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What is the Best Starter Motorcycle?

If you are looking at buying your first motorcycle, take a serious look at the Triumph Street Triple.

What do i think is the best motorcycle for a beginner and so really i think a beginner has three options and there are really three different opinions on it and so the first thing i want to say is that i don’t think any beginner should have a 1000 it just doesn’t make sense uh they’re too expensive like 14 or 15 000 uh they i wouldn’t say they are too powerful

But i would say that they are certainly way more powerful than anything you would need and i just don’t and on other than that they’re expensive and they’re really powerful they’re more dangerous than uh your other options of a 300 or 600 and so i don’t think a 1000 is a good place to start so uh your other two options would then be get a 300 or get a 600 and so

The ben there are benefits and disadvantages to both the benefits of getting a 300 is that it’s relatively inexpensive it’ll be easy to learn on and you’ll progress your writing skills really quickly on a 300 just because it’s easier to learn on something that’s a little bit more friendly something that’s a little bit less powerful uh the downside to that is

You will most likely get bored of the motorcycle pretty quickly right you’ll get bored of it uh in the first couple months i know i certainly would have that if i had started on a like cbr250 or like the ninja 300 or something like that i would have probably traded internet traded it back in after like the first two or three months and it just didn’t make sense

To me to spend uh like four thousand or five thousand dollars on something that i would only use for a couple of months and then give give back away and so i think if you do have some experience riding uh that having a 600 starting out on the 600 isn’t that bad of an idea it’s not that hard to think of and it’s not all uh and it just makes a lot of sense and

So the usual argument for starting out on a 600 is that it’s not the most expensive bike to start out on it’s not the most powerful and it’s something that you can progress on and you will grow into and it’s not something that you will get bored of because 600s have plenty of power and really they have more power than you would need to ever use and so i think

For a lot of people especially people who have ridden things like dirt bikes before starting out on a 600 is a good idea it it’ll work out for them but if you have no experience whatsoever then 300 or 250 is definitely the way to go if you have never been on a two-wheeled vehicle there is no reason for you to start out on a 600. yeah so if you are a beginner uh

The logical choice is to really choose the 300 just because that will make you the best rider in the shortest amount of time and then you will be able to kind of climb through the ladder of 300 600 1000 and you’ll be really good uh every step of the way however that was not the choice that i made i did not choose i did not start on a 300 i think that’s actually

Quite a popular choice is to not start on a 300 just because you do not want to spend money on something that you’re going to get bored of and that was really the main reason i decided not to start on a 300 was that i knew i would get bored of it and so after sort of weighing that saying that yes i can afford to pay for it and yes uh i do think i will be able to

Enjoy a 600 for a much longer time i decided to pull the trigger and just buy a triumph street triple and so it’s a 675 cc engine uh it’s not a super sport so it’s not crazy fast but it is certainly fast enough uh to do any kind of riding that i would like to do and if i had to choose one bike that i think would be good for any sort of person it would definitely

Be this one and uh i’m saying that after having ridden it for about three or four thousand miles and i would say that i’d agree with most of the reviews on it is that it’s just a really good overall bike you can do anything that you would want it to do and it excels at all of it so i ride this like 90 to 95 of the time just commuting back and forth to school

And work and it’s fine with driving through the city eating up these crappy roads and it gets relatively good gas mileage so it is fairly convenient to have as a commuter but that’s not the only thing it does well on it’s really really easy to bring it up into the hills and into the canyons and take it through the twisties and have a lot of fun with it on the

Weekends and so i think this is really the best place to start for the majority of the people that are looking to buy their first bike and so when i say that i’m saying it kind of ignoring the fact that it does cost probably more money than you would spend on a three definitely more money than you would spend on a 300 however it is in the cheaper range of 600s

And so when i went out and bought it i put a limit on my budget to ten thousand dollars and i wasn’t gonna spend a dollar more than ten thousand and so if you look at the cbrs and you look at the r6s and you look at the ninjas they’re all eleven thousand twelve thousand thirteen thousand dollars and so those were really out of the question i just didn’t want

To spend more than ten thousand dollars on my first motorcycle and i wanted to buy one that was new uh just because i don’t have the time or really the patients to deal with something that isn’t going to be working uh every time i get on it and so having abs was really the reason i bought the street triple is because abs comes standard on all the street triples

It comes standard on the base model comes standard on the r it’s also on the rx and so having abs i think is a huge huge huge advantage when you’re riding a motorcycle and i don’t think i and now that i have it and i’ve used it had to use it a couple of times uh i wouldn’t buy a bike without it but other than that uh especially for the beginning rider um this

The 675 it puts out a fairly level power band throughout the rpm range so there’s no one particular spot where you’re going to be like kicked off the bike or there’s going to be a surge of power that’s going to be like unpredictable and could possibly put you in a dangerous situation and so while this bike does have plenty of power it puts 97 or 98 horsepower to

The wheel and like 50 foot pounds of torque it’s plenty plenty to get you going it’s spread out nicely so that you’re there it doesn’t just all kick in at once yeah and so i think i really think the triumph three triple is the bike to get uh especially for a beginner even if you’re not a beginner i think it’s a fantastic motorcycle to have especially if you can

Only buy one if you only have space for one if you only park one motorcycle this would be the one to have just because it’s good at doing all sorts of different things and so i think the best starter bike to get for anybody would be a triumph street triple just because it can do anything and so and especially when you’re starting out you don’t really know exactly

What it is that you like and what it is that you want in a motorcycle you just kind of want to get something to try it out and i think this would be a good a good buy because it can do everything you’d want it to do and that’s basically exactly where i started when i bought it was buying when i was looking to buy my first motorcycle i didn’t know what the hell i

Wanted i just knew that i wanted like some sort of 600 i was looking at cbrs i was looking at r6s i was looking at ninjas and i was looking at the triumph and i was actually looking at daytona for a little bit but i decided not to get the yamaha because they don’t offer abs on any models and abs again is a huge safety huge safety feature i decided not to get

A super sport because one of my budget and two because i wasn’t sure that i wanted to have the super crowd stover riding position 100 of the time and on the street triple you can you have a more upright riding style so you’ll be so while you’re commuting you’ll have a nice comfortable uh body position but then if you want to and you want to take it a little bit

More aggressive you can get into a crouch and you can really slide your butt back so that you are in a bit more of an aggressive tuck so you can really feel a lot more of the performance of this bike and i think that’s a huge benefit especially for the beginner who’s going to want to try all the different kinds of things all the different kinds of riding and

Want to be able to do everything on one single motorcycle it’s a good looking bike too right it’s pretty sporty if you can tell from just how the way it looks it got it has a pretty upright riding position so you’ll be pretty comfortable when you’re on it however again like i was saying you can kind of stick your butt back into the uh back end of the seat and

You’ll be in a more crouched more aggressive riding position so you’ll be able to lean a little bit more and you’ll be a little bit more comfortable going quicker and so i really do think this is probably the best bike to get especially if you don’t really know where to start just because it can do lots of different things

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What is the Best Starter Motorcycle? By betteron2wheels