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Why is Motorcycle Insurance So Expensive in Ontario? | Motovlog #2

In this video I share my thoughts on why motorcycle insurance is so expensive in Ontario.

Hey guys what’s going on so this is my second moto vlog i’m here in the hood in downtown hamilton well it’s like these uh abandoned housing projects i guess no one’s living here anymore actually another day i want to come over here and ride up here and get a photo down there somewhere for instagram but not gonna do that today just want to mention something about

Yesterday’s video and notice the sound is picking up the wind a little bit like a little bit of a whistling now i’m gonna try a different microphone setup for that to get rid of that maybe i’ll show up today i’m not sure but i apologize in advance if it does but i’ll definitely fix that so for today’s video i just want to talk about motorcycle insurance here in

Ontario and why for living in ontario especially in southern ontario or eastern ontario like in the ottawa area why motorcycle insurance is so expensive so that’s what we’re gonna discuss in today’s video and i’m gonna hop on the bike get out of here and we will get to talking about motorcycle insurance alright let’s hit the road which way which way let’s go left

Alright so if you’re from ontario specifically here in southern ontario like the hamilton or toronto area and i would imagine parts of of eastern ontario like ottawa then you are probably familiar with the expensive rates of insurance depending on the bike now i pay with my full mt license not my fault i’m so with my full mt license i pay about 60 bucks a month

For this cb500x that’s my monthly insurance rate and as a new rider for my previous 300 i was spending i think close to $80 for the first year ahead of ownership with my m2 just for insurance so 80 bucks a month for a bike that you might only be riding for a smaller bike you might only be riding let’s say eight to ten months of the year we got two solid months of

Winter here for some people that’s a lot of money especially if you are just looking to use this bike as more of a toy or to use your bike because more for toy if you’re not commuting or using it regularly it’s a lot of money just pay for insurance and now here in ontario in these areas there’s a few reasons why insurance does cost that much toronto is notorious

For expensive both motorcycle and car insurance and same with like brampton i think brampton actually pays the highest levels of insurance in the area in ontario or probably even in canada and they also spend a lot in eastern ontario so like ottawa because again there’s a lot of people that there and now i’m here in hamilton some about 60 kilometres about an

Hour away from toronto and from brampton and i’m still paying like quite a bit for insurance i mean a lot more than our neighbors down south and a lot more than they are in the neighboring provinces of quebec and se out in the maritimes or even in manitoba and now there are a few main reasons for that why does it smell like chlorine one of the main reasons for

The higher insurance premiums here in ontario is the vast number of drivers so with so many people on the road as you can imagine there are a lot more accidents than in places where there are less people on the road and now that’s not to say there’s more accidents say for a hundred people or for a thousand or 400,000 riders and drivers but just the sheer volume

Of accidents means insurance companies are dealing with a lot more of the accident bs on a regular basis and when it when it does come to accidents we do have a lot of new drivers here you know both younger people and people that are new to canada we do have i think a statistically higher amount of i guess new canadians and new drivers in other places i do –

You know immigration and people starting families you know younger kids wanting to get into bikes so that’s uh one of the reasons why we’re paying more for insurance out here and another reason another one of the main reasons is the way that the insurance in ontario is structured so here ontario i think it’s what’s called its at fault insurance so or what is it

Not at fault yeah i think it is at fault insurance so both parties are essentially liable for covering insurance costs in an accident and now what that means is if somebody hits you and you require like physio or you need your bike to be replaced you know any of that even though it’s their fault it’s your insurance that is paying for that and now whether they

Go ahead afterwards and get the money back from the other parties insurance i’m not sure but you deal with your insurance strictly you don’t deal or a lawyer but you don’t deal with the other insurance you are nothing to do with the other person’s coverage and again i’m not sure if it’s them that if their insurance company that is paying for it but the person

That you deal with is just strictly through your insurance so if something goes wrong if your bike gets stolen well actually that would be your insurance anyways but if you’re an accident even if it’s not your fault it’s still the other it’s still your own insurance that you’re dealing with is you know your insurance is paperwork it’s all that that you’re dealing

With to get everything taken care of to get everything covered at no point are you you know talking to the other person’s insurance a company you know it’s all through your own insurance and then so same thing goes if you are at fault you would again only deal with your insurance and a person who the acts the person that you were involved the accident with they

Would only deal with their insurance and i think the at-fault system here or you know the way it’s set up here it just needs two more bs and this is keeping prices higher for many riders here in ontario and the other issue and another another one of the bigger reasons why and one of the more common reasons why the insurance is so high here is because of all the

Insurance fraud and scams that are going on in these areas so face it’s like brampton this is like mississauga toronto you know that area of ontario there are a lot of insurance scams going on and there’s companies like i understand if they’re getting scammed a lot dating i guess hedge their losses you know like they can’t be losing money all the time constantly

You know their businesses they need to make money and to cover these costs to cover their higher expenses what’s up guys they’re charging us the consumer more money and i get that you know when these companies are getting fleeced by everybody of course they’re gonna caught charged more just to not have to worry about the bs that that they’re having to deal with

On a regular basis and it’s also here you’re dealing with all private insurance companies so these are private businesses you’re insurance i know and some some provinces i think easy it’s like provincial insurance so the province takes care of the insurance and i would imagine the rates are a bit more reasonable a bit lower for insurance in that province there

And in any places where it’s like the state or the province covering the insurance like dealing with that of course the rates are going to be slightly lower you know or a lot lower depending on the place and yeah these are the main reasons why insurance is so expensive for new riders here in ontario and it stayed expensive even as you become a more mature rider

I mean yeah they took off 20 bucks of my monthly cost for my second year but how much less is the insurance gonna get year after year like i know there’s places in the states people are paying like a hundred bucks 150 bucks whole year and suddenly their faces wear helmets aren’t even required by law so how can places for like you need helmets people are wearing

Safety gear we’re still paying even more it’s those reasons it’s the population there’s so many people here there’s a lot of new drivers there’s a lot of insurance scams and it’s just about the risk of the insurance companies that are willing to take and if you want a ride you’re also taking the risk and if you want to take these risks here in ontario you’re stuck

Paying these higher prices and the same goes for cars so it’s not just it’s not just motorcyclists like us that are getting fleeced you know people that are driving cars especially new drivers younger drivers they are also getting posed so stuff guys and everybody here in ontario especially in southern ontario is just getting hosed i mean again it depends where you

Live so if you live in like north bay or somewhere in like the northern part of the province thunder bass you st. marie i would imagine your insurance is way way less than what we are paying here in the heart of the province and now is there anything that we can do about it as riders i don’t think so not really at all all you can do is make sure you have a clean

Record i mean any tickets you get and for anything any violations it’s just gonna just gonna be paying more money every month for that so as long as you can keep up with a relatively clean driving record and you get your em as fast as you can or as soon as you can then you’re going to be paying a much more reasonable rate now personally i would be happy paying say

Like 30 bucks a month to ride i try to ride all year 80 60 you know it’s not gonna i’m not gonna go broke paying 60 bucks a month to ride a 500cc motorcycle but every little bit counts right and so you know it really sucks when you have to pay here in like december january february you know you can’t do like six months of insurance or anything like that you always

Got to be paying that insurance and so that really sucks and again it also depends on the bike you’re riding i mean i’ve got i asked my insurance do you guys insure super sports and the lady laughs on the phone she’s like no we don’t do that at all it’s not something we would even consider because people with bikes like that i mean they’re gonna they’re probably

A lot more likely to crash they’re a lot more likely to get into accidents you know have something happen i assume this is like the data that the insurance company has they would they would know better than me but you know there’s a reason why here in southern ontario it’s hard to get insured for bikes like that and you know that would probably one of the main

Reasons why and also the cost to replace a bike you know if you get into an accident in the car they’re gonna do what they’re gonna replace the bumper they’re gonna replace the door you know it’s they’re gonna do some engine repairs there’s there’s really not for most accidents like slower speed accidents they can fix cars a lot easier than they can fix a bike

Where you get the slightest thing happen on the bike and they are you know they’re it’s it’s getting a place like you are gonna be getting a new bike they’re gonna be covering the cost up front even sofa so my accident for example i had a car making an illegal left-hand turn i was going 70 again i the bike was slipping over and i looked at it i thought okay maybe

The bike could be repaired could it have been repaired sure but for the insurance company it was just easier for them to cut me a check for the value of the bike and i’m sure that’s the case i’m sure that so what happens in most cases you know it’s way easier just to just to pay out the bike rather than having to worry about fixing you know all the fairings the

Things like cracked frames it’s just a lot easier to replace the bike and again knowing that as an insurance company they’re choosing to absorb those costs and that’s that’s gonna be passed into your premiums and seeing with injuries in the car you can’t do car accident you’re probably gonna be fine i mean you can read about motorcycle accidents that happen here

And nearby are people lose their legs like how often does that happen in a car accident you know i don’t think that happens very often but you go off the bike at like 50 plus wearing you in for gear and you’re not gonna have a good day after that but you can get into like a 50 kilometer an hour an hour accident like a rear-end or something and you might be pretty

Okay like i’ll be banging it up yeah opie a bit sore but overall it’s not as bad as it would be in a similar accident in a motorcycle and so yeah with all this in mind is easy to see why we are paying such a higher premium for motorcycle insurance here ontario and specifically southern ontario and even while you pay more with a higher cc or more expensive bike

And yeah i think that that just about covers what i wanted to talk about today for the insurance i think i covered everything okay if i missed anything definitely be sure to let me know i’m happy to talk about it otherwise that’s uh that’s all i want to talk about today hopefully this sounds a bit better i am going to fix the microphone maybe do some upgrades try

To fix the sound so sounds like whistling as much in the wind that’s that’s all i got for today so thank you for watching and don’t forget to like hit that subscribe button and yeah that’s all i got and we’ll see you guys in the next video hope you enjoyed the ride and yeah enjoy the rest of your day or night

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Why is Motorcycle Insurance So Expensive in Ontario? | Motovlog #2 By The Honda Baron