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Why the M109R is NOT for Sale

A lot of people have asked me why I haven’t traded in or sold my 2007 Suzuki M109R for other newer motorcycles. Well, the reason is because the M109R is my original Dream Motorcycle. Even after owning other motorcycles and riding lots of newer motorcycles, I still have a thing for the M109R. Why is that? Let me explain.

All right folks got the dream bike dream motorcycle and this is one that many youtubers make content on whether it be a car a motorcycle or tech or anything but it’s a subject that many people strive towards achieving one day to say i bought the dream let me share it to you and we watches our favorite youtubers journalists or creators drowning this excitement hoping

That we too can get in on some of this fun one day and those of you that follow me know how much i love my 109 and i know a lot of you are probably tired of him you talk about it and want to see more indian content well i don’t i don’t have any indian anymore so the 109 is gonna have to carry me just like the scout barbie so even after ride and newer and better

Motorcycles with fresh gadgets gizmos and power numbers along with the new motorcycle purchase in the car soon for me which is further missing up my thoughts why am i still holding on to this motorcycle let me explain well if you didn’t get it before straight up the 109 is not for sale and if you do like 109s or you like cruisers or muscle bikes or if you like the

Way i do things around here don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss anything that i got coming in the future i’d appreciate it but what did you expect can you not see the love and bond that we have together but hey if you go back and watch ol picasso videos you would find gems like this oh you watch on land how you pick up a motorcycle but don’t

Don’t go watch oppa cosmo videos i’m blogging blood where everybody we hear it adams motorsports and even after heavy moments like this on the ducati xd all cool this thing is just oh cool this thing where moments like this on the indian challenger that was almost 60 they’re very quick and at least at least sitting on the train rock iii still haven’t gotten a

Chance to ride it i still have a sweet spot for the n 109 i’m still drawn to it even out there owning multiple bikes including the indian scout barber and we could say that yes it’s because it’s paid for well maybe because blue is my favorite color or maybe because it has a white stripe or because i think buying a brand new motorcycle is absurd with so many good

Use options on the market more on that at another time but all of that is valid including the fact that the m109 r is my original dream motorcycle now for context i define the dream motorcycle as one i’m aspiring to own or had the ambition to work towards getting one day back when i bought my first motorcycle in 2012 i originally wanted a suzuki in 109 art and my

Uncle you all know him by the white indian sheathing and also bryan with the red indian chetan they both had in 109 artists which led me to want one of my own and yes this is a young picasso before he started riding sitting on my nine art yeah i’ve been hitting y’all with a lot of never-before-seen throwbacks lately but with that dream i ended up having to settle

For the suzuki in 50 because i couldn’t afford the 109 but it wasn’t all bad i learned how to become a safe rider and falling in love with everything that is riding a motorcycle don’t don’t mind my lack of helping the gear that eventually came and eventually i saved up enough money to buy the 109 but either way i was hooked and with owning the 109 i credit it to the

Friendships and many experiences i’ve had along the way it taught me how to handle the weight of an almost two liter engine beneath my thighs something that could really get me in trouble which also taught me the responsibility of respecting beasts and all of the experiences i’ve gotten from riding the 109 has made other bikes like the indian chieftain challenger

The roll glide rocket three and the other bikes made them feel less intimidating it also made me ride a bit too relaxed on bikes i take advantage of because of the smaller stature like the indian scout barber it made it feel tiny compared to the statue of the one on line but now i have the confidence that i can ride anything and i know that may sound a bit arrogant

But if you’ve ridden one you’d understand but this doesn’t mean not go out and ride a victory vision though okay that thing is just huge just a big-ass couch anyway i can never bring myself to truly get over the presence that the 109 brains and since putting it in the spotlight on the channel it’s been the topic of discussion many times on why i should modify it

And turn it into a touring machine but this was after everyone i knew upgraded from 109s to victories and then to indian and once i started doing longer trips on the one online having extra luggage capacity or extra room to stretch my legs i started to make sense not to mention its kind of awful to ride behind turn bikes without having to insure yourself because

At that point you get nothing but wind buffeting and that stank dirty air that comes off of their damned windshields it’s not fun but the convenience of having backs windshields and other motorcycle luxuries begin to sway my thoughts on why i got the 109 in the first place and it didn’t help that i wrote through kali on that indian cheating with the 116 and it

Showed its natural ass or how good it is damn that bike is good y’all then i got a brief moment on a roll glide thank you so much for that chris i can never thank you enough for that brief experience it was dope and it just messed up my thoughts even more because riding the indian chieftain wasn’t just about the name but the whole experience and it had me hooked

And ready to make a change and then i thought about why the one on i was there in the first place and it’s simply for the character and aesthetic that it brings in his stock form i loved everything as it is looks aggressive and agile even while sitting still even though it’s almost 800 pounds it has its way well but still drops a significant amount of power down

To that 250 exposed rear tire without even having a drop of gear and with the engineering suzuki has put into the chassis design and suspension it’ll hold a line and have you grinning from ear to ear and see see see that’s me grinning from ear to ear whole time and it doesn’t try to be something it’s not because it doesn’t have to be it’s all muscle and that’s

It but i 100% get the appeal of bags fairings any windshield and when i did that brief tour in cali i was able to transport everything with ease because of the bags i actually had access to my uncle’s indian chi thing and i was able to drop my bags in his indian chief in the test everything out and when i got the callee i just dropped the bag game when i pick the

Bike up same thing when i dropped the bag off pick my bag up can i kept it moving they just made everything more convenient and i’ve always kind of had this thought of less is more and i’ve always tried to only take what i can carry and i try to figure out the rest along the way i feel like it forces me out of my comfort zone but there’s also confident in knowing

That the 109 can do whatever i needed to do when i asked of it i even said this back in 2016 when i was riding the ducati xd although there are some decent looking wishes for the eggs down for some kind of practicality in there in their functions then i will totally get a wish if for this body the banks i’m not completely closed to hard i meant to say full baggers

I like being able to put a book bag on to put a tank bag on my on my bike and have everything i needed in the bare necessities versus having the tank back for the xd olive oil and have him i mean for the victories and having more stuffing and unlike many bikes it doesn’t have to earn any respect the title in 109 r is all that needs to be said it’s like walking

Up next to a kawasaki h2 you just know what it is and after holding me down for years i don’t plan on selling the 109 if i don’t have to it’s earned a permanent spot in my stable and i’ll do anything i can to avoid sellers regret one day and i’m sure some of you have had that one motorcycle or thing you wish you didn’t sell comment below what that may be so the

Question is do i have another dream motorcycle you can have more than one dream right of course you can but yes i have the ambition of owning other motorcycles i’ve written enough bikes to know kind of what i want out of my next ride but you can be assured that it won’t replace the one on line but the next will complement the heavy lifting the 109 does not only to

Keep this channel float but to keep my rider interest going but being that i haven’t talked about a new motorcycle on the channel since the indian scout barber especially since so many people are asking me when are you gonna get it of any and brandon what you’re gonna get this you should get a cheetah you should get a springfield you should get em tr you should get

Another barber well we’ll talk about that in a future video so definitely hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss that conversation but i passed a question off to you what is your dream motorcycle and whatever that bike is do you already have it and i’d love to know what it is and what experiences you’ve had with it thumbs up if their dream bike is 109 you get

Extra points but if you enjoyed it and can get down with the dream bike train hit that subscribe button too i edit and i catch all in the very near next one you

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Why the M109R is NOT for Sale By Brandon Bicasso