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WHEELIE EVERYTHING!! Feat. Jason Britton

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Go ahead a movie both these fools just slid in you’re noticing it’s how we do huntin beach vibes are great tracks not so here no they did a lot of stuff right they got a track on the beats they created like crazy than you i wasn’t saying who gives it to you but we all looking at the losers circle we’re all winners here the track was bigger and everything was

Greater and i was a better rider i would’ve done better we have italian pull the tooth jerk out get the fresh enid job street bike dudes it looks pretty professional to remember i was trapping on my side yeah yeah yeah my baby yeah oh the best thing i did was let it go right now i gotta take some back i’m a jeweler coming diamonds and pearls it

What they wanna do could be that woman i said everything i do shudder you’re drinking so she do what to do say it since a young and ain’t talking pool say he loves against thinking they slit going get play i’m just dipping little bit mushy count on my cake yeah i love she’s trying to test the love gap this you crazy mother whoa i did i’m up we

Got down over here zack goes out here on the 2020 kx so you got this kx what like two days ago we got it on thursday yeah today’s sunday three days ago you kind of scream it yeah zack already circling i think he’s had it three days hey ha that goes yz125 we did a street riot last time he was in town and it it was a epic disaster for me trying to ride this

Thing on the streets no front brake a oh yeah that’s gonna be pow-pow on that uh yeah let me write okay i won’t cross it 22 or tkx 450 braver look at this thing boys so zach some fuzzy x6 and home of the 2020 this is awesome yeah i like this oh man this thing is sick so smooth – geez the easy easy access of power but it’s so smooth the way it delivers it what

I got to turn the fan on it’s like a sigh that’s my bike bro something’s gonna be leaking on it it’s not 20/20 braille okay it’s so good to have my boy zack out in the mound again it said take some time chilling out isaiah riding the stump right now here’s st. louis baby look it up he’s ready for a stoplight who thinks that goes needs a stop boy take it to the

Next level i already got it zach out here right jetsons khan so do it sing it do my jessica what’s going on and i collects it a little weird what i wouldn’t do that it’s a baby right here i don’t know i don’t like rev limiter edition i just like cruising but no no sound yeah pretty good how does killing my brakes good times hey look at that i scraped it for

Zack go for now on is to post weekly module you got the red seat we have the zack ohs pizza hoodie piece of t-shirt they’re the same front back same width same with his ak goes rose hoodie i was just wearing this bad boy right here also with the hand rag liking it i really like this one this one does run a little bit small to so i’d get it sized up on that hey

Don’t bite me the rest of them work fair sass right callie wait kelly boom you’ll have cakes oh got them zebras the kawasaki green i like that red tube also new shades to him and then that goes that store for everything else

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WHEELIE EVERYTHING!! 😆 (Feat. Jason Britton) By ZackGoes