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Used Cars 1 lakh Onwards | Hidden Second hand Car Market In DELHI | Sai Motors | NewToExplore

Hi friends In this Video I Explore Car Market (Sai Motors) Situated near Lajpat Nagar Metro Station Delhi. you can Buy Second hand certified Cars like Honda, Hyundai ,maruti suzuki, volks wagen , mahindra, Luxury Cars etc…at very reasonable price..All Cars Are certified.

O’clock the lick each other’s lap tacky cars available as a premium non-premium sorry available all car sorry certified garza or bill cool gentleman condition candor hum gaudy correct their proper technical engineers cosider jakarta hideko auto skiba – skipper certified each template it will cool certified had no neck gentle namaskar toaster swaggered i observe a

Canoe to explore man or men who have got those two hosts collage was taj mahai a home car market explore canoe or men with some a large but nagar metro station kindness death may yes i motors faith yaha say up used second-hand car chris at a ha ho ho tc later buddy thick caramel yogi in the pricing that even a claw surfaces start ota what charlie special agra petha

Cartier what may up coat kotiga raise sadhana to a premium luxury elizabeth ii for example in kept a smile create a mini idea for chillin with jenny mary feature they accepting up scorpio career or fortune or career or bk sorry gary i in capacitor civic career or before sorry gary i so one by one hum exploring maori haka girona rama he assumes a path bickering it

Or catcher your facility retain a customer sport or cac a guarantee warranty in case specifications suppose johnny imposes carrying a so those two is super pain when adelphia voice video co- sapele me up shake requests from where yegorovna hemara channel a beat-up subscribed nahi kiya those to subscribe kurylenko q&a videos actually i shall operate on lata so

Is rupert a dict a haka common level ahem the merits admin would have in the singh ji the hondajet knobby stuff color-wise gabbar and i’m a health airing it or sorry guarding with details but i’m here one by one so guru in the juice of cursed suavity apke or through atom contains of chapelier scorpio career here so sorry to bother you but i ate caret in ascii

Say 2017 model and single on a brand new body delay number only 90,000 kilometers a new year okay for always have been dig out here okay a more accidental nor repaint or the chi are you demand keep discreet about only 40 like speed imagine 40 like hajin 14×14 luxurious oregon native at current already parties are plus 16 plus skinny part about 16 + closure okay so

A gorilla tank or kanji guardian keepers available here yeah are you at fortuna so it’s kobbari with a speaker details there that fortune here 2012 model hair new shape the automatic main automatic new shape new safe fancy number vip number keys are there okay original painting a gaudy a single owner billy number 92 95 thousand kilometers earlier here okay or and

Fully in order 2019 tucker okay to our app keeps car demand catskil the monetize cursor up now 14 like 50000 we do monitor or never hit are you okay it’s re-fry is your negotiable never happen so it’s k batman are you here yeah scorpio wife course yeah curio yeah escobar in reality so it will not detail what is a 2014 model and single owner delete number only 17,000

Ravana yeah be orbital painter giggity sorry your janelle to ended up casting dyestuffs classes are enola for biggest if i say or negotiated a be 14 a day for dinner yeah 1414 rs8 huh that’s it yes it all there’s no bender guardia market my gardening and come chat with me okay okay oh i’m layin it at they are cheated man to kiss me but i focus is on vaporizing is

The podium let’s you stamp it up question as sea level along model again about 1718 sub model for a b-17 a push ls 11 car both options bothers me lower segment okay i aprox keep making awareness and earn a monocle according like something you know 14 life top choice for pof fortuna career in carefully price deadly bad man aching a career to do because she actually

Yeah blyat circle erased by battery in colorado chamcha mati we direct them crazy abscess omni so it’s good i remember tiger cat it’s us the other vx i’m order 2016 model a vxi okay single owner daily number only or 9000 driven with service report literally only 9000 clue only 9000 get my scar demand our demands or six seven six legs a multi-factor funky ask me

Or gave me never hear the six left 75,000 gear okay a chilly a giant o8 leg 25,000 gene a party after discounted lucky for diesel okay okay 675 gme negotiators okay what marquis to make until you re available heaney only nine thousand kilometer driven okay so yes sorry god your service record relevant water heater a people problem after sale boot shop benefit they

Think customers robin is written body what we said if i don’t think it’s the silly credibly carazo mcquaid academy is our certified receiver 408 combat ready after sale just a guarantee or nt coach casey participial problem appear to as a head coach didn’t acosta be avoiding in a hooter literally operations kimiko problem rto abu score six returning you to bosnia

Syrup for pure health pregnant attics reasoning a barbie or joby price nk sorry almost never see over line or aminika pass one cigar um or explosive let them declare thing is so those explore caretaker tayyiba meganium mahindra xuv500 or w8 highway or so will the recent pooch let my all-time favorite by the age or at sea which alana person captain so shouldn’t i

Cupcake area very much i deal with it so a 2014 model hair w-wait a single owner dillon number and the idea peace omnia on rihanna 70,000 70,000 tell you you know charts other modeling could he be frightful rico that the cream is very much for paula ivory color at ola right right body up k something here erp demand get my discrete the moderate like 24 negotiate i

Got a nice gillian answer the lure to get are ask you determine a party here round 14 like something this show there like a show the model here are you up to their end only eight like 2500 this maybe it’s maybe negotiated it may be up negative 8 cups of tea or coffee a cheadle a will it’s a copy better in price and jessica church or the model s or it’s the barber

Mccreary i agree with greater so yeah but if demand my hair gari or ortiz all-time favorite can set to watch queue data may say so sir a skinnier details i’m sorry a 2016 model here 1.6 ss lutz push button start navigation molecular this my stamina is screen shorty a single owner hair billion number have bluetooth hair or smile oh is metric automatic manuel manuel

Here 2016 brand new 30 mm caliber totally on you always will grady grady bumper repair business okay okay so cool or it’s reasonable demand term we have surskit mullet and like 45,000 greedy multi hours maybe never sitter analyze 4045 percent okay a little alien to certain a party here touching left 90,000 everybody 13 left 19 20 okay so or buddy yet oh sorry buddy

Guardian are you being a man compensate for tvs arm opposite deadlock select start with a guardian whoa 40 degrees nothing what i did that brp look-alike segment k allah allah requirement allah allah’s guardium luxury guardium iv port along with you what should is here be a jaguar 14 yellow buddy no sorry got it okay so coffee battery no option of kamila anger out

We have visit korea personally visiting it may up quick reference kelly a video but i forget they said tom we have co guardian pieces details they sit down bucky up test-drive lena chatter desert rest i’d be a book ranga of course are eager decode the kya aapko satisfies iranian authorities or busca bad man jovi over price negotiate perfect pair or such a bath

Kirk a up near detractors appear so sir ishka batman i’m be clipping a korea guard agree skoda superb career so if a dealer sir 2010 have patrols patrolmen 2010 automatic sunroof each other sunroof guitars me okay okay car yup get something here or delete number here around sixty found something to me we dominate question is a 2010 model a it’s tabitha messina

Out out of daily customer never judge case for example ojala que de manos upc christina for say for example you pay my purchase kia to hunger registration number of hanuman ji go number here i’ll go jogging at night oc case with them i know she can happen you sitting here documentation operated in the pool or horribly tangled rescue validity with me but jake is

It me a v but you yes because it’s piece of validity this is a be a 2010 model letter that we even know solloway escape map majewski validity which here patrol guard petrol variant measure and resolve irritants h bar rule port rule so europe json or is thermal collector coffee the bomb explode kata-kata again sighs motor spare a career desire night off model may

Or certain immense kibarim with hr detail is search on samuel ting model air jet xy plus club manila or you shaklee the latest current shape celery okay single owner billy number or we are seventy thousand kilometer only on tunisia 70,000 1701 701 or we up with some nickel original paint degrasse omni re a brownish color navigation hair blue to the hair etc both

Which is me although i will stop company bit ideas competition schedule be pain forget our city been taking our service record it’s cups of ice cream pies – its cos impressed seven like 35,000 got agita border seven like 35,000 all neon or night agreements all in all a cupid a purchaser mind like 25 thousand nine 2500 so yeah for 925 keen name will agree for yet

2017 model a wareham gen very gates absurd 8808 said a result for on eager here what sacramento las vegas spread discount kasich you so you before the shark body cut celery or ooty battery ligurian novel amidala desire iike a pap they accept air over those two the incapacity here career honda brio or white color my hair sir escobar even follow papaya canticle her

Honda brio asmp very intense car 2016 model single or not dylan number only on 22,000 kilometers driven end for hr is yesterday or still been to give very sorry no one accidental known accidental justices or demand its ask we demanded three like 90,000 gas yeah or negotiated what immortal have a small negotiate the same get they’re both totally a giant old kidney

But again i poor theorem on whatever sort of start up on something enable plus c parties beauty or mcnamara coffee sorry gary enigma last my up wit that is a hongou incapacity display mombasa tv career or gibeom generated details cash to those poem exploring a inc apartment career mercedes or yes maroof sunroof the baccarat the acceptor office man of coffee at

Gsp details may have to political hor the street details directly under bachynski specifications key details care i’m sensible attention its key details of a specification scale from a cascade sorry muttered ages 3 to 20 °c edition and grand addition see the limited region i okay limited edition yeah okay single owner they’ll open a deli number 2014 model

F okay or white color sorry god is doing pentakus arthur its major year here 47,000 miles olivia 47,000 miles okay or non-accidental a fully loaded to kanye’s masers me a has mace to 220 c addition may double turn alloy wheels at the hair okay forensic we grill satya outside venus double tone and interior jokey black and blue color napa joking almost you to 20

Min here okay yes yes katya okay so copy those key specifications has your pan or sort of this come detailing magi or script i sink about the rising surskit or demanda it’ll let 50,000 greed murder 8950 phone so model that 2014 14 model a 18 light it will next 50,000 okay charlotte are a lot t of copenhagen or guram actually admire be a available hair market my

New new upgrade a limited edition ailing upgrade ogre means smaller 2015 bishops you know what new ships key substitutes collect by say it comes in the slogra difference okay the slogra beta okay – ah pa be a luxury very a corrupt alana passenger or luxury arena box office or craft air so he can give us a mercedes for a year or its kebab suit or big re-absorption

Jaggedy come here at the airport not display me retire with my guardian legate so those the year – i’m on turkish talk minute coffee sorry africa guardian a canary hopper for tuna or scorpio de calle upper or cr the higher or straight ahead up in cape a snare xuv minecraft finder – or new model of desiring to pass career here so yes coffee sorry career high in

Capacitor or the up to demand available host of ta so those to me a sign of firmware or their app fukui detail chaya put beach ia two main key details re contact detail or in kazakh address vergara sarah description montaldo map in say direct on contact us at camp so those comics from the town’s blog paper a shocker tonga portulaca yoga or jovi october a person

Died here up comment giroud career mapper comenta giroux replied uma abroad both dhanbad observe eva’s video but ethnically or milltown chromatic ugly block may up to dr. kelly take care good bye jane

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Used Cars 1 lakh Onwards | Hidden Second hand Car Market In DELHI | Sai Motors | NewToExplore By New To Explore