circle pad here also inside the box you get a thank you greeting card from beeline moto and you also get a warranty pack you’ll get a funky looking sticker where you can stick wherever you want on your helmet on your laptop anywhere you like that is the box’s content the beeline

Moto app is really really easy to use click the device install it tell the device where you want to go and it will show you step-by-step directions to wherever you’ve navigated or you can use the compass mode which will just give you a general direction allowing you to choose the route you desire and that’s it guys that is the be like moto in black the plastic

Version if you want to grab yourself a copy of a b-line moto then go to that website there where you can order yours or call us on this number if you need a little bit more information we’ll be happy to help you there other than that thank you for watching guys leave us a like comment and subscribe to this video we really appreciate any feedback you can give us

On our videos and we’ll see you again next time see you later i know i’m not the only one

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Unboxing the Beeline Moto By Laguna TV