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Wish I Knew This Before Taking The Basic Rider Course

Before taking the Basic Riders Course to receive my M-Class endorsement, I wish I had known what to do to be prepare.

Hey guys it’s robin the lady biker about a year and a half ago i am hanging out matoo oldest daughters were out of high school off college and my son was getting a little bit older he was the senior in high school and for years i’ve been saying when the kids are out of the house mama wants a sports car time came they just really wasn’t anything out there that

Has really really loved but oh the motorcycles drew me now i come from a family of writers my dad had he had me on the back of a big was the kawasaki i had to ask him when i was like 5 years old and i rode with him everywhere and then as i got a little bit older he sold that and we got hor wheelers and i wrote four wheelers since i was like 10 years old across

Pastures and everywhere then got away from it and then o few years ago maybe about ten years ago my dad got the bug again and he bought a 2001 harley road king and it was a nice bike but at the time my kids were still home i were still young and i really couldn’t do much with it but maybe that’s where the bug was planted so fast forward and about a year and a half

Ago i decide it’s time to get my motorcycle license so i went to the harley davidson riding academy because the dealership that was close to us actually had a course and that was one of those convenient for me check below in the comments or in the description and i’ll put a link to both the harley riding academy and also to the msf website so that you can find one

That’s close to you so take the course i’m all excited and i throw my leg over it and i’m harab id and to the honest ladies i didn’t pass i failed the first time through and it was because i didn’t think that i could counterbalance those those machines and i didn’t trust myself on the bike so i came home i got on a bicycle and i practiced all the maneuvers that

I was struggling with whenever i was taking the course i did everything to learn to counterbalance because i figured if i fall on a bicycle the worst it’s gonna happen is i’m against kidney so this is where i started right here on one of these i took it down to one the local parking lots or one a parking lots close to my house and i spent hours and i mean hours

Practicing how to stop to start to get just enough momentum so i could do really almost 90-degree turns both to the right and to the left i’ve found a strip of parking spaces that didn’t have anyone there and so i used those to practice the weave right around the end of each of the the lines in the parking space because that’s one of the skills you have to be able

To do is to weed between combs another one and one of the hardest ones to do was to do a u-turn so the trick was i would come in and i would do the i would make like a shape of a almost a question mark and then come back out and the trick is to always look over your shoulder where you want to be and that is so scary but practicing those skills over and over and

Over made it so that whenever i got back on a bike at the course i was ready five weeks later i retook the course in ella did a pass i thrived east so if you’ve never ridden a bike before and you’re thinking oh my gosh i can’t do this yes you can you most certainly can you can do this it’s not about if you’re gonna be perfect because honey we’re all gonna drop a

Bike at some point we all have if you’re not the first you will not be the last it’s okay but the secret to this is is just being prepared because then you’ll go in and have a phenomenal experience it’ll be a great experience and you never know you might step off into a new part of life and a new adventure that she never knew you were capable of and how amazing

Would that be so until later right safe have fun see you soon

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Wish I Knew This Before Taking The Basic Rider Course By Robin The Lady Biker