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WHY buy an MT07 in 2022??

This time around we’re so lucky to test the new third generation of an MT07!

So this is the third generation mt07 it’s got an acropolis the best acropolis with a little loop like the little loop up here i’m borrowing this bike from moto norwegian and i mean i’m so happy that i’m able to just borrow his bike he’s on the ground right now somewhere let’s take this beautiful sounding bike for a ride all right so this motorcycle the

Mt-07 has been around for quite some time and this is the third generation now this is one of the few videos that i am making that actually does have proper engine sound in it thanks to the acropolis racing exhaust now the mt-07 usually comes across as a beginner motorcycle mostly because it is it does have torque it doesn’t have loads of it but it has quite

A usable loads of torque it is a naked bike so it’s quite easy to sit on instead of having a sport spike which could make it difficult to navigate narrow streets now the seating position on this motorcycle resembles a lot of the naked motorcycles out there i remember the first time i tested the second generation mt-07 and i just felt like the tank kind of had

An uncomfortable spot on my my inner thigh it had this edge on the tank that was kind of eating eating up my inner thigh now this tank has been reworked and it’s a lot more comfortable for me than the second generation was you also sit very low on this motorcycle i don’t remember the exact height that this seat is on but i’m 185 centimeters tall and as you can

See on my leg it is quite bent when i touch the ground now one of the things that i instantly when i got on this motorcycle noticed is obviously the exhaust but i i every time i get on one of these the cp2 engine just sounds so fantastic and i find myself giving it just a little bit of brap like that it’s a small amount of throttle just gives it a little bit

Of that grunt and it’s so much fun now one of the downsides about the mt07 is the suspension is usually on the softer side now with this third generation i don’t know if they made any improvements from the second generation but i already feel that it is just riding normally it’s definitely a very usable suspension it’s not stiff uh it’s not a sports bike

It’s not like my rs660 now we are on our way to test out this motorcycle on the i’d say the road that i always go to it’s called home a clavo and we’re probably going to go on the highway for a little bit just to see how much wind this naked motorcycle is able to mask out this is equipped with the yamaha sport windscreen i’m not sure i do believe you could get a

Bigger one if you want but it’s not going to do a lot for the wind now something that i probably should have mentioned is that this mt07 is a2 restricted which means it only puts out 48 horsepowers in its current state now what that means isn’t necessarily a lot what i’ve heard from friends and people that have or do own the the mto7 is that it’s really not

Any faster if you have a full unrestricted version of the mt07 uh it does lose a little bit of top speed is what i’ve heard oh my goodness now the clutch on this bike is a really freaking light and i and i do like the uh the shifter the shift lever on this motorcycle it’s very tactile and you know where you have it first corner we get to test the bike just a

Little bit definitely on the softer side all right so riding on the highway i there’s definitely wind there’s definitely more wind towards my helmet and my arms than on my rs660 which was to be expected to be fair and i can definitely see this getting tiring after hours upon hours of just riding highway but i mean it is definitely doable if you sit and lean

A little bit against the wind it’s more than doable to just cruise on the highway there’s not a lot of vibrations from the pegs the pegs have been rubberized for extended comfort and the handlebars are really not vibrating that much it’s definitely a comfortable ride now in addition to being able to just cruise you do have some power to get on your way if you

Need to accelerate for instance if you’re stuck behind a trailer like this one and you need to get by quickly right now i’m in sixth gear it does possess power and torque this little thing you could also just drop a gear maybe two and it doesn’t really do much more than it would in sixth gear so just cruising in 60 here you can do everything you want as well

As make some noise the benefits about having a naked bike is that it feels so good getting off the highway because now there’s not a lot of wind which is definitely taller than me i don’t know how you use these mirrors i mean i have to look down to see behind me and i don’t want to adjust them because i think they’re uh they’re set quite well for him but right

Now i am uh i am at hanukkleva i am going to ride this road for a little bit but first i will have to eat my packed lunch suddenly quiet okay so i’ve ridden the mt07 in the twist days and as expected it is definitely on the softer side of things i mean we knew that everybody tells you the mt-07 oh the mt-07 is soft and the rear shock for my weight i am

Approximately 85 kilograms without the gear and for me this is um quite soft i didn’t push or anything in the in the twisties i didn’t try to get my knee down or stuff like that because i have burned myself on riding another bike and crashing it when it wasn’t it wasn’t my bike so i’m not going to repeat that mistake but you can definitely ride these spikes like

You stole them if you know your way around this suspension i mean it is definitely possible just look at eb rides she has the second generation mt-07 she writes that mt-07 like it’s a sports bike and hopefully you didn’t come to this video and expect me to say that this bike is the best bike i’ve ever tested in twisties because you’ve probably seen other videos as

Well on the mt07 but what i will say though is that it is a blast to take around the twisties it’s not intimidating at all the ergonomics of the bike is quite good i do happen to like them i would like a little bit of a more aggressive riding position of course but you’re not gonna get that with a naked bike well most of them at least now what i found is that if

I sit back on the seat a little bit more you get that a little bit more aggressive riding position and you get your a little bit of a wiggle room with your upper body movement now because of the wide handlebars as well you do have a lot of input space or you have a lot of input your input really matters on these handlebars you could just flick it down which makes

It really easy to ride all right so let’s test this mt-07 out on the infamous monster bike off-road but actually on-road suspension track that i’ve have made here let’s see 70 going 70. that is actually kind of comfortable i’m not gonna lie i mean i know i talk a lot about the suspension being soft but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing for commuting or longer

Rides a soft suspension will be infinitely more comfortable than like a proper race suspension and i mean depending on what you’re gonna use the bike for if it is for commuting if you’re gonna go in the week and rip with the boys or the girls i mean i’m not i’m not saying all the boys can rip in the weekend or if you’re going to a very occasional track day

I mean everything is possible and that is what this bike really is about like the mt09 it is the jack of all trades and this one as well is a2 compatible which makes it a fantastic first bike so one thing we haven’t talked a lot about is the dash it is quite simple but it has everything you need it has odometer temperature engine temperature air temperature it

Has a gear indicator and an rpm gauge which just really makes it very usable and i i happen to really like it it is centered which is nice um mt-09 second generation it’s simple but it’s great all right so if i were to conclude on on this bike’s usability and is it a great beginner bike i guess i’d say yes if you’re not worried about the weight or it feeling a

Little bit a little bit big then this is the bike i mean it’s not a big bike but if you go like a 500 cc like for example the honda cb 500 f that i i’d i’d argue that it feels smaller in physically smaller than the mt07 i guess we get some filtering action in this video as well lovely wow thank you everybody so nice here wow hello oh that’s a nice spike nice

Nice that’s a gp yes toyota now would i recommend this mt-07 as a first motorcycle regardless of a license or a2 license and the short answer is absolutely yes so hopefully you enjoy this little video i know it’s not a real road review like the longer videos i do just because i had four hours to shoot with this bike i set up this test ride yesterday so thank

You again to moto norwegian for allowing me to loan your bike hopefully you enjoy the grom i definitely enjoyed the m207 so without further ado thank you guys so much for watching this video and i’ll catch you in the next video peace

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WHY buy an MT07 in 2022?? By Mr.Drakenhoff