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Winterize Your VINTAGE Motorcycle in 5 STEPS, Short-term AND Long-term!

With a plethora of information on winterization, there’s a need for clear advise when it comes to vintage motorcycles. Here are five steps to ensure that your vintage machine fires right back up whether you’re parking it for a couple months or a year.

What’s up guys so it’s time to winterize your motorcycle and all you can find online are instructions and videos of how to do a practically new fuel injected motorcycle well you’ve come to the right place because we are going to prep our 1979 yamaha xs750 an awesome shape for winter now maybe you’re prepping it just for one or two months right standard winterization

Or maybe you’re putting it away for the long haul we’re talking three to five months depending on your climate it might be cold for that long with these five steps no matter when you pull it back out of that shed or garage you can be sure it’ll crank right over now you want to be sure you watch until the very last step because arguably it is the most important

One so let’s get started with number one step number one is to change that oil the last thing you want to do is leave a few thousand mile old oil stewing on all your engine parts with the little metallic bits and the higher water content than usual so drain out your old oil replace the filter fill it up run the engine for one or two minutes that’s all you need to

Circulate that fresh oil all over the top end let it sit and you’ll be good to go now after that oil change if you plan on storing the bike for more than let’s say four or five months the next thing i recommend doing is adding some fogging oil what this does is it coats the entire inside of the cylinders prevents corrosion and also makes sure that nothing gets stuck

So when you go to start the bike again after five months six months heck even a year you know that everything will be able to slide freely and not have any rust on it just pop off your spark plug caps pull out the spark plugs spray a little fogging oil into each of the cylinders and then rotate that engine by hand make sure that each piston goes on its full stroke

A couple of times you’re really coating that whole cylinder with oil then replace the spark plugs and you are good to go number two on our list is to drain those carbs of all the fuel we do not want gasoline sitting in those float bowls all winter long or even longer than that most carbs have drain screws just with a flathead screwdriver run a little hose and do a

Little catch bucket and you’re good these have a 10 millimeter bolt on the bottom without any way to attach a hose so what i like to do is just take some aluminum foil make a little channel so that you don’t get too much gas on the engine and ruin your finish and then just run that little channel into a catch container now if this is just normal winterization go

Ahead and fill that gas tank up hopefully with some ethanol free fuel if you have it around where you live top it off with some fuel stabilizer and you’re good to go but if you are storing this thing for the long haul remember we’re talking like over for four or five months what i recommend doing is draining that entire gas tank of fuel you can do that by either

Pulling the hose off the back of the petcock letting it drain into a tub or if you have the tool or want to buy it because we all like tools buy a vacuum fluid exchanger and just suck up all that gas from inside the tank so that it’s nice and dry leave that gas cap slightly ajar so that airflow can come in and out so we don’t have a lot of water condensation build

Up on the inside step three if you’re like me you probably already have a battery tender lead hanging off your bike somewhere plug it in if you don’t have the lead on the battery you need to clamp one on time to pull the battery and take it over to your bench and then just clamp that battery tender on set it and forget it for the winter time now if you are putting

It away for that long period of time i do not recommend leaving this on the trickle charger for five six seven months i like to alternate take it off for weeks maybe a month put it back on for a few weeks take it off i know these trickle chargers are supposed to be smart and only trickle when they need to but i just don’t like the idea of that right so this way it

Still stays juiced up and you’re nowhere near going to damage your battery now before we get to that last and most important one number four is to fill up our tires with air i don’t know why so many people forget to do this before winter time in addition i like to add a few pounds maybe four psi more than normal that way in the really cold winters when those tires

Contract and the air shrinks a little bit we know that we’re still good staying above the ground now if you are one of those people storing it for a long period of time leave a few feet in front and behind of the bike when you park it that way every month or so go out to the bike roll it forward a foot roll it back a foot a month later just alternate like that

That way you don’t get any flat spots on the tires when you do pull it out of long-term storage now if you’ve done everything up until now then good work because you are doing a fantastic job of taking care of your vintage machine but number five and arguably the most important thing don’t forget this when you’re putting your bike away just for winter or for long

Term is to cover it trust me even if you park your bike in an immaculate garage where nobody ever turns a wrench there is crud in that air that’s just going to settle on your bike all over it you are doing so much for all the finishes whether it’s aluminum or steel or the paint or the vinyl seat if you just cover that motorcycle up even in indoors so grab a cover

Heck even the cheap ones on amazon are better than nothing if you’re just parking it inside anyway out of the elements cover that bike up completely nestle it in its place for the long winter’s nap and be rest assured that when you try to start it again whether it’s in a couple months or several months it’ll fire right up thank you guys so much for watching be sure

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Winterize Your VINTAGE Motorcycle in 5 STEPS, Short-term AND Long-term! By Two-Car Garage