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Visiting ENERGICA HQ in Modena. The place where my ENERGICA EGO was born. Energica factory.

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And it’s ja on jordan law so here we go as i told you as a new customer i was invited by our chica – visiting monitor in italy and was able to taste ice cream delicious pasta and also going to track with energy kaneko just have a test write how this works and besides that fact this college that i was also able to get in touch all the night like motorcycles and

Here’s the footage from molina itself the city center it’s a historical city and yeah i really literally can pick up this is typically italian vibe whilst we going for an ice cream or just for eating some pasta modern itself was some kind worse to visiting this area besides energy guys really really exciting and you see it it’s really historical stuff here the walls

Are stark – yeah it’s a little bit it’s that strange and here’s some footage from the office section they have some engineering and marketing stuff and also the cto has his office here and the first thing jumped right into my eyes was this clear and bright lines here this distance discourteous this facility has the reason because is this is former fashion company

You own this building and afterwards energy cab or it and it looks really similar to mirror’s edge the game with this architecture and here we have the energy go into the office nico rosberg radiation yeah this one is i guess the part you love waiting for this one or all the energy in eco sports machines they put on track for the moto e serious this one here is

Just a placeholder this has the decals from the original motorcycle but it’s standard synergic eco machine looks very awesome and beautiful but i will show you footage for eco cords are later you’ll see the shaky footage i took with the gopro i told you yeah this room you see the whole history of energy from the first motorcycles they built and put and tested on

Track yeah let’s read the whole history behind these are only test motorcycles they put on track to do the back in the days to do the first experiences and these are the first design of the energy eco how it became today you see here the adjustments a few years later this is the energy ke go very similar to that but what we combine today and here also we have the

Last year model from nico rosberg editions from the energy toledo and here the technical engineer explained to me something about the eco korzha the adjustment stay down what’s different from the standard fax like my one anything is very very similar the same suspension the same stuff but brakes and suspension stuff they have different adjustments tone yeah this

One everyone knows that yellow polity project motorcycle it’s some cooperation with samsung they have done and really everyone likes this motorcycle just because of the looks this is yeah sadly sadly they never put this proton motorcycle into production because you saw now they were even rebel and ego there unveiled at acma that’s the current models but this one

Never got into production it’s literally the same just a little bit optics fangs as justments they gave to this polity project so yeah hey i really hope your enjoyed this footage back to the studio i would say

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Visiting ENERGICA HQ in Modena. The place where my ENERGICA EGO was born. Energica factory. By Lex Summer