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Weird Motorcycle Features that no longer exist

Today we’re looking at 8 weird motorcycle features that no longer exist. From engines mounted to the front wheel, to single sided front forks. Enjoy!

Guys my wife just made me some delicious tea stuff that we’ve been having and normally we only have in the morning but she made me some right now so let me take a little let me take a little sip of that okay today we are looking at motorcycle features that no longer exist and we’re not just looking at like old versions of new things you know things like old break

Mechanisms there’s a little bit of that but more we’re gonna focus on features that companies thought would be a good idea but that just didn’t really stand the test of time and this is where i tell you that i’m sad that i can’t talk about all-wheel drive motorcycles i should be able to talk about that damn you rokon oh and floating motorcycles double damn you

Rokon so without further ado let’s look at some weird motorcycle features actually before we do that go subscribe just go hit subscribe trying to get to a thousand subs almost there it would really help out if you subscribed and if you want to know whenever i upload just turn on the notifications when you subscribe and then you’ll know right away whenever a video

Comes out okay let’s jump in so the first one on our list is what i’m calling the chair seat and for this we’re actually looking at a motorcycle specifically called the magola now we are going to talk about this bike a little bit later down the road but the big thing to note here is that they did a lot of different things with this motorcycle but one of the things

That really stands out when you look at it besides some other stuff is the fact that the seat was really meant to be like a chair like very ergonomical ergonomical ergonomic i don’t know now there have been other motorcycles that have had different types of seats and sure you can get a backrest for a cruiser and pretty much got a chair right but in this case you

Know this is really the main seat for the main rider and it is literally a chair like it looks like it just came out of a fancy dining room i have to say i love it again we’ll talk about this motorcycle a bit later but for now i don’t see the cherokee coming back into style anytime soon all right this is actually one of my favorites on the entire list this is the

Single sided front fork the single sided front arm wait wait i got it i got it the single sided forearm okay whatever you get it so you’ve seen single-sided swing arms especially on sport bikes which is a technology that actually existed all the way back in the late 1940s and actually one of the first bikes to showcase a single-sided swing arm was also the bike

That rocked the single-sided front fork or as i’m calling it the single-sided forearm this is the emmy i think that’s how you say it r100 now there’s something about this bike like it’s really simple and appealing i actually really like the design of this but having both a single-sided swing arm and then a single-sided front fork i don’t know it just looks like

The bike was involved in an accident and it lost like a limb it just is odd looking though popular at first the bike ultimately had reliability problems with the kickstart and crankshaft bearings doesn’t actually look like it had a lot of problems with these like front swing arm thingy but the company ultimately went under sometimes and this is true with this bike

And with this company sometimes you’re just too far ahead of your own time as single-sided suspension of any kind wouldn’t really come to the masses until 40 or so years later but yeah the single-sided front suspension never really took off i cannot think of another motorcycle that really has had this and doubt there’s going to be any anytime soon all right next

Up we have twin fuel tanks or like dual fuel tanks and specifically here we are looking at companies like harley davidson which according to different sources may have been available the twin tanks in harley’s all the way up until about 1999 though it was dying off at that point with onset of electronic fuel injection now indian actually fakes the dual sort of

Fuel tank look with some of their models they have a fake gas cap on one of the sides of the tank it does nothing you can’t turn it you can’t do anything with it and i talked a little bit more about that in my video on fake motorcycle parts if you guys want to check that out i’ll put a card up top right now but essentially the gas tank was split down the middle

For these dual fuel tanks now there appears to be some debate about why exactly they were set up this way but essentially you have to fill up both sides and the caps screw different ways it’s pretty hilarious there is one theory though that prior to dedicated oil tanks separate from the fuel tank up top basically this used to be where the fuel and the oil was and

Just that and there was just two caps but basically when they switched to having a dedicated oil tank separate from the fuel tank they still had these two compartments in their tank and it was just easier for them than designing a new tank which just i don’t know it just feels kind of lazy which again for harley didn’t really happen until the late 80s like and

Into the 90s so yeah late innovation i guess you could say from harley seems within character i don’t know all right number five on our list goes to car cycles as i’m calling them basically the idea that you can enclose your motorcycle thus making it no longer a motorcycle i don’t know it still has two wheels i guess some of the more notable versions are the quasar

And the mono tracer wait crap the mono tracer still exists people are still making this i guess it doesn’t fit in my video oh never mind it has training wheels on it so it’s not really a motorcycle right so we’re fine now let’s talk about the quasar this was a true two-wheeled vehicle and it actually had impressive performance it could go 100 miles an hour but

Ultimately it lacked the necessary funding i believe they only made about 20 of them or so but it’s an interesting idea i don’t know all in all it doesn’t really make sense if you want to drive a car you’re just going to choose a car if you want a motorcycle you’re going to get a motorcycle and i don’t really think there’s any evidence that this was any safer might

Even be less safe with like visibility but yeah there’s not much reason for it but hey i like the innovation i like that people are trying to do different things and really thinking about what motorcycles can be so i don’t have any problem with it inherently but yeah there’s a reason it hasn’t really stuck now this one’s almost too complicated for me to really

Understand but essentially this is something called duplex steering and it’s an alternative steering mechanism to just your regular bicycle or motorcycle setup where you know you got handlebars and forks connecting to the front wheel now oec was a motorcycle company that featured this and they were known for trying out all sorts of odd variations on what we normally

Think of for motorcycle design some even thought that oec stood for odd engineering contraptions because their motorcycles felt like that now you should also know from the outset that oec was making high performance motorcycles in their day they set multiple world records their bikes were incredibly fast their frames were incredible but this is one of the weirder

Things they did and this system called duplex steering was ideal for land speed riding as it really wanted to self-straighten like when you were riding in a line it just wanted to stay straight which is really good for going incredibly fast in a straight line and here’s a diagram sort of showing how it works and maybe you can figure it out but basically there’s

Just a series of tubes interacting with each other in some way and for regular riding it was said to be stable but almost too stable like you’ve just sort of cranked up a steering dampener i don’t know anyways it’s a pretty cool picture of motorcycle parts and stuff being done in different ways but you know ultimately it wasn’t really for the market and maybe we’ll

See something like this another day like in the future but for now this never really caught on for other motorcycles all right we’re on to number three and we’re talking about specifically automatic motorcycle transmissions and actually the hydro mechanical automatic transmission that was available in the honda dn01 as far as i know there are no motorcycles doing

This there are bikes that have versions of automatic transmissions but yeah this specifically is not in existence anymore essentially this hydro mechanical transmission uses fluids to push a series of sort of swashplates back and forth for seamless and buttery movement between gears at least that’s what the los angeles times said about this bike when it came out

Oh by the way also it’s horrifyingly ugly basically they took a honda civic and they just turned it into a motorcycle that’s what it looks like to me all right number two we have the motorcycle skis now i do believe there are companies out there that can provide you and probably even attach skis to your bike for you i would not do this if you’re riding some bikes

Like i wouldn’t do this if you had a gold wing that’s probably not going to work out but the idea of taking your motorcycle out in the snow with skis i don’t know it sounds pretty cool i don’t think you’d really be able to counter steer maybe you would but yeah husqvarna actually made a military model in the 70s that was lightweight off-road capable and basically

The military wanted them to put skis on it apparently only 3000 of these were made but they’re actually pretty cool looking i like how they did it they look fun imagine like just being able to cruise around on the snow you know on a vehicle who wouldn’t want to do that i guess that’s why you would just get a motorcycle whatever i mean i guess you could just get a

Snowmobile okay the last feature we’re looking at today is the wheel engine as i’m calling it now electric cars are known for sort of having motors attached to the wheels in some form not really attached to the wheels but they’re right down by the wheels but it doesn’t really work normally with internal combustion engines well you would think it wouldn’t and for

This one we’re actually going back to the magola mojola however you say it this was the first bike we looked at with the chair seat thing this bike actually had a motor a rotary motor attached to the front wheel this was a 640 cc 5-cylinder unit it produced about 14 horsepower which wasn’t much for the 20s but it’s not that bad either and there were all sorts

Of quirky awesome features on this motorcycle that made it easy to use and easy to service but starting it was kind of weird you either had to push start it or someone had to spin the front wheel while it was on its stand but i’m not gonna lie having looked at this motorcycle multiple times now i think i kinda wanna get one okay i just went and looked at it and

Apparently there is only 10 in operation in the world so probably not gonna be able to get one okay that does it for this one i hope you guys enjoyed looking at these weird motorcycle features that are pretty much gone and who knows maybe some of these will come back maybe we’ll get some weird features in the future i’d love to see some just really outlandish crazy

Things a lot of the companies these days aren’t willing to do new and different things even though they’re absolutely capable and have all the engineering skills and all of the r d and everything to do incredible things a lot of the companies are playing it safe these days and i don’t like it i want to see some weird stuff especially companies like honda honda used

To just make such weird awesome things not really anymore but anyways hope you guys enjoyed this and we’ll see in the next one peace out you

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