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What the HECK is a Hyosung? Is it any good?

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So i’m gonna tell you guys why this hyesung totally sucks at least that’s what i initially thought what’s up guys i’m straw from srk cycles and we are here with the latest not even the latest like two years old 2017 hyesung g-d 250r i don’t know why they call it that and they have this e x i possibly a v maybe you are on the side and there’s something else written

On here eise easy-easy no easy easy suit i have no idea what that is not even gonna bother trying to figure it out so initially i was like hi song that’s kind of dumb i don’t want a hi song i want some little more american you know i mean harley-davidson honda yamaha kymco you know let me give you an american brand that i can really trust but then i picked this

Thing up let me just get down to it when all set done i know brand new these things for like thirty seven hundred bucks well this is a brand new bike that is now used with three miles on it and it’s gonna be around $2,000 so now you have a different value proposition first the bike looks awesome it really is when it comes to the styling and looks it does look cool

It’s got this real sleek looking exhaust adjustable suspension steel braided brake lines it’s got a fuel gauge it just it really is a cool looking bike and in the category of these two 50s and the 300 of these smaller bikes you know it it looks as good as any of them do honestly it does have a single cylinder motor just like the honda although it does feel priests

Moved for it so hyesung comes from south korea which is the korea that is not threatening to bomb us every couple every couple months this thing weighs in at 350 pounds which honestly i’m kind of surprised i know all these all the little 250 s weigh about the same i don’t know why they waste so much there’s only 50 pounds less than the 600 and this is only 250 i

Guess it’s just the engines not that much i don’t know i assumed to be like 300 pounds this bike is six speed drive and pushing around 42 horsepower which is also pretty comparable for the other you know to 50s because of the price is so incredibly cheap on the used market when all said and done if this bike doesn’t totally suck on the test drive i think it’s a

Great value at $2,000 for a barely used motorcycle basically new i mean this thing has zero miles on it as of right now to get a bike for $2000 is incredible if it sucks it’s not worth it let’s take a first bend let’s see what it’s like oh yeah and check this out hold up this is awesome and then the funniest thing about this whole bike is that when you first turn

On it says to the max which is awesome if we’ve been funnier that if they you know sometimes like these imports they do like bad translations you know i mean so i fit a set like like to the plus or something like that i got seen that other than funny all right let’s take for a spin

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What the HECK is a Hyosung? Is it any good? By Srkcycles