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Using the Harbor Freight 750 lb Mower Lift

Using the Harbor Freight 750 lb Mower Lift

All right in my last video where i assembled the harbor freight lift here i did not show you lifting the zero turn mower that’s what i got it for and so what i’m going to do is i’m in this video as i’m going to demonstrate how this works so i store it by disassembling the center lift bar and the two lifting pads for the zero turn mower what what you want to notice

Is they market it for many different things so for example this h frame right here with the pads on it that’s to lift atvs use it as a jack think you might be able to use it on your car i’ve i was gonna try it what do i know anyway so let’s get this thing out there on the zero turn and show you alright so the first thing i’m gonna do is i’m going to move it and

As you can see right here the end cap keeps coming off you know i might use some glue or something to stick that on there all right well at the end of the video i’m going to show you the lift on my gravely 52 inch zero turn but for right now i’m going to lift it so that i can set it up so the first thing i don’t like about it is there’s a big spring on this but

The pedal does not come up and others just like almost unidirectional you have to you only get one pump out of it and you have to lift it up with your foot or your hand or something so you just you just don’t pump it okay so and you know what all the bottle jacks i have her like that it’s just a bottle jack so anyway i’m going to lift this up these are just silly

Pieces fall down i mean they get away and put it on the first okay there we go all right those are my quick jack’s in the background so next thing i’m going to do which i already have figured out where i needed to go right there on both sides interesting that i have such a large mower inside setting like that all right let’s go out to the machine all right in

Order to make this work on my machine i’m gonna switch this bolt around because it was on this side and that table the edge of the table was catching on the end of the bulb it was actually lifting the whole machine off of that ended a bolt instead of the wheels so i flipped the bolt around and now i have clearance the table just barely clears right in here which

You’ll see all right so we’ll lower it down and position it and the reason doesn’t pastors is for safety so it doesn’t move all around on you so a lot of people complain hey you know you got to kind of track it on the ground which is true all right so as you can see what i call the table you know like if you’re gonna jack up a car a tv whatever you know barely

Clears the deck on this side so anyway also it is slightly imbalanced if you’ll notice that this side here it’s a little bit closer than this side over here alright so now i’m going to jack it up i’m not going to go the full length because it’ll bottom out in the back i just cannot lift it the entire lift so i’m going to go to the second let’s see how much

Clearance i got there so we have about 19 inches right there and also my deck is about the same 19 inches and there you can see you know i’m pretty much sitting on the ground there in the back or some you know the yard is higher than the driveway so i got a little bit less clearance that way but still it’s about as high as i can go as you can see i have plenty

Of clearance you know from the bottom of the blade to the ground i can get an impact wrench in there break a bar with an extension whatever plenty of plenty of clearance alright lowering is pretty straightforward you can flip the safeties if they’re stuck and they won’t move you can pump it up a little bit take pressure off of it then you just hit the release

Pedal and down it goes as you can see it’s a pretty good rate it’s not falling really fast and we’re down

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Using the Harbor Freight 750 lb Mower Lift By David Prokity