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Upgrading NOOB yarn to RAINBOW yarn in Rope Man Run

It’s Rope-Man Run.

All right, we’re checking out the only game where your entire existence is meant to strangle the people around you to death. i completely underestimated just how big your yarn body gets. everything’s. everything’s around me. oh, okay, cool. trey. martha. what, did you pick, like, all the names from the 1930’s? oh, it is invincibility. i could just run through all my

Problems. we’re already in 411 place though, with individual- it’s the thing that ends up getting me in trouble repeatedly. that seems like an excellent way to lose something very important to you. hey where’s the gray at? this one take two, hacker. ah, yes. a lovely stroll through the battle axes. oh, my god. because, you know, i’m missing most of my upper torso.

“It’s raining on me” hat, two. for two seconds, at least. ahhh!!! even though i managed to cut your arm off the last time- i am, aren’t i? because i made out of rope and it’s all just being left now, i’m just going to run through all this, and i’m real big now. i guess i can buy this stuff, so. yeah, let’s do it. oh, it’s just. this is. it’s little rope houses.

All right, this guy’s name is geoffrey. i feel like i just got shot in the groin by a crossbow. from the hips down because, you know, it wasn’t there anymore. oh, a shield. alright now i get to be a multi- oh, that’s- that’s the thing i’m wearing on my head. because i want to get that that one chocolate and vanilla looking thing. ooooohhhhh….. tarzan your way

Through to success. big jump onto the- ow! i’m just over here expanding my little rope village. i thought i had gotten the gray one, but maybe i was lied to. it’s fine. it probably puts him in a lot of positions where the police get called. there goes half of my body, but it’s grown back, so it’s really no big deal. like there was a thing to go up, but there was

A ton of gems . i’m like a i’m like a non-edible version of a saiyin. not, like, saiyin’s specifically are edible, but i mean, if you really tried, now it looks like a giant pile of fecal material that we’re getting. it does? i actually didn’t know how i was going to dodge any of that because i i don’t know what the two options were there, but if it comes between,

Like, i went through all that to buy the fattening sugar skin, no, i want to go down- oh, never mind, i don’t have a choice. i thought i could just, kind of like, sweep out and get the stuff below me. all right. we’re at 110. okay, that’s a lot of axes. okay. we also have a random rocket, just kind of like that’s a lot of violent donuts trying to beat us to death.

Luckily, i got insurance on that and we got the treasure chest. every once in a while, the boards actually get pretty, like, pretty difficult. can i get pancaked? oh, i guess you. you literally have to- you actually have to be there the moment that the thing touches down. i was looking forward to losing, you know, 50% of my total anatomy. it appears like it gave me

More time, but i’m not really sure it did. i’m back and there’s two sausages trying to slap me in the face and they’re like, look, dude, you’re literally missing your entire skull. this is starting to give me gta flashbacks for a moment there. i was going to say we got the invincible shield, which is- like, before, it was kind of like, you know, the mountains but

Now we’re heading to saturn and i am getting there. well, i was going to say before i bled out. and, by bleed, i mean, i don’t know- but i guess i’ll just unravel my entire existence. because whoever it is just dies like at the end, it’s like a mayfly, you know? for an anatomy class and you explained it just like that, i can’t imagine- i’m still pretty spry for not

Having anything but a pair of legs and well, because it looks like i died and went to heaven at this point. let me let me run into as many things i can if i’m allowed to. i love breaking things when it doesn’t break me back. and thus gray fox actually does appear on the leader board. anyway, folks, hope you enjoyed this episode of rope man run.

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Upgrading NOOB yarn to RAINBOW yarn in Rope Man Run By GrayStillPlays