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VTWINNOW.COM Product Review / Spotlight – Klock Werks Fork-N-Finish & Flush Mount Axle

VTWINNOW.COM Product Review / Spotlight – Klock Werks Fork-N-Finish & Flush Mount Axle. Visit for full detailed review. Also visit or to order the products featured in this video.

What’s going on everybody this is vic from my roguelike ahhmm and today we’re gonna be telling you how you can clean up the front end of your road glide we’re gonna be discussing two products by clockworks their fork and finish and their flush mount axle now let’s get right into it the clockworks fork and finish is made in the u.s. from cnc machined aluminum and

Is available in show chrome or in a black powder coat finish countersunk mounting hardware is included giving you that clean one-piece fork leg appearance the flush mount axle which clockworks claims is 2 times stronger than the stock axle is made from stress proof steel and coated in black nitrate to prevent corrosion the flush mount axle also features a polished

Stainless steel end cap which can also be ordered in a black powder coat finish our thoughts these two products by clockworks were just with the doctor ordered to clean up our rogue lies front end both pieces were easy to install and the instructions provided with straight to-the-point the quality of both pieces were great we feel that the fork and finish is really

The best way to go about tidying up the right for clay now we’ve seen others use fancy casts to try and mask the 2 bolts that secure the bottom pork piece but that method doesn’t really address the real issue and that is and you still have two bolts protruding at the bottom of your fork leg now the fork and finish addresses that issue by replacing protruding bolts

With allen head bolts that are flush with the bottom fork piece nothing sticking out anymore clean simple solution the flush mount axle is an excellent solution to the obnoxiously ugly stock axle which as you know protrudes out both sides of the front wheel this piece really does improve the entire look of the front wheel now overall we were extremely pleased with

How these two clockworks pieces cleaned up our reel glides front end our conclusion we highly recommend both these clockworks products instead of spending half a grand on one piece fork legs you can spend a fraction of that with the clockworks forking finish and flush mount axle and still get a very similar result we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the quality

Of these two products and with the amount of money you end up saving yourself thank you for watching this review and please keep checking back on our website on our youtube channel for more great road glide reviews and product spotlights and if you still need more information on the product we discuss on this video check out custom baggers com that’s k us t om b

Agg ers custom baggers comm that’s a website run by clockworks where you can order many of the other great products they have and you can also visit direct cycle parts comm they carry almost all of the products that you’ve seen reviewed or highlighted on our website thanks a lot have a great day

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VTWINNOW.COM Product Review / Spotlight – Klock Werks Fork-N-Finish & Flush Mount Axle By V-Twin Now