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Whats in your #saddlebag #Challenge and #Pushups next to your #motorcycle #bigfeasaddlebagchallenge

I was challenged by Wood Jr and I challenge Switching’ Gears Garage #bigfeasaddlebagchallenge

What is going on guys welcome to southern throttle i am your host jay bake and today i got a challenge by wood junior to see what’s in my saddle bags so i’m accept that challenge and he challenged me to do 20 push-ups man easy day easy day we’re going to do those 20 pushups but first let’s see what’s in the saddlebag i’m going to start off with the left side

Of the bag here we go all right today that’s why i got in here today i usually keep it pretty clean and neat i don’t like a lot of stuff in my saw the bag so there’s not a lot of stuff in here so today i got some water in here today uh because i went to the gym i rode a bike gg to the gym this is gg uh my 2021 uh harley davidson road glass special snake venom

Is actually pretty yes anyway we got a gopro clip right here this holds my gopro when i’m recording i’m clicking on here and it doesn’t go anywhere pretty much you turn it turn the camera around to you forward you click it here it’s not going to move you keep it there it’s not going to not going to move gopro i’ll let you board gopro these right here in

Here uh these are obviously for you know sports but i try to use them for uh cover my shoe so when i’m switching gears it doesn’t uh mess up my shoe but i haven’t used them yet that’s just the theory zip ties i have a icon helmet bag here i don’t know why it’s in there let’s be honest uh maybe hold some stuff but it’s in there here i have this i got this

Off amazon i can’t remember how much it was i’ll find out and i’ll let you guys know if you really want to know but this comes in handy if you like organization you don’t have small things just you know sliding around here just throw it in this right here so this compartment here zips i have a lighter in there because i like smoked cigars and challenge coin

Yeah this i got this from wood junior uh my first challenge called hard david charlie’s going to have plenty of marine corps transplants but we’ll talk about this uh put that back in there that’s all in that one nothing in this one and here i have uh my business cards which i hand out to the vocals uh dj on the side bjj bait i have a somebody else’s card in

Here i don’t know i just got this i don’t know this right here is a what’s called a brc card uh basic basic writers course card you have to have one of these to ride on your motorcycle on base uh also an advanced riders course cartoon but when you have the brc you should be fine to ride on my base right now this is where i work i have this tool right here

So unscrew and that is it for my uh my left side of the bike right side of my saddle bag we have one pair of gloves we have two pair of gloves now i have two pair of gloves because these are actually more comfortable but these are more protective so and i can actually touch my phone with this one these will not let me operate my cell phone for some reason

But these will so i want to have my cell phone here and i want to ride with my gloves and you know change the song or whatever or answer the phone i use these gloves but these i can’t so that’s why i have two pair of gloves in here even though these are way more comfortable uh so down here i have my scarf i usually have my other scarf in here to cover my face

But i don’t have that today or a full face helmet today i have my cleaning spray along with two racks and uh i think this is my insurance part and here i have some masks hereby hearing protection and this thing right here that we don’t use i have this right here to cover the air filter which i don’t use this anymore either in this compartment we have the

Biker’s reward log book uh from savannah harley davidson anytime i go to savannah holidays and just pull it out see what i can get a discount on or get for free maybe i have my shaded sunglasses here i also have some clear ones but they’re not in here today because i wore a full face mask so i wear these during the day and then my clearing was at night i have

Some more registration the card from the bikers reward and insurance uh right i don’t know what this is another card from kardashian ride bills i don’t know bc powders you get a headache from a ride in a long time with that we did the uh saddle butt challenge now i got a little headache just pop these and i was good so this is what my coin was in i got to

Put it back in there i think that is it put this stuff back in and that is it that’s my saddle bag my saddle bag is real simple light i like to keep it light uh so i’m gonna do a little bit more than the saddle bag because uh sorry wood you ain’t got no road glass so you ain’t got this right here but this is the another compartment we got in the road glass

Street glide ain’t got this you can fit your phone in i think you got it you can’t put your phone in uh put your there in there my phone is in there check it out right now sometimes i put it here just depends on what i’m doing and then this side i got my uh garage open if you can see that and that is it man that is the saddlebag challenge i’m about to do the

Push-ups in a second but i’m going to also challenge somebody i’m gonna challenge switching gears garage check his youtube channel out i’m about to actually ride over there right now so he doesn’t run i’m gonna pull up on him he wrote his most likely today i’m gonna make sure he does his challenge right now so we’re gonna do the shout out bad challenge and

A push-up challenge that’s 20 push-ups for your switching gears uh and let’s see what’s in your saddle bag all right guys it’s not these 20 push-ups one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. that’s it one two three four five six seven eight nine ten that’s 30 31 two uh you

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What's in your #saddlebag #Challenge and #Pushups next to your #motorcycle #bigfeasaddlebagchallenge By Southern Throttle