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VSETT 10+ R – Still Worth It In 2022?

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45 miles an hour what the heck we said i gotta slow down oh yeah that’s that’s fast hey you guys it’s ginger on wheels here those of you who are familiar with the channel saw this scooter last year and you know that it’s my favorite scooter if you’ve been watching my live streams i said that i would get one eventually from rev rides and i did we have got the 60 volt

28 amp hour vset 10 plus and thanks to the rev ride’s fall sale we also have this cool little accessories pouch and i got a steering damper not that i think i need it but you know we’re gonna test it out anyway we’ll do some install videos really excited to get this thing outside so subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and let’s go test this thing out

See how it works oh we’re gonna make the crosswalk it looks like heck yeah holy smokes can you see that those are tears not tears of joy well tears of joy but also it’s just freezing cold and this thing goes really really fast that’s the first time that i’ve pulled a scooter out of the box put it together and just ripped that like 50 miles an hour almost straight

Away i love this thing so much as soon as i hopped on i remembered why i was my favorite scooter these nice tall ergonomic bars super pillowy suspension just the overall ride feel it’s really nimble because it’s so thin this thing is just amazing i i was going like 30 miles an hour and then i forgot i was only in speed mode one so i put it in speed mode three

And it just takes off absolutely love this scooter but anyway for those of you new to the channel i’ll go over some of the specs on the thing real quick so you know what we’re working with uh let’s see okay starting from left to right we’ve got these grips which have a little flare out for your palm it’s got a turn signal button right here you push this and it

Will activate the turn signal back here for i think like 30 seconds or a minute we have a full hydraulic rakes they’re branded vset but i’m pretty sure they’re the zoom breaks that you see on a lot of scooters left and right front and back pretty straightforward there the sport button gives you like an extra turbo charge for i think a minute and it gives you an

Extra 10 amps i think so you can pull a little extra probably 10 miles an hour out of whatever speed mode you’re in i think you have to be in speed mode 3 to use it the dual drive motors this just turns off the front and turns off and on the front motor basically if you’re in single it’ll just have the rear and if you’re in dual it’ll have both obviously we have

This little wiener horn can’t even hear it at all because i did some preparation before i went out put some duct tape over the horn hole here because it’s still it’s still really wet out it’s been raining fall i didn’t want to get any water ingress in there so i covered the hornhole with tape this is the cool little rev ride’s accessory pouch that comes with the

Thing rock solid on there i have got the vset multi-tool in there and i also zipped in my keys because they’re chattering around it comes with three nfc keys which is something i should mention you turn the scooter off by holding this power button it says off and you push it again and it just says card so you touch the nfc key to this little section here and then

The scooter turns on so if you keep this thing with you and you can also program this type of key into your phone it’s like an uh security feature which is pretty sweet i’ve only seen that in a couple other scooters this is like your standard trigger throttle assembly here you go up and down the speed modes by pushing plus and minus you can adjust other advanced

Settings in here like cruise control how hard you want it to accelerate how hard you want the electronic braking to activate which it does have five different modes of electronic braking it’s got 10 inch tires and these are sort of like street hybridy type of tires i think i’m going to try my best to get some off-road tires or maybe even tires with spikes and

We can do some snow rides it’s got this really sweet springy suspension i’m going to replace these probably eventually with an upgrade so i can do some hardcore off-roading on this thing it’s got a very robust latching mechanism which i failed to secure properly but just do that and you pull this up and then this bars will fold down and it latches all right into

Place like that um it’s got a front headlight on the front fender here it’s pretty weak sauce though nothing to write home about i do sell a fire light pev and you can get some sweet headlights you can mount here and they’re just blazingly bright but it’s got the 28 amp hour battery which is the biggest battery that they can fit inside of this deck

And that gives you i’m gonna guess around like 30 miles range at decent cruising speed there will be a range test coming on the channel so stay tuned for that but i’m gonna mount you to my chest right now because i want to keep riding this thing it’s a beautiful day considering it’s middle of october and you can see what it’s like to ride this thing for yourself

Here we go again take two and speed mode two single motor mode let’s just doink right up this no problem at all such pillowy suspension by far my favorite part of the scooter if i had to pick one thing and transfer it over to another scooter the suspension it’s really similar to the nami bernie which is thousands of dollars more it’s just so pillowy it’s really

Great unless you’re cornering at high speed or doing really technical stuff it’s the best all-around suspension that i know of let’s see where should we go there’s no outlet down there it sounds boring i do need to go to home depot maybe we can make a trip all right let’s put it in speed mode three dual motor mode immediately fast as heck 35 miles an hour all

Right we’re gonna turn down this little trail here love this thing so much thank you and take off front tire burn now this thing has just enough power that if i lean forward a little bit i can prevent the front tire oh come on so fast and cold 45 miles an hour what the heck we said i gotta slow down oh yeah that’s that’s fast as i was saying this thing has just

Enough power at max settings that if i lean forward a little bit i can prevent the front tire from burning out but it still has a an insane amount of pull for a scooter any more power and you’re just going to be burning the tread off the front tire and it’s hard to control and obviously you want as much power as you can get until the front tire burns out so welcome

To vsat 10 plus some really hardcore trail sections here this is really like roots sticking out rocks and cracks one thing you got to be careful of on every scooter though on wet leaves if you’re cornering on wet leaves it’s very high likelihood of slipping out hitting your head this thing just goes you got to be careful oh we’re gonna make the crosswalk it looks

Like yeah let’s have some more fun let’s just uh do some dumb stuff foreign lots of roots here suspension taking it like a champ oh fallen branch just gonna go right over that i’m gonna get this thing’s proper muddy before i even get to do like a thumbnail picture oh wow good old v-set i can’t believe i actually own this thing now this is mine i’m keeping it

I’m gonna mod the heck out of it we’re gonna be doing a series of ride videos i’m gonna try my best to waterproof it waterproofing scooters isn’t super hard as far as ingress into the deck goes but it’s the little controller piece right here and then the motors they uh you get a little seepage in there and you’re done though so i think my plan for this winter is to

Shrink wrap this thing like this just actually shrink wrap it with heat shrinking wrap and i’m gonna i found this stuff online called flex seal it’s like a clear rubberized coating that dries into like a rubber thin sheet so i’m going to spray the exterior of my motors in the flex seal stuff try and keep water out and i think that that will work i really do might

Flex seal the top of the deck too and then add some grip tape to the top because that is one small downside about the v-set the horn obviously is total joke the fact that you can’t turn off the turn signals and also the deck has no real grip tape those are my three little mini complaints about this thing every scooter has got their downfalls this scooter those are

Those three and they’re the smallest of any scooter i think for sure this is fun on the path and all but let’s have some more fun if you hear that noise when i’m braking it kind of sounds like crickets that’s the ventilator rotors as the pads grab the rotors creates little air pockets makes some buzz kind of fun fact that happens on every scooter every scooter with

Disc brakes anyways this is stupid dangerous just got stuck in the mud okay psa warning be careful if you’re riding off-road easy to sink down into the grass i did that on my kaaba wolf king gt flew over the front of the bars on the cabo gt that was no fun the grass is really soggy you gotta be super careful and it is october like i said it’s been raining super

Hard i want to make sure i didn’t damage the fender got a little too excited there everything’s still intact got a little mud in my disc brakes you good little headlight let’s make sure the headlight works hold the plus button i believe yep hold the plus button still headlight still works all good brake lights still working right there this is just a reflector

It’s not an actual light always recommend upgrading lights on scooters another little plug for i own that brand i designed that light it is made of the highest quality components that i could possibly find because i was sick of buying flashlights on amazon that just lie straight up they don’t tell you how bright they are they don’t tell you how

Big the batteries are and if they do it’s just a straight up lie so everything on pev fire light is super high quality no lying going on there 2 000 lumen 10 000 milliamp hour usbc charging and it mounts to most scooter and e-bike handlebars this is a little tall let’s see if we can get at this yep i love this scooter so much i wish the grass wasn’t so soggy when

I could just go flying off road like i’m used to oh this thing’s too fast for sidewalks let’s get this baby in the road always check the legality of electric scooters in your neighborhood if you’re gonna ride in the road they’re cracking down in australia in the uk this thing is a little wiggly without a damper i’m excited to try that rev ride’s damper comes

Free with the scooter right now which is not a cheap accessory comes free with the pouch during the rev ride’s fall sale i’ll put a link to the revroids fall sale in the description because if you’re gonna buy one of these things now is the time check out the sidewalk it is just ruined v-set mobbing down like a champ tons of big cracks you could never do this on

Like a nine bot fly right off look at this part of the sidewalk what are they doing here it’s gonna pop in the road behind this van always make sure there’s no metal plates when they’re doing construction metal plates get really slippery when they’re wet there’s a little nyloni rubber scooter tires very slick moss wet leaves and metal plates like sewers or just

Construction plates really gotta watch out for those if you plan on taking a corner this is so much fun i almost forgot i was supposed to go to home depot oh well one thing that i’m really impressed with is it this is like i said the 28 amp hour version of the scooter and it’s got the biggest battery that can possibly fit inside of it and it’s really hard for me

To tell the weight different i’m having no problem popping on and off things and picking corners and still goes blazing fast let’s get ahead of this car for the truck red light test out those hydraulic brakes this thing can stop on a dime loving it all right let’s test out the sport mode from the stop i’m gonna get going and push sport and we’re gonna see how

Much more juice it gives me already peeling out the tires sport mode okay yeah there is a noticeable increase in speed you’ll notice when you’re in sport mode that the uh right here where it normally shows if you’re in speed mode one two or three it’ll actually turn to an s which is for sport mode let’s go let’s get a little crouch going see how fast we can get a

Gun up to all right full crouch in sport mode 46 on the flat and still 45 of them standing pretty impressive on most scooters i’m worried about being on this road because you can see like this guy on his phone going 50 miles an hour this is him looking at me through the window i don’t know is he filming me he had his phone pointed at me tons of fun let’s see how

Much battery have i used we used two out of five bars wow these wet leaves are so slippery even with off-road tires you’re still going down if you’re going to accelerate and turn on those pretty steep hill right here still going 30. definitely gonna pass this guy he’s gonna be all mad on your left those guys that are dressed up in spandex and think they’re lance

Armstrong are the ones that always get super mad at electric scooters even in the road oh man i love me some visa make sure to subscribe to the channel i’m going to be doing a full range test on this thing we’re gonna put the damper on and do some tests we’ll do some night rides i’ve got enough battery now that i can take this thing on the seattle saturday night

Ride can ride all the way to seattle and do the loop and come home we’re going to be doing lots of videos with this thing i can’t believe it’s almost been a year since i tested it originally and ever since then i’ve been preaching about how it was the best scooter i’ve ridden and it’s only like 2500 bucks unbelievable excuse me sir need to waterproof the scooter

Before i blast through puddles like that anyway the nami is second place i just smashed this thing over roots in dual motor mode basically end out over the front bars in the grass and it still performs just like i did when i took it out of the box absolutely freaking great loving this scooter foreign hydraulic brakes on 10 miles at really fast speed 4 out of 5

Bars so it’s about what like 50 miles assuming that battery gauge is accurate man i muddied the thing up on the first ride i knew i was going to do that new little speed run down this road because i’m feeling like i got ants in my pants going into sport mode speed limit is 40 on this road but everyone does 50. let’s see if the vset can do 50. 46 47 a little bit

Of i don’t know that you need a damper like i can corner fine on this like even at full speed i’d test the brakes here all right you guys i think that’s gonna do it for this video it’s enough reset riding for one day thank you so much rev rides for having these scooters in stock we got the fall sale going on don’t forget make sure to subscribe to the ginger on

Wheels channel if you want to see more videos of me just ripping it up on this thing i’m gonna be doing upgrades range tests etc and i’ll see you guys for the next video foreign

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VSETT 10+ R – Still Worth It In 2022? By Ginger On Wheels