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Why Did Walmart Sell this Gaming Setup SO CHEAP?!

We love a field trip here at the ToastyBros! Today we head to Walmart to try and find a FULL gaming setup! We’ve seen some systems that actually come with monitor, keyboard, and mice recently BUT can we find that today? Did we get the deal of a lifetime!?

How’s it going guys jack and matt here with the toasty bros and we’re at walmart right now because we just got the absolute best deal ever we pretty much stole so yeah this thing was only 275 dollars it’s basically a full setup that we’re gonna upgrade with a graphics card and uh it was kind of crazy how we got it we were not expecting this we’re gonna show you

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Bros and so should you so definitely check the link in the description down below and use code tb20 to save money on checkouts i had i thought if you ever thought to recording right to do these without looking suspicious is if we had earpiece ones like bluetooth because i’m going to sprint like one on the phone so we’re at walmart um we showed up at walmart with

No real plan there’s supposedly a pretty decent setup that we’re gonna buy maybe they’re supposed to be a computer like a whole setup that jackson saw when he was here yeah yeah we’re in the wrong aisle i think um but it has like a 10 100 and it’s like 500 bucks with like a monitor and everything and where you might get it upgrade the gpu or you might just buy

A prebo or you might have to fight somebody for a laptop again i don’t know we’re gonna buy the entire tech section that’s the new title of this video i didn’t think i’d be grocery shopping with zach today i can’t i can’t box fan i need a box fan keep filming me peaceful there’s no it’s like 11 o’clock in the middle of a work week you know most people have lives

Most people are actually working what this is i don’t know wow i still have that what is that cooler mcallister probably won’t see it very well on camera but it’s like it’s it’s literally hidden so there’s that there’s laptops we’ve like seen all these acer nitros i feel like mcalister’s edited like 15 ace or nitro videos this is the bundle oh and it’s a 27 inch

Monitor which is even better does it kind of scratch like that one it does so for six yeah exactly for 650 you get an i3 probably 10 100 um eight gigs of ram a 256 gig ssd 27 inch monitor so really we i almost think we have to ignore the peripherals yes right i mean because are we wanting to or do we just want to buy just the whole thing just call it the setup you

Know we could just buy the whole thing and upgrade it with a low profile gpu and just we have 1600s we’re going to do now we should see if they have it which i’m scared i am very scared looking for somebody to help us so this is the biggest problem with walmart so this is the biggest problem with walmart there’s nobody in the tech section i think we should riot we

Should we should i i had the idea oh wait he’s here oh man take a look we found something maybe uh we’re looking to get this bundle we might have some good luck today oh they really shoved all those in there because that’s well the monitor is a little different are you able to look up the price of uh like this one here get it out no maybe it’s a general what’s

The price of that one 275 and it shows the yeah no we’ll do that one yeah at least now you’ll have a little more room to put everything in there do you want to carry this over to the duster or 300 cheaper than it probably should be so we’ll find out we just got a bargain from walmart yeah man there you go that was an absolute like steal that cannot be the right

Price i almost wonder i had another theory what if that’s their cost it could have been their cost and it’s just not listed on their floor yet for profit so we just bought it like 275 which is a medial that’s like a steel that was this video took a turn foreign so it looks like our monitor comes in this little separate box here and um i don’t really know what this

Monitor pairs versus the other one so it’s bezel-less 16.7 million pixels i assume um it has the blue light filter 178 uh view degree angle and look how cute this little acer it’s an acer aspire xc which i’m a little excited about this because we haven’t really done a whole lot of acer stuff in general on here so i guess this is basically just going to be like the

Hp which i almost thought maybe this was just like a replacement for the hp or like a filler um when walmart didn’t have theirs because the guy looked and it said they had three in stock and then he opened the thing to to these look at the little buddy cute but yeah so i kind of look at this now look at a little buddy doing all this little buddy go all right so

In this bag here we get a a loose rogue sata cable we get a power cord these look like they’re probably for a hard drive we get a little baby little baby mouse i actually kind of like this mouse more than like the other ones we see with like dell actually it’s kind of ergonomic which is nice got some grippers got some got some deliveries the keyboard looks like

It’s a little bit different than normal too it’s kind of low profile kind of small i guess we’re not really like going to be using our gaming peripherals like normal so this might be a little bit of a uh curveball but go ahead and get this system out and then i guess we’ll take a look at the monitor too i mean we have to set up the full setup anyways so it’s like

See-through i’m not used to seeing this like with hp doesn’t do this they kind of just have some ventilation in the front and maybe this is such a big bag for it i don’t know so the computer itself pretty slick looking i mean it’s a little you know slim tower that’s about the same size and profile of like one of the slim lines that we’d see yeah huge ventilation on

The side which will open it up in just a second but on the front here we actually have a dvd drive we have it looks like usb see one usb 3 we have a headphone jack and then we have a separate mic jack it’s cool it’s not a combo jack so we got a two hdmi out from the factory so if you don’t go to the graphics card that’s definitely nice to have two more usb threes

Four usb twos a ethernet and then we have our standard audio jacks so pretty basic you can see our upgrade ports down here um that’s where we’ll be putting our graphics card that we find but let’s go ahead and open this thing up and see what it looks like inside very bare bones yeah very basic so we do only get a single eight gig stick of ram which is going to

Be ddr4 they actually use a data which is kind of interesting to see somewhat aftermarket cpu cooler for that i3 it definitely gets a little bit bigger than like the stock cooler it looks like we have a 80 plus bronze that’s weird to see 80 plus bronze light on power supply 300 watt a little bit yeah usually it’s 180 in hp’s a single pcie 16 which is uh mounted up

Tops that’s nice you could fit a two-lane card in there if you wanted to but it does have to be low profile and then we have an ssd mount right here and i’m assuming our ssd so here’s our wi-fi card that’s an m.2 wi-fi and then we get an nvme right down in there and i think i can see what brand it is from here let’s see it’s a 256 gig camera uh i thought only hp

Use that oem but i guess there’s another one in the market so yeah i mean the risk gonna basically show you guys how to install the graphics card um storage or anything yeah we probably should add another drive just for our sake you don’t have to do this at home i mean you can get some game installed but for us we’re gonna install more games than that little ssd

Can handle shopping for a graphics cardboard let’s go shopping go shopping i’d like to buy a 6400 xt we’ll just take one of these four gigs of vram bro drive bro are we operating the drive we want to add a how do you use that fang chang fangshan 512 gig two and a half inch drive yeah we’ll show you guys how to upgrade both let’s do it thanks so how do you install

This gpu we take off this bracket here because we’ve known that actually many times where we like forget his name is not going in i’m not used to this normally it’s like they’re all fancy now like little brackets but this is just og it’s just actually going to use a power supply screw we gotta break this little lane off now if you have a two-lane card you’ll break

Both lanes off but we only have a single lane so now take the ish you line her up i’m so excited to see this this thing’s gonna perform so nice so now we’re just going to take a power supply screw which is one of these guys i called them coarse thread power supply or hard drive screws kind of hold your card in place just so it’s kind of where you want it to be

Here we go she’s nice and in place and we’re done i mean that was that was pretty easy even elementary school we’re gonna do it so we’re gonna go ahead and do is uh get some games downloaded on this bad boy and then set up the full setup and try to game on it alright guys we are playing some apex legends to start off so we had some weird settings that we had to

Get around so we basically had to go to like a medium 1080p preset um we could go low and maybe get a little more fps but i don’t really think it’d give us a whole lot more than what we’re getting now i definitely still think we’re gonna be held back with that single stick of eight gigs of ram but i know in the past we found that in apex it didn’t make like a

Huge difference having dual channels so i don’t know maybe if we get bold and we think there’s some more performance we’ll add a second stick because we got plenty of ddr4 on hand yeah we did the main reason why we’re thinking there’s a performance on the table with the single a gigs is because a system that we did recently with an 8 gen i5 and 16 gigs of ram dual

Channel was getting better performance than this so that’s the only other variable we have in mind that might improve the performance but yeah it’s still pretty hard to run with this configuration getting well higher than 60 fps but it’s still playable the mouse though i’ve been having a fun time sniping the mouse is just so small i said i liked it but oh i liked

It better than hp mice but i don’t really know if i do because it’s it’s very small it’s hard to grip oh oh he has a sniper oh sniping duel but you have the high ground and i also know exactly where he’s going to be peeking at all times god they’re looking ant on this monitor i feel like i haven’t killed anyone in forever ah we’re gonna have to get in here and

Single-handedly take over this space oh oh is that a crave are you trying to hit me with do you think he’s trying to point blank oh my god he hit me with it there’s no scoping oh got him yup yup whoa geez whoa so yeah that’s apex legends not amazing with a single channel but it’s playable and i don’t know what they’re saying but they’re probably saying bad

Things probably bad things so we just gotta keep talking next we gotta go all right goodbye next game guys we in fortnite performance settings uh medium view distance medium textures we’ll turn the high-res textures off because that does cause some lag and um yeah it’s looking okay again we’re probably gonna be held back by single channel uh eight gigs of memory

But you know we’ll see exactly how much when we drop and tilted but we’ll see when we land the fps ain’t looking too solid right now it is very slow to load stuff in that is normally a issue with single channel eight gigs i guess it really just depends system the system we getting some stutters ladies and gentlemen okay that person was just standing still thank

You for the kill yeah like 60-ish fps i i am expecting more from a 10 105 you got like really fast single core performance and tension especially compared to like an 8500 or something that we’ve been short recently and was getting well over 100 plus fps so it really has to be the single channel unless there’s some weird power stuff going on behind the scenes oh

God definitely had that theory too i tried to get in the bios but wasn’t super successful they’re unloading their clips into the ocean you’re going into the ocean oh oh that was a real player and they almost killed me i was goofing around too much i oh gold clips you’re done anonymous you’re done you’ve been pumpkined before we wrap things up we’ll probably

Retest um probably apex because i was the one that had the most stutters and we’ll see exactly if the performance gets any better oh my god it’s got destroyed by keen jungle we’ll see the performance is any better and then we’ll drop this video up real quick because you know you guys like to see when we do these upgrades all right gamers we have 16 gigs now it’s

Not looking a lot different um we are using more ram physically so we’re definitely getting higher fps now we were never hitting 100 before yeah it is a different map so it’s not entirely apples apples but i mean it’s apex for the most part runs pretty similar across the board it’s apples to paris dapple’s the bears oh oh 140. all right rick we’re gonna get

Up top here and i think that’s gonna be the way i hit a little crazy shot this this has to change now hello bozo you’re done i guess what we’ll do once jackson gets this dub right here is uh run around a rocky league just for the fun of it and then uh we’ll just wrap this video up real quick so you guys might be able to hear this if you see be getting loud and

Go burr in rocket league said cp fan and gp fan going crazy but yeah rocky league we’re pretty much running like normal settings i think it’s like quality settings or whatever uh nice fps numbers it’s very quiet i’m gonna play without boost here we go okay all right because this maybe this is a good gamer i don’t know yeah 200 plus fps rocket league definitely

Needs a game to run oh i’m playing without boost playing without boost oh oh i missed oh no there we at least get a goal so we uh win even if i goof around i came to see what this guy’s saying it’s being blocked by msi afterburner oh the epic of saves oh my god oh oh what a shot oh it’s blocked uh mike is a little training buddy right now i’m just sitting in the

Goal and he has to score on me shooting the goal let’s go let’s go baby let’s go let’s go baby oh he blew me up oh i gotta oh he forfeited not too shabby i think we got a pretty dang good deal considering that walmart is actually selling this online for 400 bucks we got for 275. we’ll start this video real quick all right gamers we just got done benchmarking the

Walmart setup and we did a lot of various upgrades because we decided that the eight gigs of ram wasn’t enough we decided that it needed a graphics card we also decided that 256 gigs of storage was not enough so we added a 512 gig ssd and all together we think we’re about 450 bucks setting up your taxes and everything so hey 450 bucks for all of this really good

Deal obviously if you had originally paid 450 for this you’d be more in like 600 to maybe 650 and at that point you know we’ve definitely done a lot better on the channel yeah you could probably build something yourself doing some deal hunting and make something around that price range on your own without getting this bundle but we always like to go to walmart

Because you average people out there who want to you know buy something locally upgrade and have it the same day uh this is an option for you i can’t get guarantee that you’re gonna get this for 275 at your local walmart but it was still cool to see that we were able to get this from walmart and somehow get it for 275 dollars so let us know what you think of that

Down below all you walmart employees let us know how do you think we got this for 275 dollars and check the link down below if you want to see this listing on walmart’s website to see if it’s available in your local store so as always we hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if you did check out our other tea youtube channels and also our toastybrose and

Do not forget to like comment and subscribe and we’ll see you guys in the next one goodbye now this full setup will be passed down to you guys in the savings at now in november we’re gonna be having some really good sales so make sure you actually make it to the end of these videos because we will be telling you some awesome discount codes besides the

Toasty breast two one pc rosa tag is where we sell gaming pcs gaming laptops and whatever the heck else you want from pc bros and uh yeah right now use code toaster versus 200 save two percent but once again into the videos in future videos we’ll be talking about some special discount codes for you guys see you guys later goodbye

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Why Did Walmart Sell this Gaming Setup SO CHEAP?! By Toasty Bros