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VS Female motorcycle rider, Australia 2017 Vulcan 650

I’m a chick who likes riding bikes and I’m out for a ride in my hometown of Bundaberg…. famous for Bundy rum. Managed to hook up some audio so tune in and listen to me ramble about stuff.

Okay no idea if this is working this is how i’m gonna always start every single thing will be like i don’t know if this is working um so i should get some fuel at some point oh well i’m still gonna go all right so um now that i have audio working i should probably um do an introduction video basically um i like riding bikes i like taking photos and i like

Taking videos um i got myself a gopro uh just before christmas so it’s uh it’s an eight hero eight and um got myself sorted with mounts and stuff onto the bike on the helmet and um yeah so i thought i’d i thought i’d better put it to good use and make some videos because i know i like searching up random stuff on youtube and i thought i’d just make some videos

For people to enjoy as well so um at the moment i am in bundy for christmas with my family so this is actually my hometown um yeah i moved here to start grade one so uh yeah i’ve been living here for for ages and then i after doing some tripping around ended up in harvey bay so i’m still close to home but yeah it’s pretty awesome cruising around like being

Able to cruise around on the holidays um on this baby so this uh this black is a 2017 kawasaki vulcan 650 and i bought it secondhand probably about i don’t know maybe about a month and a half two months ago so i still feel like a bit of a gumby on it sometimes just getting used to it um the guy i bought it off he um he had de-restricted it or unrestricted

It and restricted it and um yeah i kind of my last bike was a 250 uh ninja 250 so i kind of was a bit apprehensive about you know having the 650 and and uh you know getting myself into trouble if it was unrestricted um so yeah i just put the plug back in it’s pretty easy it’s easy to take it out but it’s easy to put it back into the only thing i didn’t do

Was like the throttle the throttle control uh throttle there’s like a bolt that um stops the um the throttle from going the whole way um and i just left it the way that it was so the dude before had taken it out um and yeah i just left it out probably not legal but yeah i don’t know why we’re going so slow along here but i mean we can enjoy the view this is

The new bundy bridge that’s probably not so new anymore yeah so my yeah my last bike was a ninja 250 had a um cbr125 before that uh and before that i had a scooter i had a little 100cc peewee yamaha biwi it was lots of fun so yeah i’m i’m loving the bike this bike is the bomb it is hot right now super super super hot man it’s terrible when you stop ow look

They’ll lit up get a bit of air in there i really need fuel oh quite coming up behind me better not speed along here because i saw a cop on the way back before i kind of suck if i got pulled over it’s very i’m still speeding it’s very easy to speed on this thing it just sits so well like at 80. you know you have to really think about it um make sure that you

Go to the speed limit because it just yeah it just goes it’s sweet spots like 80 just sits there so um yeah anyway uh that’s that’s kind of me and my situation i um i have a riding buddy who rides with me a fair bit she’s my housemate um she has a rebel 500 she got a great deal on that she was a 2019 model and it had like 52 kilometers on the clock um and

Picked it up so cheap i think it was about seven grand um yeah so she was pretty stoked with that it’s a great bike i had i had a couple of rides and it just changes through the gears so nicely it’s really awesome but i just went with the vulcan because i’m a bit taller so i just i felt a little bit cramped um on the on the honda but great bike and it looks

Awesome it’s like such a nice looking bike i still think i got the better end of the deal like this i love this bike it’s it’s awesome i got this dorky windscreen on um but yeah that’s just because i did a trip to bundy who came here yesterday um from harvey bay and um without it like the wind just smashed it in the chest it’s like you’re a parachute you know

So i thought i’d put it on and uh give it a try so that’s the beauty about getting a secondhand bike is that um you know hopefully the person who’s had it before has done all the aftermarket stuff which in my case that’s exactly what happened oh that’d be right get some more lights all right anyway i came this whole way uh on the bike and i cut in the body

Gopro mount so i just had to buy some more stuff i spent so much money on this gopro thing ridiculous anyway i am having a blast on this bike seriously so good if i can quickly duck into that all right so uh i just filled up with fuel but bloody hell it’s not a good setup this audio thing i was gonna go in there actually i might go back over here anyway

Man let’s tell you what not have to duplicate my freaking back to get my phone out and blah blah blah anyway i might need to invest in a new audio situation all right so we are just going to be heading out of town now towards vegara to the only hill in london pretty nice day so we should be able to get quite a view from the top all right i think we are going

Up here see the local castle oh i cracked myself up cracked myself up oh look at the cute little purple thing pretty sure this road is bumpy yup bumps already she goes it doesn’t look very spectacular from here but there she is all right let’s go up here oh there’s people up here awesome oh look at the view everybody very nice very nice look at

That bundy freaking it’s gonna get a photo but it means i have to dislocate my back to get my phone it’s out annoying so i might just leave that but it’s pretty nice should i go to the beach to go home go to the beach go home probably get home i’m actually going on out on the boat the servo with my folks um yeah so i’ve got a wakeboard haven’t been

On it for years um because i i’ve have knee issues hi my name’s stacey i have new issues um but yeah from sport and stuff so from mainly from soccer i’ve got knee issues um so yeah wakeboarding will be interesting and see how the knee goes but yeah i’m gonna i’m gonna put the gopro on the wakeboard so yeah that should be should be pretty cool if i can’t manage

To get up still i should be able to get some pretty awesome footage i’m dude come on so for those non-alcoholic people thunderberg is famous for thunderbird rum i’m gonna probably shut up now because i’ve been rambling for a really long time so thanks for the thing like and subscribe or dislike whatever catcher

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VS♀️ Female motorcycle rider, Australia (2017 Vulcan 650) By The VS Chick