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What Does Michael Myers Look Like Without His Mask? Halloween 1-6

In this video, we’re gonna see what Michael Myers looks like without his mask. Let me know how you think this turned out in the comments below and thank you for subscribing and clicking that bell!

Michael myers is perhaps the most famous horror movie character of all time and even though he gets very very injured he always manages to come back in this video we’re gonna see what michael myers might look like following all of the injuries he gets in these six movies which is the original halloween timeline now a normal person would not be alive following all

Of these injuries but michael is not a normal person so to do this we’re gonna use the powers of photoshop okay first let’s list all of the injuries he gets to the face in these movies stabbed in the neck with a sewing needle stabbed in the eye with a coating hanger wire shot in the eye shot in the other eye severely burned run over and getting his head slammed

Into the car yeah that should leave a bruise car crash that most likely left additional burns oh side note we also got swimming lessons from michael in this movie beaten with a wooden stick many many times i i think he’s down all right guys um i’ll just take that from you falling down stairs and severely beaten with a metal pipe michael is very um

Resilient okay so michael was born in 57 and the last movie in this series takes place in 95 so that should make michael 38 years old yeah now i couldn’t find a good enough image of the original actor but i found this guy that looks similar in the end i don’t think it will matter because you know first and foremost we’re gonna add his burn injuries because those

Most likely cover his entire face now logically these burns should not make his hair grow back but in halloween 5 he clearly had hair so let’s add that we’re also going to add the eye injury that he has then make him blind is michael blind on one eye if you know let me know in the comments in the second movie he was also shot in both eyes which doesn’t really

Make sense because as far as i can tell michael can see in the following movies oh okay maybe not that well but still let’s say he was lucky and that the bullets barely missed his eyes it might look something like this first we’re gonna create the hole then add a meat texture by using meat foreign was also run over and got his head slammed into the hood of the

Car which should leave a bruise let’s add that neck injury that he received too he was also beat then with a wooden stick a couple of times so we’re gonna add some bruising finally he was also beaten with a metal pipe which means even more bruising okay now let’s have a look at what michael would look like following all of these injuries and there we have it i

Also gave michael a shelf where he can put his mask i’d say that michael has aged gracefully let me know what you think about this one in the comments below and also we just passed 1 000 subscribers on this channel and thank you so much for helping me reach this number it really means a lot to me and yeah i’m so happy about it so thank you so much and if you want

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