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Vest Extenders

Also free shipping, USA FL Daytona beach is were there located

What’s up guys doing this video on these vest extensions i’ve been waiting to come in and order them about a week ago well less than that actually i ordered them at the beginning of the weekend they arrived today and that’s a close-up look of them basically you get a leather – leather button buttons on the ends you get six glass beads then a love piece of leather

Some real bone some more leather six more beads and the other end and i believe this is the two inch extension they have a six and a four i just needed a little bit more room in my vest but basically they snap strong and they give you that extra space that you need in the middle not for everybody but when you’ve had a vest for a long time and you basically buy it

When you’re younger and as you get older you get a little bit of body fat up front you need that little bit of opening and this it actually gave me that little bit more than i needed which was great but this company is an american made company they ship right away which is great i think i ordered it on tuesday and i received it today which is friday which is great

Shipping pretty quick that is their contact information this is not the only style they have they have other styles they have this is what i wanted a earthy color or something almost not quite brown and not quite clear so i went for what they call this the amber bone they have a red bone a black bone a white and white bone with a black action black bone with white

Etching they have what they call earth tone but i don’t think it’s really earth i’m or i’m more or less consider this an earthy color the earth tone is more of a beijing color which i didn’t like and your traditional indian blue a lot of tribal colors really nice and of course it’s a tribal looking bead i didn’t want your train your standard chain i don’t like

Chains and not my thing adds a lot of weight this is nice and light it’s just glass beads and some bone in the middle make sure when you start putting o me pin i have on my vest is the harley the 10 anniversary all right when you start putting pins all over your butt it gets what it gets heavy i wanted lightness i like light i don’t want to be trying to relax in

And ride and i’ll have all this crap all over my vest it this is nice and light and feels good very solid snaps like them quite a bit and i just shown everybody what i picked up there are nice beads and if you’re in the market for something like that they’re great highly recommended and they’re a little bit cheaper than your average cost your average cost on chain

On chain extensions for vests usually run anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars depending on whether you get the harley-davidson ones or some other brand name they’re they these are like 850 or nine dollars on the internet or directly from them and this is not the only style like i said they have other extensions longer extensions in different style that you can go for

You can even get mich match you buy them individually but you pay for each one but you can put them in a cart and buy them all at the same time but you don’t have to get you’re buying them one by one you know buying them in packs so you can mix and match if you want or get all the same i chose to get all the same but that’s clearly up to you but there you go a

Quick look at them check this company out if you’re in the market for vest extensions they even have i don’t know if this company had it there was another other company that i was looking for with the side extensions which give you a little more room on the side as well but i don’t need that i tried the vest on after putting these on and this is definitely more

Than what i needed a little bit well not more than what i needed but it’s very comfortable to wear it was tight before it gives me that little bit opening that i needed to make it really comfortable there you go check the company out i’m very well satisfied with what i got high quality beads high quality leather snaps done very nice matches up very nice they’re

All even all the same size looks great check them out guys if you’re interested in this take it easy

Transcribed from video
Vest Extender's By David Page