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Used Motorcycle Rehab – Radiator – SV650 Episode 3

Moving right along through our list of repairs to be done on our SV650, this week we’re tackling replacement of what appears to be the original radiator, which got mangled pretty badly at some point, with a new ebay one. Fitment of the new part leaves a bit to be desired, but it works every bit as well as the original did.

Hey guys we’re moving right along through the list of repairs that we need to make before our sv650 hairs roadworthy the next one on the list is to replace the bennett radiator that looks like it got bent upwards in toward the engine whenever the bike went down at some point and never repaired on the bright side it’s not currently leaking so we could probably just

Get away with leaving it but i don’t like to leave stuff that’s a critical component unrepaired so we’re gonna go ahead and fix that today i’ve got a new radiator i’ve got some tools i’ve got a couple hours to kill so let’s get after it before we can do much else we need to drain the coolant out of the cooling system so that we can disassemble this without

The coolant just leaking all over the place the way you do that is you remove this drain plug right here that’s gonna start dripping like this until you also loosen the radiator cap up here at the radiator it’s kept in place for this obnoxious little screw if you want to remove it you get to remove that screw first you wear that when you do if you have the drain

Plug removed the cool is gonna come out of there torrent just like that i’m not sure what the deal is with this blue coolant i assume maybe it’s that funny engine i stuck as long as you can assume that no children or animals or anything are gonna get into your garage and drinking you can go up and leave this for a while and let it finish dripping out of there

So that’s what i’m gonna do and i’m gonna come back maybe after dinner to finish the job once this is all the way drained out one of the things i’m going to have to do while i’ve got this apart because i’m not putting this weird blue coolant back in is flush the system out with regular water a couple of times to make sure that i get all of whatever this is out so

What i want to do first to make that process easier you just let this drain as thoroughly as i can and chances are it’s going to take it quite a while before it stops dripping okay we’re back it’s a couple of hours later and as we can see we’ve got no more coolant dripping from our coolant drain so we can put our drain plug back in there i don’t really know if these

Are the original hose clamps they don’t seem like they should be but maybe they are all right let’s so let’s start with our fingers and see if we can just peel it back a little bit see if we can get it there we go broken loose there we go there’s one disconnected all right you know what i’m a i’m getting pliers 22 fits on there pretty good there we go brad is

Just going to may just fall out it may still be attached by the wiring for the fan so we’re gonna tank up here so that we can access the wiring for the fan can’t see where it goes from below and also because i just love using that remote prop rod okay so we’ll lift our air lock that was pull that back this rubber condom thing and we’ve got three connectors one of

Which is the one right there that one is for the cooling fan so disconnect him fish it out front and we’ve got this one here that for the temperature sensor now no i don’t know if that disconnected is i’m gonna try to get it out of here we got a flat head screwdriver here you know gotta be hand fisted with it or anything just kind of break the rubber loose where

It’s stuck onto the metal after 17 years of being on there watch out if it sprays you in the face with coolant mist when it breaks loose no with that broken loose put that there our radiator and you come out goes up this way apparently tada there’s our price okay yes our next order of business is to swap all of our old parts that we mean for the new radiator on

To the new radiator so we’ve got the cooling fan here we’ve got the coolant sensor and at some point we also need to do these little decorative shield things on the ends that i guess are they supposed to be like sliders new that’s what they’re for i’d always assumed that those were just decorative but maybe they’re supposed to protect this or something there are

Three little pins there the fan comes off isn’t it cute they don’t seem like they fit super well we can make them fit we may have to just put a nut on the back of these actually here’s like a coolant sensor and has this little o-ring on it’s kind of miss shaken but otherwise installing it should just be a matter of screwing into our boss right there but because

We’ve got this apart we’re gonna see if we can’t replace that oh yeah i think this here put that guy on our thing here and see how that i’m gonna be careful not to chew the o-ring up when you put it on there that looks like it’ll probably be okay we’re gonna give that a shot anyway luckily this is not a terribly difficult part to reach gonna give that just a little

Bit of a turn with the wrench so that our wiring faces that one i’m assuming they didn’t totally do bourbon jar oh ring that ought to be okay the reason i’m doing this if i wasn’t clear is that the little nut things that originally held held the old one together rely on these little mounting tabs being a particular thickness on this new radiator tabs are just a hair

Thicker and look like maybe a sixteenth of an inch versus like a thirty second image that’s enough to be a pain in the neck where’s my last nut that is our radiator reassembled their fan our coolant sensor now it’s ready to go back in the bike hopefully the horn out of the way will have a little more room to work it’s not too terribly ok well that’s super

Irritating at issue is the fact that this new rad has a slightly different fill neck right here as a result this bolt doesn’t want to go in there with the metal bushing in so my solution is to put the bolt in without the metal bushing and put the metal bushing in from the other side that one in the other side should be less of a problem because there’s nothing

In the way get a clamp up here kind of there go ahead and slide that on there let’s see what this not bent got all sorts of room to get at that go ahead and tighten that one i think they used to not be a fan of the hose clamps that mazda used there kind of a spring deal that you put on and removed with a pair of pliers new ones would come for the from the factory

With this little clip on them they’re already open so you just stick them on the hose and pull the clip off let me go strong and they grab the hose and hold it tight there real fast to assemble you could find an inexpensive source with us those are amazing because they grip really well and they just know this crummy as these little worm drive ones like this but

There we go we’re all done on this side except this little shield skid plate thing that we’ll do later our overflow bottle thing and this guy wiggle our hose clamp over the knob enos there okay now we can reconnect our temperature sensor and our cooling fan connector and then put the little rubber condom thing back around it there’s a whole mess of wires here we

Got to get this thing around all of them ready there we go okay tell me this will rage oh damn it unfortunately this horn connector does not connect to anything that can be easily disconnected yes we got it back this nut and it’s bolt out here hopefully we can push it through there so the situation we’re dealing with here is that i need to get the wire wire for

The horn back around to about right here so i can put the horn back on and the radiator is now in the way and clearance between all these parts just a hair too small put the connector through any other way what i got to do is hope i can get this bolt out if you get enough play in the red but i can not rock you kidding me are you freaking kidding me okay there we

Go all that just for that everything reconnected i think we’re done with this guy you can lower the fuel tank all right you remember i said ago that you generally get decent results with these ebay parts okay here’s the cap for the radiator no matter how i seem to put it on here and remember this is the bolt that you can’t just back out and it fouls on the cap

And it’s like how are you supposed to get this on there i bet i can yeah maybe maybe okay so the real deal suzuki one works but the one that this comes with okay that’s not so bad we take our regular funnel we start filling it up as we do you’re gonna want to watch for leaks one of the nice things about using distilled water the first time you do this is that you

Have a weak core still it’s just water so we’re gonna let that simmer for just a minute and drain down into the bowels of the engine if it wants run for a few seconds to start pumping that through just in case alright you know we’re ready to run the engine for a few seconds and cycle the water through the engine before we can shove it off and drain the water out

Purpose of this being we want to flush all of the old coolant out because we don’t know if we can mix the old and the new because we don’t know what type the oldest other than disturbingly blue so this is gonna be loud i apologize if you can’t hear me talking after this fire in the hole okay that’s probably good enough for now we just want to just want to get the

Coolant moving through there a little bit and now we can go and drain the water out let that drip for a few minutes the water is coming out clear you may have to take my word for it the water is coming out clear there so i think one flush is probably enough some engines are more difficult about that than others got our drain plug back in got our funnel in here and

I’ve got about half a liter of coolant mixed up from whatever the last time i did an operation like this was so i’m gonna go ahead and pour this in there now before we do that let’s pour just to pump in with the old and make sure it doesn’t catch fire or something yeah okay so we’re gonna start spilling they’re already mixed coolant put our funnel back in the

Neck oh yeah one other thing you need to do the overflow box don’t forget to empty out the overflow ball you’re changing bullheaded coolant overflow hose off the bottom of the tank i’ll get all the coolant out of the bottom of it that way well okay nothing in there any okay so okay dribbles out the bottles so don’t forget to put your hose back on like completely

Inaccessible i’m holding the engine is something we can’t just be like in the back something like a kawasaki alright so the bottle was empty it could be good could be bad now we start the engine up again let it run for a little while observe the coolant level and make sure it doesn’t drop the smoke you see coming off of there down there the water got into the header

Rapids alright gents that’s pretty much all there is to it there’s a couple of steps i didn’t show because they don’t have the ability to do them on this bike which is a drag if you’re doing this on your bike hopefully your bike is close enough to stock that you can do this but what you want to do is keep an eye on the temperature gauge which the one on this bike

Doesn’t seem to work and make sure that one the engine doesn’t overheat and to the engine gets up to temperature if it doesn’t you could have a number of different problems so if you have a temperature gauge as you should on any reasonably modern motorcycle you should keep an eye on that otherwise i have to do this basically by feel and one of the ways you can

Do that is to let just let the engine to run until the temp the cooling fan comes on so that’s what i did i let it idle for fifteen minutes or so eventually the cooling fan came on and call that good i wish i could have shown that on camera but you can’t see down there anyway so i’m gonna wrap this one up next on the to-do list is maybe the shock and battery you

Really want to do that before i write but yeah if you came here looking for mechanical advice i hope this helped you out somewhat you came here looking for entertainment watching me get coolant on my hands i hope you were entertained and i will see you in the next one

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Used Motorcycle Rehab – Radiator – SV650 Episode 3 By Aaron Averett