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Why YOU Should Buy a USED Can-Am Spyder

You should buy a used Can-Am Spyder!

Welcome riders to another great video riding season is upon us and people all over are on the hunt for a new ride or for many their first ride so should you buy a new or used spider well i’m here to tell you that you should definitely buy a used spider but before you find out why please click the subscribe button below you can save thousands with buying a late

Model used spider compared to a brand new one a new semi-automatic spyder f3 limited has a list price of twenty four thousand four hundred and ninety nine dollars but will end up costing you another thousand dollars or more with dealer markup setup and other fees a quick search on social media shows this 2019 spyder f3 limited for eighteen thousand dollars

That’s a great price and that’s a difference of over seven thousand dollars in addition to the initial savings you may also find that your motorcycle insurance is cheaper on a used spider than a brand new one check out the links in the description below for various places you can find great deals on used spiders motorcycles are no different than cars when it

Comes to depreciation on average a new motorcycle will lose 11 percent in value as soon as you write it off the dealer’s lot you’ll also find that dealers will be less likely to negotiate on a price whereas used spider owners may you can also use tools such as kelly blue book to help you gauge what the spider is worth based on installed options mileage and

Location check the link in the description below for accessing kelly blue books price and tool hey don’t forget to click the subscribe button below before i tell you about another reason why you should buy a used spider if you’re like most spider owners you will want to customize your spider to fit your needs and taste accessories add-ons wraps graphics and

More can run several hundred dollars or even carry you into the thousands you’ll find many used spiders where the current or previous owner installed accessories that you may want and the cost of the spider already includes those accessories custom seats windshields and footboards are common accessories new spyder owners want and you could end up spending over

A thousand dollars for all those on a new spider no motorcycles without its faults and new spiders can come from the factory or dealer with problems for older spiders with the 998 road tax engine brp recommended a 600 mile service spiders since 2014 with the 1330 rotax engine require a 3400 mile initial service these initial services can run 300 or more from

Some dealers when you buy a used spider check with the current owner to make sure all appropriate services have been performed and hopefully the owner has service records even if they don’t ask them about any issues they have had with the spider and what they have done to resolve them some issues may not have been addressed by the owner they may be minor and

May enable you to negotiate a reduction in the price i think you’ll find that a can-am spider is a fun and reliable machine that will enable you to have miles of smiles but a spider isn’t for everyone and in case you find that you don’t like your used spider you’ll have an easier time selling your spider for a price close to or the same for what you paid for

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Why YOU Should Buy a USED Can-Am Spyder By RYD3