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Why This Clueless College Student Cant Seem to Figure It Out

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All right what’s up my brothers we got a special request today from a college student who’s clueless and looking for some advice this one kind of hits home hard for me because i remember being in this exact same scenario so let’s throw this up on the screen and get started it says hey rich love your content you really helped me make a sense of a lot of things

About going on in our world today i understand you have a lot of work to do before i can be seen as a desirable man towards the opposite sex but here’s some background about my situation i’m a 20 year old freshman and a two-year accounting program at a community college i have no sweet clue what i want to do with my life and post-secondary seems to be the routine

Societal norm for delaying the journey of discovering who you actually are i came to this conclusion after doing some extensive research on what these corrupted filtration factories are really about i think he’s talking about schools post-secondary ad because that’s where they’ve gotten they’re kind of corrupt they’re woke they lean very hard left they are a tool of

The female first primary social or as i talk about the first chapter in my book i’m really concerned considering about finding income streams to get me the hell out of the schooling system regardless if accounting is something good to major in or not the core curriculums and teaching practices are coming across as if we live on another planet besides earth dude i

Remember being there um look as far as it like if you like accounting if you want to crunch numbers if you’re a bean counter like that’s something you really like yeah um i would say take accounting but i mean from my perspective as a business owner i don’t give a about accounting today i took all the accounting courses i ran my books for the first couple of years

Under my accountant’s advice like he would do the year-end tax filing and i would do the entries into quickbooks and having some background knowledge is useful if you’re going to run your own business but unless you like like the idea of becoming an accountant and reconciling tables i’ll tell you right now it’s a waste of time if you want to become an entrepreneur

And run your own business then having some understanding of what your accountant is doing and why they’re doing it is going to be a good thing so take it for what it’s worth there he goes on to say i get 100 on pretty much everything not because i’m smart but because you can find all of the deliverables on the internet my marketing class isn’t covering anything on

Influencer marketing but my fat business business professor cut but my fat business prof constantly refers to her mba while reading off ridiculously long powerpoint slides and every class revolves around a special needs kid that plays video games and eats candy mid class i think he may be gifted academically but not socially um i found almost the exact same thing

In my community college when i went after high school i think it was probably the marketing class if um i can recall correctly and they were teaching marketing strategies that were utterly useless when i started up my business completely useless you know they say those that can do those that can’t teach it’s an old saying not 100 true all the time but you’ll find a

Lot of this in post-secondary education in a lot of these universities it’s just like they’re there for the you know for the professor gig and a little bit of money here and there and maybe some of the clout but if they were that good at marketing why aren’t they running their own marketing practice why aren’t they making you know millions of dollars a year helping

Companies improve their reach and sales so anyway he goes on to say i thought it was a logical decision to choose a cheaper alternative when it comes to being seen as qualified in the modern day but i can’t see how that can be the case at all i don’t know maybe i’m just some delusional brat that should just suck it up look dude this is your intuition speaking to you

It’s saying hey pay attention there’s some things here that we’re picking up on that we should maybe have a closer look at that’s what it is uh i don’t think you’re being some delusional brat um i could ramble on about a plethora of things that seemed ludicrous but that could also stem from being labeled stupid as a child in the nicest way possible for context i

Was 10 years old when i was diagnosed with some slow cognitive processing delay when i was in grade eight i want to say i was a disturbance to class is what they uh coined the turbot i think they put me in the principal’s office or sorry the vice principal’s office for a week where i was berated and chastised by um a guy is probably about my age right now who’s

Fat probably making 75 80 000 a year as a vice principal in the school system at the time uh inflation corrected and he lectured me all week long about how i was going to amount to nothing if i uh didn’t apply myself and get good grades and get a degree and if i did all those things i could one day to be like him i never said it to him but i was like yeah you’re

Not really like the icon of what i want to become like superman seemed like a way cooler idea than what he was talking about after that by the way they also brought in the ministry of education testers and they ran an iq test on me because they because they thought it was stupid um but it was pretty hilarious because when i was doing the test i vividly remember

You know the guy would be like okay well we’re going to time you for this you’ve got a minute max and i’d be like and i was done in like 18 seconds to be clicking and be like i was fast so i tore through that and i proved really i’m not stupid i’m i’m just bored you know it was really what it ended up boiling down to for me so it goes on to say after this diagnosis

My homeroom teacher and guidance counselor sat me in front of the class and said that i’m going to be doing things on a computer because i learned differently oh boy i love my parents to death but i’m convinced that their generations non-questioning tradition doesn’t do any justice when we start to put litter boxes in the school so i don’t know if you guys have

Heard about this uh one of the guys in my local community here was telling me we were having uh drinks the other day that kids in his uh kids school now have access to a litter box they’ll the ones that identify as furries so this is what the school system is doing here in elementary school or i think was about grade seven rates maybe it was middle school but the

Public school system here now is accommodating what i would call brats that are identifying as not boys or girls but as furries and instead of going to the boys room or the girls room they go and do their business in a large litter box because they identify as a furry so that’s what he’s referring to when he’s talking about putting litter boxes in school so this

Is where we’re at anyway he goes on with thank you for taking the time to read this and i would appreciate some suggestions thoughts for self-development with zero fluff i had a message and get a little bit of clarity and he provided the question is so i always ask if i could wave a magic wand and solve this problem what does it look like so the question i would

Ask should solely should be solely pushing my education because that’s what my parents want me to ultimately do or finding ways of making income on the side until i’m able to have a say and get off their payroll so he’s 20 and he feels obligated to follow their direction because he’s living under the roof or on under their control like he’s a marionette you know

They’re pulling the strings my parents went to university so i feel like i will disappoint them if i don’t get some papers on my resume but the way they prop up post-secondary is if these wonderful places that will guarantee you a job with diverse networks seems obsolete now well my friend um let’s talk about your dilemma it sounds like you want to make serious

Bank which is totally natural that’s that’s what guys need to do we need to challenge ourselves we need to do the work we need to you know find some kind of purpose and put a dent in our universe there’s really five main ways that you can make serious money in the world today and some of them are going to involve some wokeness if we’re being honest because that’s

Some of the complaints that he seems to have right c-suite jobs ceo cto cfo you know any chief something officer in a decent sized corporation that has um i’m going to say minimum seven to eight figures in receivables if you’re doing like a hundred thousand dollars a year or two hundred thousand dollars a year uh you can call yourself the ceo of where they have

Whatever the you want you’re not making serious bank you’re not really putting much of a dent in the universe there’s lots of people out there that call themselves boss dudes or boss girls or whatever and it’s like you know their business is walking dogs or picking up dog or some basic stuff like that and while they are employing themselves and making some money

They can hand out a business card this is i’m a ceo they’re really not pulling in bank the next one is some kind of professional designation uh doctor lawyer surgeon you go to uh school university you get a piece of paper with a bunch of little letters after your name you’re framing a mahogany you put it on the wall you’re now professional that can now charge a

Certain rate and depending on where you live in the world some places you get paid more some places you don’t get paid so much but you’re probably making well over six figures uh maybe close to seven figures but at least in the six figures uh so that’s number two some kind of designated professional doctor lawyer surgeon stuff like that next one i would say would

Be some kind of a influencer so influencer would be one category we see that today you see random thoughts now on instagram with boobs and butts and you know they can throw in only fans out there and make some serious cash or they can influence whatever because they’re doing cool people follow them and when they make recommendations people buy it and actors and

Musicians also kind of fall in the same category so influential people um of the ones that i’ve just listed to you i would probably say that all of them are going to have to conform with the female first primary social order wokism liberalism um not many of them are going to lean independent or more as more of a libertarian which seems to be one of the complaints

That he has here high-end sales they can get paid very well too in fact i would argue that if you’re selling yachts private jets uh very expensive automobiles you could probably make more money than most uh licensed professionals doctors lawyer surge and stuff like that depending on where you live and what you’re moving so that would be the fourth way and the

Fifth way is my favorite is entrepreneurship you have the ability to write your own paycheck uh go in your own direction your own path and you can set aside you know wilkism narratives and things that you don’t agree with um i always tell guys to consider the source when advice comes your way i get that parents always want the best for their kids i heard all this

Especially from my mom when i was growing up oh so and so has a certain degree why don’t you get a degree so you can do it as a sort of thing it’s like you know today you know here i am and i’m i’m doing pretty good in life i just got off the phone with the sales guy from my mclaren dealer we’re talking about another car right now life’s good right like i’m i’m

In a position where i’ve i’ve done the work i wish i did it sooner in my life rather than wait you know until my 30s if i had done it in my 20s instead of wasting time doing dumb chasing girls riding motorcycles into the three four five o’clock in the morning in the night you know drugs and stuff like that that would that is just a big waste of time you know

Partying and getting stoned and and chasing girls in my 20s if i had sat that set that aside and focus more on chasing excellence uh i could have enjoyed more of my life as a more wealthy guy than you know waiting well into my 40s to have those opportunities so yeah um i like it i’m very happy with my life my recommendation would be look for some way to create

Your own thing you’ll hear people talk about other ways to make money like we’re in a gig economy you can do copywriting you can do amazon fulfillment you can do shopify stores and all this and while you can learn some skills and you’re going to learn some ways that businesses can make money and and some of the things that i understand work at the end of the day

The best kind of business is generally described has joe polish describes it which is an elf business which is easy lucrative and fun the opposite of that is what most people will set up which is a hard annoying and lame frustrating business half business is what the acronym is for that and they suck i’ve designed the school of entrepreneurship look i understand

That you’re in college and you’re paying tuition you’re buying books and you’re paying for parking i don’t know if you’re at residence or if you stay at home but that’s going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars a semester my course opens up every quarter it’s going to reopen up again in december pinned in the top comment below you should get on my email list

Let me put it up on the screen here so that you’ve got the uh ticker and once you’re on my email list it’s entrepreneurs and forward slash red dash flags you’ll be able to download a free chapter from my book the unplugged alpha on the red flags set that aside not important you’ll just get notified when the course opens up for enrollment in december which

Is like 1500 bucks it’s worth its weight in gold all of this that you’re sitting here listening in the classroom let me tell you this never let school get in the way of your education the things that you’re going to learn the most of in life are either going to be lessons or they’re going to be from conversations where people don’t talk about them explicitly not

The mainstream narrative they want you plugged into lots they want you plugged in the matrix they want you sleepwalking through life you know you stamp in you stamp out you know you get your paycheck kevin o’leary says this you know a salary is what they give you sorry a salary is a drug that they give you to get you to forget about your dreams and there’s a lot

Of people out there right now that have set off their dreams that have let them sit on a shelf collect us because they were told by their parents and they followed the instruction go do this then do that then do that and now they’re sitting in a cubicle somewhere doing some whmis reports for something that doesn’t really matter that moves a bar on nobody’s life

And they’re not really passionate about it so look at 20 you’re asking good questions you don’t know right now you don’t know where to begin i’ll say this in the absence of clarity do something so you’re doing something right now but look for other opportunities to do things don’t worry about people that have a conditioning you to believe that you’re stupid you’re

Clearly not dumb you can get great grades you know like i said i was the kid that was sitting in the vice principal’s office and he was lecturing me about if i work hard like he did then i could then one day have his job and it’s like dude i make what you make in probably days you know in some cases so don’t listen to the haters don’t listen to the critics ask

Yourself would i trade places with this guy if the answer is no don’t listen to them if the answer is yes then contemplated at least consider that as an option as something that you can do there are many ways for you to find freedom and feel achievement you know the the pinnacle of maslow’s hierarchy of needs you know the self-actualization yeah you can just get

Out there and do things go on a little bit of a walkabout if you need to travel travel if you need to go work a corporate gig for a little bit fine but if you find that it sucks and it’s not for you and it doesn’t fill your cup don’t do it for six years you should have a pretty good idea within about six months if something’s for you or not leave it’s not not going

To feel comfortable but you’re going to be putting yourself in a position where discomfort is going to force you to do things if you’re comfortable in life like i said earlier you know they say that a salary is a drug that they give you to get you to forget about your dreams if you’re comfortable or things are just good enough then you’re never really going to

Be motivated to do more than that you’re not going to be motivated to lean into difficult areas of your life to find opportunities to make some serious bank so consider those things lean into the darkness lean into the discomfort lean into the unknown areas your parents are offering some advice it is not probably what is going to make you the man that you want to

Be judging by the way that you’re describing it unless you want to follow in their footsteps and you know i’ve had conversations with my parents where they’ve offered me advice either on money or real estate or relationships and it’s like yeah you know i appreciate that but i wouldn’t exchange my life for what you’ve lived in that area and while that might seem a

Little terse or harsh you know to some regards it’s truthful and they understand it and i’m i’m in a position where i am today where they look to me for advice where they’re going to turn around and say you know well what would what would rich do um you know oftentimes i think my brothers my younger brothers will always kind of like okay well my parents will say

This and then they’ll kind of look at me and be like okay well what does he have to say with that and he they may not like the answer that i give them but at least it’s something for them to contemplate so take it for what it’s worth there’s my advice i hope that helps at the end of the day if you’re serious about figuring out what the code in the matrix really

Looks like and unplugging on how the most successful entrepreneurs make their serious money as an elf business get on my email list and grab the course when it opens up for enrollment i understand it’s not cheap but 1500 bucks is a drop in the bucket compared to what you’re probably paying right now for this woke go check it out we’ll see you guys in the next

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