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Vance & Hines Twin Slash Slip-on Review on a 2007 Road King Classic |Vance & Hines Exhaust Road King

Today we are gonna review the Vance & Hines Twin Slash Round Slip-ons on my 2007 Road King Classic. They look good. They sound good. They go on easy. I did this video on a pretty windy day, but you can still hear the exhaust well. These slip-ons are in the mid $400 range, so they won’t break the bank. I would definitely recommend these slip-ons to anyone looking for a mid range slip-on. Let me know how you think it sounds in the comments.

A two-wheeled friends thanks for coming back for another video today we’re gonna talk about the vance and hines twins / slip-ons that i have installed on this 2007 road king classic thanks for joining me again guys my name is dustin aka two-wheeled i come at ya between 1 & 3 times a week with the new video if you like motorcycle related content be sure to

Go down and click that subscribe button down there for me and give this video a thumbs up while you’re at it really helps the channel and helps you guys so you’re notified when i upload a video next today we’re gonna review these vance & hines twins / slip-ons that i have installed on my 2007 road king classic i put these on the day i brought the motorcycle

Home and i am not disappointed i got these cool little you know the two twin slash basically they look nice they sound good they go on really easy so there’s a clamp right here that you gotta loosen to get the old one off and then you go take the bag off and i’m probably tipping you a little sideways here but then you gotta take out a couple screws here loosen

That up kind of wiggle it out wiggle a new one in and it’s it’s actually pretty easy pretty easy install i am really pleased with how they sound if you watch any my other videos you have probably heard how they sound but let me just fire it up here for you so you can hear how it sounds starting up they got a nice deep growl to him i think they sound good i know

There’s louder pipes out there but i didn’t want super loud but let’s just go for a little ride you can hear the vance and hines twin slash slip-ons under a little bit of a load on a 2007 road king classic so there’s first gear about 30 miles an hour we’ll do a little rep match here so you can hear a little diesel can hear from my point of view anyways we’ll go

Out on the highway here i have not done anything other than put these slip ons on i know there’s a lot of mixed reviews of changing the air cleaner doing the fuel pack i have not done any of that i probably should i got a little bit of pop on dsl and i think if i put the fuel pack on it would make a big difference in that regard i did a lot of reading and a lot

Of guys say oh you don’t need to do anything but i don’t know i think this thing would probably run a little bit smoother if i had the fuel pack on and then it would be a true stage one i don’t know how much you’ll be able to hear with this wind this cruising at 50 miles an hour you know all the all the noise kind of goes out the back so you don’t get a whole

Lot of droning when you’re out on the highway as a passenger you might get a little bit more but it doesn’t bother me at all when i’m out on a long ride i don’t wear earplugs i probably should just for the fact of the wind that’s definitely windy out this way nothing to block the wind out here i’ll get somewhere a little bit more out of the wind and then we’ll

Continue on with this video and i need to stop and get some fuel some premium no i do not need an automatic car wash hi good a little bit to go four point seven gallons i’ve had it where i put five gallons in before in the five gallon tank you know she’s thirsty then two hundred miles on that tank of gas all right all fueled up let’s get back to reviewing these

Vance and hines twins / slip-ons i think i paid in the mid $400 range for these so with tax you can pick up a set of these for under $500 so it won’t break the bank i looked at a few other ones i was trying to save a little money though when i was buying exhaust that’s how i ended up with these i i ran a few reviews seemed like most people are pretty happy with

Them i don’t know if there’s any baffles that you can take out to change the sound i’m pleased with how they sound so i guess i haven’t messed with anything here last week i had the bike in the driveway and i was washing and as i was washing i noticed that the left slip on was really loose so under further investigation i realized that the front clamp had come

Loose and the pipe was just about ready to come out of the head fight that would have been a bad day then i would have been buying new slip-on exhaust and doing a review on that exhaust guys way too close to me he is i don’t know why people stop so close but i hadn’t even noticed that the pipe was loosed by sound or performance or anything like that so i’m glad

That i decided to wash the bike that day because i don’t know if they would have withstood another ride i’m getting kinda thirsty i think it’s about time to head home i don’t know if you guys have your eyeballs rattling oh i sure do sitting there holding both levers yeah definitely recommend these bands and hinds twin slash exhausts slip-ons they sound good they

Look good they’re easy to install i would rate them really high no probably nine out of ten i always feel like my exhaust should be louder than what it is but maybe it’s louder than it seems you know i from here all the sound goes behind me and it you know it just sounds good sitting on here so let me know down in the comments what you guys think how’s it sound

For you through the microphone while you’re at it give this video oh geez i have install this bike in a long time actually i don’t know if i’ve ever stalled this bike while you ready to give this video a thumbs up don’t forget to click that subscribe button down there in the bottom corner and until next time guys peace out and we’ll see you later bye-bye

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Vance & Hines Twin Slash Slip-on Review on a 2007 Road King Classic |Vance & Hines Exhaust Road King By TWOWHEELD