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Watch this video if youre a beginner motorcycle rider Motovlog

My first video brought to you for a beginner rider by a beginner rider. So if you’re a new rider or thinking about getting a motorbike, join me in my pursuit to getting better and I’m sure you will too!

Here we go here we go indeed this is it you could tell i was a bit nervous with my heavy breathing i’ve experienced this feeling every time uh every time i’m just about to start writing i had to say it but i prefer it almost you know because it reminds you that you’re not invincible on the bike it was my first time filming while riding so i could tell something

Was off i always get nervous some reason not sure why well i’ve only done this a couple of times actually let me know in the comments if you spot what it is yep oh my god forgot my gloves oh my gosh all right well that’s much better it feels a lot better and with that i was truly ready to get out there i’m getting used to the gears i mean i’m trying to try

My best with it and i’m also trying to learn how to talk while actually um talk while riding motorcycle that’s what i was trying to say talk while writing medicine yeah right which is actually tougher than our door as my riding instructor would once told me anyone can ride a bike in a straight line um but it’s the low speed maneuvers and the tight turns that

Really test your skill now as you can see i gotta really brush up on that in this clip i don’t even manage to turn the whole way ah geez after a few tries i didn’t make a turn um but i wasn’t satisfied with that and i knew that in order to sort of get better and ride with traffic i was gonna have to do a lot better come to practice at this point i’m not really

In a rush because i only have a couple of days experience and you know i’m trying just trying to get the basics down that’s all yeah my dad sort of comes up to me and asks why my bike’s making so much noise and um and i tell them because i’m revving it a bit too hard maybe i feel like i’m scared of leaning too much and that’s going to cause the bike to just drop

So that’s why i’m sort of keeping an upright sort of position but i feel like then again that’s sort of a detriment to what i’m trying to do practice practice practice practice practice practice practice m3 is definitely really jerky this clip if i didn’t still hold in the clutch while making this turn i would have definitely hit the car new riders like myself

Need to realize that the clutch is also used to manipulate speed not only the shift gears something i realized if you don’t go straight hold on clutch hello when i get better i’m just literally gonna wave out and i’m back again trying to get these turns down pat i was also working in my slow riding as you can see it’s one of the major tests that i had to do

For the learner of course that victorians need to take i’ll be looking at making an entirely different video for that soon maybe here my dad comes out to tell me that i’m looking at the ground while i’m making my turns and then i should be looking at where i’m going here we go all right look right turn right i am one with the bike i’m trying to look right but

It feels so unnatural like i feel like i want to look at what my bike is doing so yeah this is what we should be doing you know i think as new riders it’s important to practice in the side streets in your neighborhood before you venture around with traffic because no one’s really gonna have your back out there um everyone’s got a different mindset when they’re

Driving and it can be also unfortunate you know if you sort of come across someone who can’t drive properly if you’re stuck around this long i just want to give you a quick intro about me so um my name is josh uh just purchased an mt03 a 2021 version maybe a couple days ago and i’ve got no experience with bikes or you know manual shifting prior to this so yeah

It was pretty pretty new the reason i got a bike was because i wanted to experience some sort of freedom you know and i think that’s a lot of people want to do that especially after lockdown so i wanted to combine my passion of filmmaking storytelling with bikes now um and i thought you know youtube was probably the best platform for it so here i am posting my

First video hope you guys like it you know if you do make sure you like it and subscribe below and remember you’re not invincible on a motorcycle

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Watch this video if you're a beginner motorcycle rider (Motovlog) By Head Honcho