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Dave imports and shows two special Bultacos that he purchased this year in Spain. He shares how he got them through US customs and how much $$$ it cost to bring them here!

Go ahead hey it’s dave from bullpen cycles and today we’re going to spain i even have my passport actually we’re not going to spain a little bit of spain is coming to us see i imported two motorcycles from europe and we’re going to the jacksonville port to pick them up how did i do it well this is my first time importing motorcycles i did bring a car over

Here maybe 20 years ago but if you’re thinking about importing motorcycles right now with the dollar high against the euro you might be follow me i’ll tell you how i did it and we’ll see all right so we’re hooking up the trailer because we’re gonna go to the port in jacksonville to pick up two motorcycles can you guess what they are well they’re from spain

So montessa i actually like monteza but for every 10 bull taco dealers there was like one montessor dealer so montes are a little bit harder to to work on and acquire parts you’re pretty much stuck getting your stuff for spanish montezas from spain so we got two bull tacos but which ones well we’re going to hold that in advance as we get ready and on the way

Down i’ll tell you how much this costs just to bring them over so while we’re gassing up i’ll tell you about how much this adventure is costing me not including gas so i bought two bikes from spain for an undisclosed sum and i had to have them created for shipping trading was a hundred euro each so that’s 200 euro now a euro right now is about a dollar

For but when i did this two months ago it was a dollar twenty i thought i was getting a deal because before that it was a dollar forty five so right now it as a bargain it’s not that the dollar is doing exceptionally well it’s that the euro is in the toilet shipping was 13.45 for both bikes that’s about a 25 discount that i ship each bike individually so

Today that’s about 350 bucks on top of that a cheat sheet here i had to pay the i got myself an import broker the seller over there had an export broker and that was the part of the 1345 which included the picking up of the bikes the seller is the one that created them for me he had to include some technical documents sales literature and stuff so that we

Could prove to customs they were 25 years or older my import broker he prepares something called an isf and files it that was a hundred and thirty five dollars i had to pay taxes and duties that was 260 dollars for both bikes i have to pay warehouse storage fees the first four days is 150 bucks and of course customs took too long to clear the bikes so it’s

Thirty dollars a day today is day five i’m hoping to pick them up today and i haven’t got my final bill from the uh from my import broker i’m sure there’s going to be a final bill and had customs gone through with the physical examination i might have had a physical examination fee here they were held up because they needed some manifest documents which they

Probably had but apparently they’re slow and maybe it’s a scam to get an extra day or two of storage i don’t know i’m guessing it’s you know it’s slowness from the government processing stuff anyway we are going to go to jacksonville and uh hopefully they’ll release the bikes we’ll figure out how to get them in the trailer and uh we’ll bring them back 22.4

Gallons they stocked me at 100 bucks oh boy so i got my final invoice from my import broker it took me all morning to get a hold of them because they’re in california and my shipments on the east coast so everything takes at least half a day longer and when you’re paying storage by the day that has the potential to really screw you up because it’s one

O’clock now and i just got my final invoice and uh i don’t know what time the warehouse closes but my final invoice was a bit more than i expected it was about 430 bucks so all said the import broker took about 570 just shy of 600 bucks and i got to pay the warehouse and i’ll get a total for you port of jacksonville didn’t really ever think of it as a port

Town that’s where we’re going air van and we’re here take the next left then turn right not sure where i’m supposed to go okay so we are loaded up here’s how i do this my strap dollies and you can move the crate since we don’t have a forklift and if i did have a forklift i couldn’t forklift it on my ramp truck so while they’re not surecos you know sort

Of what they are let’s get back home i don’t know if this place is any good but we’re stopping at taco queen in st augustine so let’s see how it looks mexican style pulled pork so we are at our overflow building over there and we are preparing to unload our bowl tacos now you know the bull tacos but which models so i’ll let you think about that i’ll

Give you a hint the first one think about a hit song in the late 70s by ray stevens and the second one an award-winning sack of flour yep those are your hints now you can figure it’s not gonna be like an alpena or sherpa i had to import these from spain so it’s going to be something models that are not common here they’re around they’re just not common

Now i’m getting old what do we got uh we’re gonna stay up we’re gonna fall over don’t look ethel here we go and there she was naked as a jaybird it’s a taco streaker the white model this was the last i guess you’d call it a mark ii and uh 1979 right before bultaco closed its doors this is after the feds decided no more two-stroke road bikes and

I’m told they got sued over the motor for copying something from suzuki’s rl series but it became moot now i don’t know looks like that got scrunched but we can fix it we can make it better than it was all right so all right so let’s look at the second one this is a 1978 taco frontera gold medal 370 cc’s now what i understand is these started out

As something like a mark 10 per sang but they weren’t competitive and they were languishing a little bit on the sales floor now think of it in 78 japanese were well in their well in their way on monoshock and almost into water cooled so this was getting a little bit long in the tooth so they painted them up gold hung lights on them and sold them as a special

Edition gold medal mostly in europe i don’t know if they were imported here someone changed this to an up pipe that would make it a proper dual sport can’t have a down pipe on a dual sport if you’re going to do a water crossing there’s the correct purse saying down pipe you’d have to swap out the head and the side cover i’m probably not going to do that but

I wanted to have the pipe because that’s the hard part i don’t have production numbers on these this is their last model 493. now streakers came in two forms this is a 179 and you had a 204 this is the 175 the 204 model would be a 125 204 black 204 a for white so this is probably 179 a for white again i don’t have production numbers full taco a

Passion for the sport this is considered the bible unfortunately it doesn’t have production numbers in it either it has all the specifications i got this on ebay i didn’t realize it until looking at it now it’s actually signed signed by the guy that wrote the forward ken mcguire david enjoy the passion three seven 2002. man that’s 20 freaking years ago so

Let’s see i got this poster but i don’t i want to know if they’re five feet four i have sales literature in the shop which i should have brought over oh here’s a piece of sales literature there 74 or 125 depending on the model transmission six speed cool i’m told these little bikes really rip and uh we’ll have to save that for another video because i gotta

Get these together and then we’ll we’ll do a ride on another video so check back for subscribe or follow me or do whatever you do and i’ll see you on the next one

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