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Man what’s up you guys man it’s your boy real and brittany yeah see you down in the middle of doing our own thing and this r b lifestyle man so make sure you got hey click the link in the description if you guys have it man go cop you some merch and um just help support the channel we’re not getting paid for none of this but we’re investing our money into

Trying to keep you guys happy and keep you guys entertained so at least you guys can do is buy a shirt from us and uh support the team and support the brand any color we got all colors you guys no matter what it is we got the colors you know what i’m saying and we can get them in this good texture that i have on this is like a miami type texture right here i i

Can say that but the other ones are just regular t-shirts but they are soft uh but these are like um soccer jersey type on shirts so you can breathe through them so we got a lot to do today um y’all see hold on let me take y’all over here and that’s like you guys so y’all can see the the water the ocean we’re probably gonna go out there try to get out there

And um show you guys up close or whatever it’s about to rain on us y’all so we were supposed to take the slingshots and stuff out today we’re gonna still see if we can we can sneak it in if we can just get an hour or two you guys i’ll be good with that just to go ride for a little bit so that’s why we’re trying to rush and get on up out of here um we’re about

To get out of here right now so you guys i i hope you guys enjoy all the videos man we got a lot of stuff no i’m saying a lot of entertainment footage coming for y’all so it don’t matter if it rained on us we gonna do something you guys we’re gonna still go places we’re gonna still hang out we’re gonna still do our thing because we do it weather don’t stop us

Right exactly any situation no matter the situation exactly so are you ready i’m ready are you ready y’all see my wife she’s looking so beautiful today yeah every day but y’all know man see when we go out of town he really put that point on that hey y’all so there go the beast right there sorry if the camera didn’t actually if the camera is showing a little

Blurry sorry you guys i had wiped it and kind of messed it up so hopefully get back to normal throughout the day of the process but um yeah they go to the beach we’re gonna go down there because we got shoes right now and they’re saying ain’t finna get in my shoe right now so let’s go enjoy our day we ain’t gonna dwell on that huh what are you taking out

Tomorrow yeah tomorrow saturday we’re gonna go sit over here real quick we gotta try to figure out some things get some stuff situated we can go sit on this jump right here dang this thing flip this around i kind of comfortable y’all so why you looking like this get out of here because she always hit me on camera get out of here okay we’ve been trying to

Figure out this slingshot stuff um security security okay so you guys i guess it was the certain angle or whatever all right i’m trying not to look over here you guys and that’s why i’d be having the thing flip to the back so y’all won’t see us looking over into the corner because it’d be a little tv right right over here that would be looking though and

I’ll be looking i know be looking at herself i told her stop looking at yourself look in the camera okay okay okay woman okay see they always call them for help when they don’t need help and it put us in trouble you know what i’m saying that was your last one stop see she hid it we got it on camera he’s over there oh everything is on the tv screen so

Yeah yeah so we’re gonna figure this out and we’re gonna get back with y’all because uh she she getting a little round he pulling in hot pulling in hot ain’t it hey i got to we in miami we’re in miami you pulling it hot how you doing oh i thought you had a star ceiling well yeah i mean it’s close enough it’d be a vibe at nighttime huh yeah jumanji trip i

Have to take this mass down so y’all can hear us we on this little strip um what what street is this this lincoln road right here down in miami on south beach we just looking around we was looking for the slingshot places but hold on they won’t say segway and bicycles and stuff i don’t know man gotta be around here somewhere the thing is sending us the

Voicemail so we don’t know we might have to over to another location um i don’t know this is crazy man so we found another one let me see if it’s not clear up focus yeah there we go focus a little bit now there we go sometimes i gotta tap on the screen for the focus but uh yeah this one is point eight miles so we’re gonna hit the delton and see uh shoot

I’m tired now no that’s that’s why because i y’all it give me a headache when i can’t find nothing that i’m trying to find and it it’s irritating sometimes i’m not gonna lie not gonna lie but we trying to make sure we stay positive man they trash these places i don’t know if they sit down because of the tragedy or what no i think they shut down because of

The tragedy and then all that riding stuff i think a lot of that stuff it did dude yeah we’re gonna go down here we’re gonna show you a little bit more of the city though that’s what we i was doing racing cars and stuff hey dang oh they ran the little phone with the time yeah that’s what i was doing i was racing we was on them scooters but we went on them

We was on the three wheels they were way faster than them we got a hurricane just pulled up on this side i know this ain’t my car channel but y’all we’re going to show some cars uh tour we’ll start right back bye we kind of rush right now we’re going to come right back back dripping look at him on top he think he’s sleep he think he’s slick you think you

Slick uh you gonna run from me now it’s all good hi guys that’s crazy so all right first thing you notice you already did it in between your legs you got a little lever slightly forward and backwards behind you don’t get in there with my head it’s your outside lights underneath the car okay you can barely see him right now because i’ll be glad he

Goes on the globe all right y’all so we in this thing now i’m here with my we have a swing shot hey y’all so we just got caught in the whole rain a whole rainstorm we gonna go ahead and show you so you guys can but you can’t even see you can’t see really but um she’s got you have to go change shirts at the room yeah yeah she don’t have to go change shirt

Y’all cause we just got trenched up in the slingshot we having a good time but we almost got put on our tail it’s for the books man because we couldn’t see no nothing i had to pull over and just get wet you know but um yeah this thing smells like an egg or something it’s the exhaust probably it’s the exhaust because i forget had this also we over here we’re

On some street man we just pulled in over but man 29th in in north bay almost 29 foot bay bay but y’all we’re gonna get back to it this is a stick so i can’t tell y’all so much but i maybe haven’t heard just pop on the camera here and there all right y’all so we headed towards ocean drive now this weather is so crazy y’all see how the melody flick oh it’s

Crazy it’s crazy like it’s raining stop raining stop certain areas so that’s what’s kind of got us right now i thought you said no no ain’t no i ain’t playing number one okay so anyway we’re about to head towards ocean drive hoping to get some action over there um look what the clouds look like yeah so it’s getting bad it’s just different it’s hit and miss

Really it’s really hitting me so hopefully we didn’t pass all of that so we’ll catch up when we get over to that area can’t touch me okay y’all let me jump about this night real quick man get my legs back right my legs back feeling nice i know i ain’t talking to y’all in a minute and vlog but uh y’all see what’s going on right now y’all thought i was

Coming to miami and i couldn’t have my other glow with me you know i had we got towel up in that man just in case it rained whatever so y’all don’t think just show y’all them like that dancing right there yes sir yes sir come on now we in now we’re in that like swimwear yes sir hey i’m actually driving the crap out this night y’all like hey i ain’t coming

Out like dogging it or nothing but i’m saying i i ain’t think i was gonna do too good being a stick like that but man i’m whipping this up like this out of me thank you man you gotta bend the stick every single day just to know how to just control them and shift smooth and all that type of stuff so y’all know i’m so used to the intensity and they’re 10 feet

In that truck so it’s different than the five speed up in one of these because you know everything’s different but y’all know me i’m gonna handle that thing like a temp man don’t say i can’t drive no sleep man because i’ve been in this night no i’m saying over an hour now two hours no i’m saying yeah i was gonna get it for 24 hours but i was like man ain’t

No point because i would be sleep so you know but you know i can always go back to my man and get it again if i wanted you know what i’m saying make sure y’all hit that link in the description and make sure y’all check him out man and make sure y’all come rent them from him with y’all come to miami renting from hills man he got the sound system and everything

In here bro this is so loud y’all just don’t understand like he got he got the exhaust on it everything who’s swinging so i got exhausted on it bro come on man he got this thing so dig down y’all don’t understand but um i won’t know how to come about this though right now we had to stop and get something to drink man i am thirsty we haven’t ate nothing we

Just man sometimes when you having fun you ain’t really too much that worried about it you know you ain’t worried about eating you ain’t worried about drinking nothing like that you know what i’m saying um and just be like that sometimes yeah we got the lights on the inside y’all don’t know what i’m saying that future right now on the pioneer yes sir man

Speakers all on the floor floorboard and everything come on man keep counting come on now we ain’t playing look at you coming out the door right now no i’m saying cause i’m thirsty i know she thirsty yes ma’am i’m so thirsty i’m so thirsty you say i’ll see it with that rb lifestyle merchant i told y’all y’all better go copy you gotta go you better go get it

You know what i’m saying i was just showing y’all to search this for now but um i’m imma catch y’all in a little while man so we’re gonna get back to having fun enjoying ourselves and i’ll come back on the camera in a minute hey y’all so we just pulled it up to the back to our room or whatever she gonna give me a charger but uh once you come back man we’re

Gonna end this thank god man we don’t want this night too long for y’all to get nighttime y’all can’t really see too much in a way but we still up in the slingshot thing yeah sir man bumping that money back no i’m saying i thought i broke says yeah all that tight you know what i’m saying but uh once you get back man we’re going in this thing going off man

I appreciate y’all man make sure y’all subscribe to the channel man we got a lot more of this coming so y’all just better believe and better understand that we got a lot more coming man i’m catch y’all in a minute peace okay y’all so we made it back in this thing this thing is ripped up too too long okay we made it back up in here to the room so you guys

Know we’re gonna end this thing off right here we appreciate y’all appreciate that love and support hold let we’re going back up in here so y’all can see us within the light hold on hold on hold on hold on we’re going to turn this way so y’all can really get the good effect of us yeah in our light-skinned ways in my life skin ways yeah hey y’all see y’all

I’m saying yeah but uh yeah yeah we’re gonna end this thing out man we’re gonna have it too long for you guys i appreciate y’all i hope y’all liking the videos hope y’all enjoying everything man we’re going to keep bringing y’all these angles and i hope y’all just stay live with us and say turned up with us you know what i’m saying that’s all you got to do man

Just find your business that’s all it’s not even known make sure y’all do that man thousand likes on this video man i know we can do it man one thousand likes man for us to drop in that next video you guys so make sure you hit that thousand like um if you wanna see the next video quicker than quick you know what i’m saying that’s how we’re going through this

Thing man when y’all reach the light goes we’re going to drop another video so and another and i know but you already know man what time it is man for real and brittany and this r b lifestyle peace out y’all that’s a zombie i’ve been keeping out my baby what it is make sure y’all like comment subscribe man

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