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We wore WW1 GERMAN uniforms to school…

1917. I wore my WW1 German Uniform to school. My friends and I dressed up as world war one soldiers. Me and Mav as Germans and Korbin as a US Doughboy. This reminds me of the new movie 1917 by Sam Mendes. It was super embarrassing bc I was a WWI GERMAN at HIGH SCHOOL! This is also celebrating the 101 year anniversary of the end of the first world war! Being uploaded on 11/11/2019! This is like a Senior Prank or School Dare! Subscribe for more WW1, First World War, The Great War videos! Battlefield one, BF1 OST Used

How’s it going guys this country tactical here and today well i wore my world war one german uniform to school oh because we joined the war that we shouldn’t have for reason that worship yeah so in my last video which unexpectedly got over 1 million views thank you guys for that by the way i wore my world war one american uniform to school now the reason

I did that was to honor the hundred year centennial since world war one ended and a lot of you guys like that and i was looking at the comment and then 10 of you guys suggested that i wore the world war one german uniform the school so in honor of the 101st year since world war one ended i’m wearing the infamous german uniform to school the thing is this uniform

Looks very similar to the world war ii german uniform that is associated with nothing so we’re just gonna have to see how my day at school goes because i’ve been feeling a lot of people are gonna think i’m like a not b or a y so it’s just something bad like that not really looking forward to do this but you guys requested it i’m following through so yeah before the

Video starts i’m gonna go ahead and give you guys a quick rundown of what exactly i’m wearing to school so i’m wearing a early war german tunic coupled with their piped red trousers the red lines are called piping by the way on my webbing i have the ammo pouches the belt buckles a pony fur for nester pet which is actually a hundred years old and if you couldn’t

Already tell i’m gonna be wearing a pretty cheap pickle haba that keeps on breaking on me this is a very iconic world war one german helmet on my back i have a makeshift bread bag with an original canteen on the other side is just a spade carrier now for my shoes i’m wearing some hobnail jack’s boots and yeah they’re gonna be pretty slippery on the tile floor

Now lastly to top things off one of my friends is going to be wearing the german uniform as well and on his head he’s gonna be wearing the infamous german stall helm this is the ruler one and this is the world war two practically identical we’re just gonna have to see how that goes that pretty much wraps up my little presentation so without further ado let’s go

Ahead and jump to the video all right we’re at the school now it’s up alexis alright we’re back at it you got the full w the two of us were back at it again me as the german organisms wow already getting judged what do you think in my costume just trying to make things right you know fuzzy kaiser i had another friend and on getting the german impression

Now all he had that was accurate was his german tunic so i went ahead and let him use my infamous tall helm i found my old history teacher who taught world war one and this is what he had to say to me dadgum german thanks i tried there’s a star market yes he was translating german on google translate last year i wore my american uniform on camo day now this year

Was halloween day that’s why i see people dressing up yes hi thank you no no contrary to what i believed people weren’t actually calling me and not but rather they actually really enjoyed it and liked my uniform yeah we had a fight each other at least one bro what’s one thing you know we’re my friend was actually really enjoying the german empire this up here

You wanna shout out your snapchat yeah that’s why i had the spike time no no one was the bad guy if anything we was bad guys battery because we joined the war that we shouldn’t have for reasons that were yeah we had a teacher a teacher johnny it’s a freshman do you have anything you want to tell you too you know you have anything to say to youtube yes sir in

My next period i had to go to football practice and i get the football practice ad across the gym floor i didn’t want to damage the gym floor with my hobnail boots so i ended up having to take them off now when i came back i had to put him back on and i decided i’d go ahead and show you how to put my boots on which is really quick time for lunch and no i’m not

Eating corned beef like i did in the last video tater want anything to say subscribe to deadly play soon it’s been busy like every week he uses oh hey what up what do you want up at the log we got it up here since channel brett cooper whoa i’ll quit ahead of youtube you subscribers are fake don’t listen to them once about her i gave you you know i think it

Looked really good on him time for an unexpected assembly the assembly was entertaining and the guy was actually a pretty good comedian we’re sweating okay got you was a fossil and y’all when you slide into the kaisers dm’s like like i said in the last video hobnails are very slick on tile floors as a quick disclaimer this does not damage the floor the hob nails

Are slick so they did not dig into the tile it just made it really slippery for me and any marks left behind from the hot nails could just rub off easily from the hardened tile i don’t know mama austin the last beeper tape see guys what’s up what do you have to say to you – i’ve never been on youtube mike is alive okay i was dying my last class of the day was for

Some reason a freshman class like it’s all the freshmen turn around we’re gonna make a youtube video hey youtube i might take off you know wagner 69 yeah this is my manager and so if you have a complaint just so school had ended and i was pretty much it it was a great date thing teachers loved it a lot of people like that so is really neat now before y’all

Leave i want to go ahead and go over something with you now not only was this german uniform a lot different than the americans but the image that it put off was a lot different i was actually really uncomfortable recording this video the reason i was so uncomfortable recording this video is not just because it’s wool but the fact that i was afraid people would

Think of me as like a nut or a white supremists or anything like that thing is back in wool or one not didn’t exist germany back then was not the bad guy now the reason this uniform looks like a world war two not german uniform is because hitler in world war two pretty much adopted the imperial style and pretty much gave it a bad image so what i’m trying to say is

I wish people would shed more light on world war one imperial germany everybody just sees this and thinks of world war two germany and all the bad things that they did but more than one the germans weren’t bad so i just want to shed more light on world war one germany and lastly not only is this video dedicated to you guys but it’s dedicated to the world war one

Germans who served and those who never even got to come back to their families after that great war ended over a hundred years ago essentially this is my way of honoring the 101st year this is a great war ended in november 11th 1918 that wraps up my speech i hope you guys enjoyed this entire video it was a lot to do and if you liked it feel free to like and if you

Want to subscribe it really helped me out now if this video does get to 10,000 likes oh i’ll do something really crazy in the next one so yeah subscribe stay tuned also check out all my social medias and stuff and how i’d seen the next one pitch tactical ouch

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