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Why I DOWNGRADED From The FZ09 to the FZ07! + FZ07 2.0 Reveal

You guys had a lot of questions of why i switched bikes. I hope I could answer some questions you guys had but i’m loving it now!

Right what is going on ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining me on another beautiful day it is chilly out here but it seems like me and you need to have a little bit of a chat so last week if you guys saw the video i did i traded my f09 and got in f07 and a lot of you asked me questions like why did you do that like i like the bike i do but why would you

Downgrade to the f07 most people upgrade but why did you downgrade you know quote-unquote to me some people think it’s downgrade but i don’t personally and i want to tell you guys about why because there’s a lot of things that just really went into it but yeah this video is gonna really answer those questions for you guys because i know you guys are super curious and

It is it is important yeah it’s definitely a big change but so far i’m absolutely loving it i’ve been riding all the time and it’s been great so uh first off though you guys haven’t seen it yet it’s had a bit of a it’s had a bit of a makeover since last week so let’s go check it out okay so now you guys have seen her in all her glory what do you think because

I love it it couldn’t have came out better had the wheels the powder coater for like a week so i didn’t get to write it and it sucks not getting to ride your brand-new bike and i was like oh my gosh but it was so worth it cuz these wheels look so good and i hope you guys think so too so let me know down below do you guys love the white wheels or do you hate them

You hate them then you probably hate it on the f09 as well also i’m gonna put a pole in the top left of your screen or top right whatever do you think the f09 looks better or the f07 cuz right now i’m conflicted but i think that co 7 looks better oh my god it looks so good alright well we can’t do this video without going for a ride so let’s go for a ride and talk

About why i traded the mco 9 for the mco 7 well the first reason of course is the freaking sound oh it sounds so good you would never like expect a bike that looks like this to sound like that right it just sounds so good it’s just so different from like sport bikes and i oh god it sounds all right let’s go for right so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this

Guy’s let’s just be real i was bored of the fco 9 i have been riding it for the last three and a half years and it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore it really wasn’t so then you’re like why the heck would you get something smaller something with less power well let me tell ya i am a small guy i’m like 5 feet 7 i’m 5/8 right around there i weigh like 150 pounds

I’m not saying that bike was too big for me it fit me well but this thing just fits me like it’s like this was meant to be for someone my size it’s got like 75 80 horsepower like big deal it’s not slow by any means by any means at all but it is getting my my fun factor back from riding i was bored of riding i got just rode basically because it was more economical

I rode my mzo 9 because it was not because it was fine to ride right now i was bored of it i was sick of it because every time i go out and ride i’d have to break laws i’d go over a hundred miles an hour and that to me is just isn’t fun like i don’t need to go a hundred miles an hour to have fun i don’t it doesn’t that doesn’t not that doesn’t make me happy like

I don’t need a sport bike i don’t want a thousand cc then i can go 200 thousand miles per hour i don’t give a i don’t what this thing where i like to have fun is from zero to like 60 this c has plenty of power from 0 to 60 there’s definitely enough torque like this day to 100 it’s pretty fast like definitely not the mco nine territory but it’s fast enough for me

In like i don’t really care go any faster than that i don’t want to go faster than 100 but i guarantee you this bike will out ride the mco nine because it’s lighter it’s more nimble it just falls over i barely try and this thing is just leaning it just wants to lean so you guys think with your 600 ccs for bikes thousand cc sport bike yeah you probably be faster

On a race track we’ll take those on some twisties and you’re not i guarantee you unless you’re like a huge you track ride all the time i guarantee you i can keep up with you like me and my friends could keep up with you riding your sport bikes even though i have not even close to the air and much towers you guys have it’s just more fun doing it this way like you

Know that old saying it’s more fun to write a slow car slow bike fast than it is to write to drive right or drive a fast car slow well that’s exactly this case this bike is slow to you guys so you think i’m downgrading but that is not the case this thing is fast it’s quick enough and it does amazing wheelies and i’m having fun with it that hurt downshifted for me

And i’m having fun with it man like it is just bringing back a new life for me and writing i know that doesn’t make any sense if you just love writing you just have to go out and ride but i was so over having to go so fast to you know like every time i rode that bike i just had to speed doing wheelies i sped going like from here to there is so fast you just twist

The throttle 20% in you’re speeding this thing another characteristic that is so cool about this bike is that you can tell the difference between 10% throttle and 50% throttle and 100% throttle there is a monumental difference like you know when you’re at full throttle you know when you’re a half throttle on the f09 50 percent it’s not like a hundred percent it

Was like an on it was like a light switch where this thing you know you’re giving it full throttle and i guarantee you yeah maybe not these long twisties you know what screw it let me just stop talking and let me show you why this thing is so fun because i couldn’t wring its neck and actually use the power i can’t use them ceo nines power anywhere except on a

Straightaway or going 100 so i pull off to the side of the road just because i was like you know what i was thinking about it i was like why do i actually like this thing like why is this thing why did i upgrade or downgrade as you guys think from my vizio 9 to something less powerful like the fto 7 and i think truly the sole reason is just i’m having more fun with

This bike because like i was saying earlier it’s more fun to write a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow and i can use the power of this thing on roads on you know like normal streets and not go a hundred million miles an hour but i can reel the thing and it’s fun man it’s like it brings back that joy of riding that i forgot about like i forgot why i loved to go

Riding i was just riding because it was economical because it was more efficient i could get places quicker but i wasn’t riding because i loved riding anymore and i just kind of forgot about it and then i got back on and then i you know got this bike and it brought that love back like i think about it all the time like dude i just want to go riding with my friends

I just want to go out and explore and do new things and just ride my bike because it’s so fun and that’s what this thing is it’s just literally it’s just fun like it’s quick its nimble it’s light and it’s meant for someone my size to be honest i’m not saying this is a better bike i’m not saying it’s better than the of 0-9 but i’m not saying it’s worse it’s just

It checked the boxes for things i needed and it just makes me happy riding it it brings back that love that i forgot about you know while riding and that’s really that’s really all there is to it like it’s not better it’s not worse but it’s perfect for me i’m not saying it’s gonna be perfect for you guys but it is for me i can’t explain it but there’s a reason that

All my friends have one and there’s a reason they haven’t upgraded from this thing to the nine right does that make sense why do i see so many more m07 s on the road than the nine it’s just better for what we need it to do and i’m not a track rider i ride on the streets with my friends and this thing is just does what we need on the streets perfectly don’t really

Like to say about it man i know that reasoning isn’t perfect but it is i don’t know man it just brought back that love and that’s all i can say about it it’s just perfect for me it might not be perfect for you but it is for me and i’m just loving it again guys and that’s it i hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did make sure to go down below hit that subscribe

Button hit that like button and that is it for today guys i’ll see you in the next one peace

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Why I "DOWNGRADED" From The FZ09 to the FZ07! + FZ07 2.0 Reveal By ShakeNBlake