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Walking With ELEPHANTS – South Africa Motorcycle Adventure Episode 12

This was probably one of my most amazing days so far in South Africa. I got to walk with elephants at the Knysna Elephant Sanctuary. Huge, but majestic beasts, this is a must do for anyone.

Good morning everyone and welcome to plate it’s like he knows when i start talking good morning everyone and as i said welcome to pletenberg bay or as the locals call it just plate this is a very relaxed chilled out ocean town very nice looking we came here very late last night it was already dark went to our accommodation not uh not a lot of choice when it comes

To accommodation here most of the places were uh were quite expensive we did find an apartment for about two and a half thousand rand for the night still quite expensive where i was awoken by the entire power of the sun at five o’clock because uh somebody decided to not put blinds up but before any of the real complaining starts this entire tour would not have

Been possible without our sponsors motorized rentals in south africa carter systems and bmw motorized romania stick around until the end of the episode to find out more yeah lots of expensive cars here and beautiful houses today’s planet is very simple we’ve got about 90 kilometers to do in total until we get to george or very close to george there’s not a long

Day of riding but we did find a pass yesterday on our way here it was about 20 kilometers back which uh looked amazing to ride but it was very late at night so we’re gonna go do that again wander around the plattenburg bay for a little see what it’s all about where is he gone where is this man disappeared to there we go and if we have time there is on the way

There is also an elephant sanctuary where you can actually go and pet the elephant so uh we’re gonna do that as well plattenburg bay is a small town located on south africa’s beautiful garden route although its population is of only around 30 000 locals it is a very popular destination for tourists early portuguese explorers charted this bay in the early 15th

And 16th centuries and originally named it beautiful bay bakia formosa an old 1150 most of the bikes that i’ve seen here are either lots of scooters or lots of gs’s and uh in gs territory there are a lot of air heads most of them are still air hits in our usual fashion after wondering for a while in plattenburg bay we then backtracked a part of yesterday’s trip

So uh this was the road that we came on last night we’re basically going back now to find that uh that nice pass um when we left plattenburg 10 minutes ago it was 24 degrees celsius now it’s 35 11 degree difference in 10 minutes madness absolute madness there was a dasia duster there lots of romanian cars well they’re not called dasia here they’re called either

Nissan or renault but it’s the same car lots of sanderos by the way and we all know that’s a dasia after my great automotive journalism we found ourselves on the actual pass okay so i think this is the pass there was a sign that said great river pass and it’s got lots of turns so it looks like a pass there was also another sign that lets you know instantly that

You are in africa and it said do not feed the baboons 500 rand fine you don’t see that in europe being stuck behind a suzuki swift any bikers dream when crossing a pass today’s sunday so everybody’s out and about enjoying a bath in a river having a bry everyone’s chilling with our adrenaline pumping and our faces grinning we made it to the top of the pass yeah

Two other bikers sports bikes what are they no bms and are in something else hello guys guys your bikes are too clean man it’s not that’s it’s not how it’s supposed to be whole country everywhere look at how they three weeks now almost already we got a week left in south africa save the best for last it’s going to be good it’s we’ll take photos about an

Hour later daniel was once again completely struck by the beauty around him active baboon area there’s one in front of me huh okay so here’s another river that is going into the ocean and everybody’s on the beach on a sunday happy happy people this is mental it’s 23 degrees celsius now when we were up on the passer was 35 now it’s 23. weather and restaurants

Just people enjoying a very pleasant sunday afternoon it’s very weird that there are no shops here everybody brings zone drinks and uh and food there are absolutely no shops even though we were actually still further behind from when we started the day if we were to keep to our original plan we decided to continue ahead or in this case further backwards little

Tourist on we saw a sign that read seal beach and uh we wanted to see some seals okay so brenda we have some seals over here all right i’m very happy to report that this to me is the exact definition of paradise there are no sales however somebody told us they are seals here maybe they’re all sleeping or hiding but none of the delays it was worth the one

And a half minute walk making our way back to plattenburg bay the town where we’d spend the night before we actually started with the day’s route okay so it’s almost three o’clock now and uh this roundabout is the same one where uh our accommodation is this is actually the way we took yesterday to get to our accommodation so we left at about ten it is now three

Is he going back there so from 10 o’clock since we left to three it has been five hours and in those five hours we are exactly back where we started in the morning but feeling a lot happier because we saw a lot of great stuff in five hours the plan was to end up in a little seaside town called wilderness where we could finally meet up with albert from motor rod

Rentals but before that we really wanted to stop off at the elephant park welcome to the neighs night elephant park let’s go see some elephants and pet them and ask them questions bus parking not only bus parking gs parking where is the gs parking the naisna elephant park was established in 1994 and it is the first facility in south africa to house and care for

Orphaned african elephants from the reception we get ferried into the park in a very different vehicle it’s a metal structure with some metal roofing being pulled by a tractor ingenious after the ride from hell i started making very good jokes when does the fighting start the elephant fighting elephants sometimes they’re like children they like fighting each

Other yeah so we can bet that’s why but not now you know maybe two are upset just like on cue soon afterwards three elephants started making their way to us they had probably done this hundreds of times already but it didn’t seem like any forced training remember these are rescue elephants orphan elephants so their life in the sanctuary is a lot better than it

Would probably have been in the wild me can we ride them i want to write no i don’t want to write i’d be scared to ride it did they just play in the mud now because it’s very dirty yeah yeah yeah they’re playing them out yeah and how do they get washed does somebody watch them or do they go wash themselves in no now they’re smart like this oh they

Like it like this yeah well that’s the way they reduce the heat from the sun with the mud is she’s scratching now now she’s crushing her name is kisha kisha she’s 18 years old she can also touch right let’s move back what did she do with the ears good afternoon let’s walk with sally yeah let’s go where is she walking yeah that’s what they do they keep on

Working all the time to find other food yes this is uh amazing site huh yeah i’m sitting next to two huge elephants only in africa they’re massive massive that one is four tons no this one is four tons you weigh the same as like two gs’s the name is tattoo hello tattoo yes it’s like a muddy bark that is also soft as well yeah it’s very nice you can touch it

When when you feather yeah it’s all soft and everything when you feed her yeah always takes it with the trunk okay come and touch the ears this side daniella after the elephants we went to take a look at the zebras the delinquents of the park striped horses so is the zebra black with white stripes or white with the black stripes both do they kick they will run

Away they’ll run away but not kick they get kicked they kick and bite hello zebras who was perius prasteller what what other animals do you have here only these two an elephant here they are friends yeah elephants are very intelligent zebras are not yeah so so they shared the idea the strategy is the whole experience lasted for about 20 to 30 minutes and it

Really is difficult to explain through pictures or video how enormous and majestic at the same time these creatures really are the elephants not the zebras this was definitely a day i won’t forget anytime soon the day would not have been complete without the noisiest tractor on the planet coming to pick us up funny little creatures motor motoroad rentals is south

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On most of their products and again as always if you have enjoyed this video then the best way to actually help the channel out and see more of them is to interact with the video give it a big like comment down below put your thoughts down there i will read all of them i will answer them and of course the most important subscribe cheers and i’ll see you on the next one so you

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