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Why I chose a CBR300r for my 5th bike

I describe the reason I went from a 954 to a cbr300r. If you are thinking the cbr300r is not worth getting, check out this video.

What’s up youtube that’s what eighty-three here i just wanted to talk about the choice of getting a cbr 300 over any other of the 300 motorcycles that were out at the time obviously i’m not going to talk about the ninja 400 that was not available when i bought this bike so i got this bike almost two years ago and the big reason i got it was at the time i had a

Cbr 954 and it was falling apart it had sat for a number of years and because it had sat for so long the everything was everything was just falling apart no vehicle does well when it sits things dry out things don’t work as well anyway so that bike i kept investing more and more money into and i didn’t want to keep doing that i wanted something that was going to

Be relatively maintenance free well relatively problem free all motorcycles have a certain level of maintenance that they require so i started looking at cheap options i didn’t have any i really didn’t have any kind of credit history at the time i had like three months worth of of a secured credit card at the bank that it that i frequent and and that’s not really

Enough to have a decent credit history so i had that i had five hundred dollars to put down on a on a motorcycle and i started do it a little bit of research the cbr 300 was the weakest of all the 300 class motorcycles because it only has a single so a single cylinder and single cylinders generate usually more torque but less horsepower so i was thinking that having

More torque on the street would be better than having you know an extra 5 or 10 horsepower torque is what really kind of gets you get you moving horsepower it is what leads to you know excel or higher acceleration but i don’t know torque is generally better on the streets i mean we’re talking about you know such small differences anyway so i wanted that like that

It was the lightest of the 300 i believe which is appealing lighter bikes or more fun bikes the the brakes were some of the best rated out of the 300s and i don’t know see whatever i see someone say that the brakes are the best i always wonder well does that mean is that because it’s never going as fast as the other bikes but you know still good good brakes are a

Little hard to come by in the 300 class now there’s a there’s a reason for that they don’t want you to grab the brakes and you know pitch over and do it you know do a stop be on and roll the bike or whatever things that 300 are in general much more forgiving in all aspects than most other bikes so let’s say we got a cat anyway so the the single-cylinder also

Appealed to me because it has you know when i do a valve adjustment it’s going to cost less it’s only got a single cylinder to work with as opposed to two which you know doubles doesn’t exactly double the workload but has another probably another extra hundred dollars to whatever the valve adjustment now when i when i got to the honda dealership they had had

A whole bunch of brand new cbr 300 the the our model that which is what i bought they also had the i think f model which is the naked and that was tempting it was cheaper and i also was thinking about how easy it would be to work on but i knew i’d be spending a lot of time on the freeway so spending more time on the freeway having went better wind protection is

Always more desirable and then then they also had a single they had a single used cbr 300 and it was selling for only like i want to say like three or four hundred dollars cheaper it had four thousand miles on it but then then i had then i got to think about i got thinking about like okay well it’s gonna it’s only a few hundred dollars cheaper but i don’t have

To pay dealer fees delivery fees i don’t want to pay most of the fees involved in purchasing brand-new motorcycle so in reality it was going to be closer to fifteen hundred dollars cheaper and and so i was like i think i’ll go with use four thousand miles isn’t much i’m going to be putting that much mileage on it in like two months every two months and so i said

I’ll take the used one then while it was finalized in the paperwork you i was asking what was this gonna be basically as is and he said yeah it’s gonna there’s no there’s not gonna be a warranty unless you buy it warranty because the honda dealership will quit give a honda warranty on used vehicles so i said i was like i don’t know if i’ll need it i can do most of

The work myself do i really want a warranty and then i really started thinking about all the the problems that my 95 4 had been having and i was like you know what i’ll take the warranty there was five hundred dollars for two years it was the best $500 hell i have ever spent in my life i’ll explain why in another video anyway so now i got the cbr 300 i’m commuting

With it constantly there’s a downside because i’m spending so much time in the freeway i didn’t realize how high the rpms would be and while on the freeway and they you know in california the speed limit on the freeway it’s not it’s sixty five but in reality it’s more like seventy five eighty unless you’re going through you know traffic have another plus note for

For this bike it’s so small it is so small cutting through traffic it’s so easy i can fit through things by 954 could never fit through even my even my r1 can’t can’t fit through the spaces at this 300 can in it and it’s so easy to just click around and move it’s seriously definitely worth the purchase the thing is i do think i’m going to probably end up blowing

The motor up eventually with the amount of time i spent on the freeway since i’m traveling at 75 to 80 most of the time i ended up doing being in like 4/5 the top range of my my throttle i’m sitting at like 8,000 8,500 rpm out of 10,500 rpm so i know i’m it’s saying that high in the rpm range for extended periods of time is never never good on a motor but i hope

It lasts to at least 50,000 miles i feel if i get 50,000 miles out of it i’ll have got my money’s worth or you know a four thousand dollar bike this made even though i did buy used it may be the one of the last newer bikes i buy i might i’m thinking i might just start going with youth bikes after this anyway so if you’re in the market for a cbr 300r wondering

Whether or not it’s it’s worthwhile it is like i said the week this is the 300s but when you’re getting at 300 you don’t really need a the most powerful 300 or 400 and they’re just they’re just normally really just beginner bikes you’re not going to be winning any speed contests on these things i mean the best you can hope for is to be a car off the line up to

About 40 50 maybe even 60 miles an hour and that’s if it’s not a sports car i race to gt once with this and we were neck-and-neck until we hit like 30 and then he just kind of walked away from me pretty hard so if you’re a new writer this is one of the probably best best bikes to get it’s it is seriously the easiest thing i mean it’s not the easiest thing to work

On but it’s one of the easiest bikes to ride and if your if you’re a person looking for a bike to commute on this probably is not the best bike commute on if you’re doing a lot of freeway traveling if you’re living in i think this bike will last forever you can probably get a hundred thousand miles out of this bike if you’re in the city on the freeway for you

Know thirty minutes or more a day this is probably not the best bike by youtube that’s 83

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Why I chose a CBR300r for my 5th bike By Death Wish83