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What Goggles Will Fit Over Glasses?

Need to wear glasses when you ride? Grab some OTG goggles and get out and shred! In this video Matt shows you how and why OTG goggles can give you all the performance your need while still wearing your specs!

Hey everybody it’s matt from the house and in this video we’re going to talk to you about otg goggles for everybody out there that still has to wear glasses while you’re out riding let’s check these out okay so otg stands for over the glasses obviously we don’t all have 20 20 vision and not everybody can wear contacts so sometimes you’re going to need your

Glasses when you’re out riding obviously you don’t want to wear just your glasses pair of frames might be nice they might you know feel nice on your head but one they’re not going to help keep your face warm they’re not going to protect you from the air going around and the wind going around and getting in your eyes and they’re not going to completely protect you

From the snow as well so you’re still going to need a pair of goggles some goggles are big enough that you can actually just fit them over your glasses depending on the size of your frames but not everybody has that luxury some people have a little bit bigger frames they have different shaped frames too some are flatter some have a little bit of a curve to them and

It can be a little harder to actually get your prescription put in a pair of fully wrapped glasses so when you do need your glasses out riding you definitely want to pick up a pair of goggles that are otg okay so a lot of companies make otg goggles it’s becoming a little bit more of a standard thing we’re basically showing you some of the jiro goggles because i

Think they only actually have one frame in their line that is not otg which is pretty rad but you look at anon dragon smith electric a lot of the goggle companies do have a lot of goggles that are otg compatible and it’s basically a really really simple thing so to make a goggle otg they take the existing frame and on the inside of the frame where the face foam

Actually attaches to the frame they actually cut out a little notch here and they basically attach the foam from your face to the foam on the vent on the side so there’s actually a little bit of a void there so the cool thing is this is something that’s very very easy to do and this is why a lot of companies are starting to do it more is that it doesn’t hinder

You if you’re not wearing glasses it’s still a solid connection from foam to foam but when you do to actually take those goggles and you pop them over your frames now the inside part of the frame of the goggle is actually not pushing on the temples of your glasses so this obviously can make a huge difference when you’re out riding when you put goggles on you

Don’t want them smashing your frames onto your face you also don’t want them pinching on the side of your head and making it even more uncomfortable and that’s what that little cutout does and you’re going to see it in a lot of different goggles and some companies do it a little different way depending on the frame you’ll notice on this pair of giros the method

They do have that cutout but it’s actually not in between the two pieces of foam like you see on the cruise which i have on my face right now so again it does depend on the frame and there are some frames out there that when the companies do make the goggles the frame itself maybe cannot accept a cutting that notch out just for the structure maybe how the lens

Goes into the goggle the ventilation system it really depends so not every single goggle out there can be made otg but the companies are figuring this out and they’re actually finding that you can actually have a lot of different frames and just by cutting out that little notch it can make it a hundred times more comfortable for somebody wearing a pair of glasses

Okay another big thing about these the frames as well is actually it depends on the size of your glasses obviously we have a lot of different glasses frames a lot of different shapes and stuff and that can make a big big difference for instance me with these frames on if i actually take the giro method and i put this on it actually has a little tighter fit with

This specific frame but when i actually take the cruise and i put this frame on it actually fits around this frame a little bit better if you do have you know glasses like these that have a little bit wider frame to them in general maybe look at the goggles that are large or extra large in size all right well thanks for checking out our video about otg goggles if

You’ve got any questions about what we talked about in the video leave some comments down below we’re on there every single day trying to answer your questions we want to make sure we get you some red gear but most importantly we want to make sure that’s actually going to fit you and your needs especially if you have to wear a pair of frames underneath your goggles

Make sure to like subscribe definitely get that notification balance too so you can find out when all the new videos drop and if you have to wear a pair of frames and you’re doing luxury or wearing contacts when you’re out riding make sure to grab yourself a pair of otg goggles and get out and ride because any day riding is a good day ride

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What Goggles Will Fit Over Glasses? By The House