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Why Older Men SHOULDNT Wear Leather Jackets | Ashley Weston

How to look like you’re NOT trying too hard. Here’s some style tips for the older gentleman about leather jackets and how to ensure you’re dressing well for your age.

Hey hi i’m dorian joined by my wife and celebrity menswear stylist ashley weston hello so today guys on this two minute tuesday we are going to address the question the age-old question why shouldn’t older men wear leather jackets and we’re bringing this up for a very specific reason i will link to the video before where we talked about older men’s style and what

They should avoid and the amount of bitching was in the comments from old whiny whitey ass older men was extremely surprising they’re worse than the younger guys in it cuz the comments number one the first comment you got ash who the f is this young b to tell me how to dress and they go i only do this for a living dressing and older than that commenter i can

Assure you that i thought was hilarious they literally acted like little kids it was like throwing a tantrum like you told them sorry you look like in your jacket and they were not happy to hear that this is the boomer generation and it’s absolute worst as far as i’m concerned but i thought it would be constructive for ashley to give a more thorough response

And by the way if you’re an older man and you disagree please do its favor post a picture link a picture tube below in the comments and let the audience decide whether you are cool enough to wear it or whether you don’t need to listen to some young b tell you how to dress let’s let the audience decide that to europe you’re an older man you don’t care how people

Think about you post the damn picture do it that’s a challenge so ash i’ve got two minutes on the timer i want to hear your reasoned professional answer to this very question and go okay so the biggest theme that i always explain to my clients who are older so 40 plus years old 45 plus years old when it comes to leather jackets they should just avoid wearing

Them because it very much looks like you are having a midlife crisis even though you’re past the midlife but it’s like it’s one of those things where visually leather jackets even if you get it in a softer brown so like a lighter brown it still reads very there’s like a rock-and-roll element even when you get the bomber style which is like a little it’s a lot

More wearable it still will read very young and but not in a way that you guys want because obviously with even if you’re older you still want to dress like modern and put age-appropriate and still want to look cool but there are ways to do it and the leather jacket does not complement your aging appearance your more distinguished appearance and so that’s why

I recommend suede or you can do a wool jacket because you want to go actually gravitate towards softer materials because that will help compliment just the softer more distinguished appearance that you are developing some men a lot of men get more handsome the older they get because they just they aged really well you grow you start to grow into your features

And you should embrace the older look that you have but with that you have to make sure your wardrobe complements your age there’s always an exception there is a handful of guys out there that are older that can probably pull off a leather jacket but again i will pause it post a picture down below if you’re 100 percent confident that you can absolutely pull off

A jacket i hope we’re entirely wrong 100% of the time but the odds are not in that favor i think that you know what knowing my dad’s generation as well i think this comes from like the open road like you know easy rider like all that kind of stuff were it it was cool back then but we don’t live back then anymore you can always hop you can always some kind of

Throwback things but unfortunately sometimes they just don’t translate into modern times so guys hopefully this answered your question or addressed the issue we were having in the other video thumbs if you liked it subs if you loved it leave us a comment below and if you have any further questions this is where we get our content for two minute tuesdays and you

Know what i will do you guys a solid for all you men out there that are over the age of around 4045 i will put down a couple recommendations of alternatives that you should get instead thanks guys soon that

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Why Older Men SHOULDN'T Wear Leather Jackets | Ashley Weston By Mens Fashioner