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USA vs Australian Can Am Spyder – Models Built Differently

Australian Can Am Spyder models are geared differently to USA/Factory models, in particular the Can Am Spyder F3. You’d be surprised how all our Australian Can Am motorcycle are altered to meet local regulations. The Can Am Spyder RT Limited and the standard CanAm Spyder RT is mostly affected by changes to the electrical.

You would think that the can-am spiders that are sold anywhere in the world would be the same but they’re not they’re not kn spider owners are in 112 countries and that’s not bad considering there’s only 195 countries ish in the whole world the difference between what comes out of the factory and what is mainly sold in the us to what we have down here in australia

Exhausts the different on some of the models the lighting is different on some of the models and believe it or not on one of the particular models we have it’s geared differently and we’ll show you that sort of towards the end of this video but yeah believe it or not it’s geared differently what we’re going to do is focus on two particular models the 2020 rt limited

Which what i own and we’re going to visit a owner that has an f3s a 220 and we’ll give you an example of what those changes for those models for for australia is now i i like to point out now that this is not a brp uh issue this is the individual countries and their legal requirements for the bikes to be designed in to meet the individual in our case in australia

The adrs which is the australian design regulations and they need to meet those requirements for them to be legal on on our roads and i would imagine other countries would have a similar requirements for the k n spider to be on their roads after we show you the 2020 rt limited and the differences between what we get down here in australia and in the us we’ll we’ll

Put a diagram up and that will explain in a sort of simplistic manner but it’s enough to um to demonstrate how the bikes come out of the factory uh they come out one end for the us and they sort of make a left turn for all the other countries to and they they they adjust that particular model and they sort of simplistically go out another door so and that’s that’s

Basically how it happened because i’ve been in the factory and and and and the fella that was there he was showing us how it’s all done but anyway i’ll do that diagram up for you and and maybe that might explain it a little bit better let’s give this video a kick along now don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you like this like this video if you want to

Leave any comments you can do in the comment section underneath the video if you’re watching this in another country and your bikes are different to ours in australia and different again from the factory um i’d be really keen to um hear those comments but anyway let’s get into it this mudguard light is another thing down here in australia that we don’t get it is

Just a white light it’s just a strip down the middle no indicators at all where you guys in america’s have the white light plus the indicator ah if i’ve got that wrong just leave it in the comments and tell me that it might be wrong but i’m pretty sure um you guys have an indicator in there so yep why they do that down here no idea absolutely no idea at all i’m

Speculating what they did is they they move the indicator from here up to the side mirrors now i’m only speculating i could be wrong i looked on the internet and i can’t see anywhere in america canada europe just about anywhere that has these um blinkers or indicators in the uh the side mirrors maybe new zealand gets them um now could you um could you put them

On to yourself in in america possibly if you’ve got the part number but i talk about that a little bit later in towards the end of the video so anyway look at that we get something you guys don’t this is the aussie version of our rear taillight and brake light here in australia this this here does absolutely nothing absolutely dead as a doornail in uh in america

You guys have that as a taillight and brake light but not here we don’t get that at all if we want that here in australia we need to pay extra for that it’s about 180 australian and it is fitted as an accessory and the crazy thing as i mentioned in one of the other lights here is that if we put that on technically it makes the bike illegal because that’s what

They did in the first place they took it off to make it road compliant probably one of the most disappointing changes that we have on the bikes that come down to australia is these lights here underneath the front obviously both sides we don’t get them for whatever reason our australian design rules regulations won’t allow for us to get these lights we have to

Buy them as an accessory as the same as the rear light and install them ourselves um and what is strange is if we do that technically it makes the bike unroadworthy because they took them off in the first place to make them road worthy in accordance with our rules um but once you do it nobody ever says anything and the other thing is a little bit disappointing

Um here in australia is sometimes uh the bikes that we get you lose some of the the items on the bike that makes it are true limited in this case we’ve we’ve lost about three and gained one but anyway guys that’s all there is to to the rt limit and the difference between ours and yours in america next i’ll show you the graph as i promised to you before and then

After that we’ll move on to the f3 which is a little bit more interesting because that’s where the gearing changes and and that one always astounded me why they changed the gearing we just finished with the 2020 rt and this is the diagram that i promised you i’d show you to try to um simplify things it’s it’s not an accurate um representation of the factory in

In canada but anyway i’ve i’ve only got one chart so if i mess this up i’m going to keep going so i can’t do it again so now uh basically all the activity happens in here like there’s this there’s stuff just happening everywhere once they finish building the bikes the bikes sort of head off this way in this sort of direction but they’ll end up going straight

Out to the u.s canada market now what happens for the international market and i can speak more confidently about the australian market instead of going straight up they basically so for the the box that are coming down under they turn left so they come up here and they turn left and they stop right about there now there’s a guy there’s a technician there he is

Technicians there he is now basically what his job is for the spiders that come through there now he alters the spiders now once he finishes all this now this is not for just for australia this part here this guy here he does it for all the other countries and i can’t speak for the other countries in great confidence but um japan has different lighting requirements

They go to the extent of some of the bikes or even when they’re packed and shipped that they can’t pack them with the batteries they can’t pack them with acid in the battery so they have to take the batteries out so they have to be shipped separately some of the countries their requirements are just for that so once he finishes and again this is simplistically

So they basically pretty much come out here up there and out the door i’ll try to find a photo of the storage area there is just hundreds and thousands and thousands of boxes in their storage area now one of the things i didn’t mention in the whole video australia is only get certain amount of colors now say for using the 2020 rt limited for example we only got

The red and the white we we didn’t get any other color in the limited we got the blue in the standard rt but that was it where you guys in the us you’ve got all the shades of the rainbow we only got two colors and then that pretty much happens with all our models since brp have been shipping bikes to australia we get a very limited scope of the colors that you

Guys in the usa and possibly some of the other countries where they get the full full gamut of all the colors so that’s my attempt to simplify things anyway we’ll move on now to the um the f3s now the f3s is probably the most interesting one because that’s where the gearing has changed so make sure you watch towards the end of the video you’ll see how the f3s is

Geared differently to what you guys have in the us now this is the 2020 uh f3 and as you can see the the blinker arms here are nothing like that of what they are in the u.s these attach up underneath here underneath the guard now if you look at the f3s in the us you will find a plate underneath here so which is usually redundant because of that’s that’s just the

Way they make them for the us um but they attach up underneath here now um in japan they have um blinkers that are probably they look like dinner plates now you can see we have this um orange indicator which is part of our australian design regulations all indicators front and back have to be either a white or a an orange so but you guys in the us just have this

Part here and nothing else actually it looks better but unfortunately within australia that’s what we have to have you can see down here that the there is a plastic cover on the rear axle nut now they don’t have those on the f3s in the us why we have them in australia no idea but they look nice and also past that bolt you’ll see the or that nut i should say you’ll

See the um the braking mechanism now in the us they have a nice plastic cover on those for some reason we don’t get that here in australia we just have the um it’s sort of exposed to the elements but for some reason they have a plastic cover in the u.s you can see um another one of the alterations that they do in australia is the exhaust and it’s pretty obvious

Right at the beginning that this is the exhaust often rt a exhaust offers standard f3 out of the factory probably finishes about about here and and angles up a little bit the reason they have this rt exhaust on here in australia again is our adrs our australian design regulations apparently us here in australia we’re very sensitive to noise so we’re not allowed

To have a standard f3 exhaust because they’re too loud so that’s the reason we have this i think everybody in australia is is is used to this it does not look as good as the standard exhaust that comes out of the factory but that’s just another one of the the the designs regulations that apply to us in australia one of the biggest changes they made between the

Australian version for the gearing which you believe it or not is geared differently here in australia to that it is in the us the us rear cog here has 11 more teeth than it does than what we have so this cog is uh smaller than the one out of the out of the us it took me forever to find out why they did that when they tested them here in australia they revved out

Too much and made too much noise can you believe that so to reduce the revs and reduce the noise they had to change the gearing so they made the the cogs smaller which rev less made less noise believe it or not but that took me forever to find out but that’s that’s why we have a different gearing in in australia to what you guys do in america so anyway folks

Thanks for that and we’ll catch you next i can time down

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USA vs Australian Can Am Spyder – Models Built Differently By Round The Korner