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Worlds best Motorcycle Roads, The Great Ocean Road

The iconic Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s iconic motorcycle roads, it stretches 243 kilometres from Torquay to Allansford, it was built by returned soldiers from WW1 between 1919 and 1932 and dedicated to the fallen soldiers of WW1. The road is the worlds largest war memorial, it winds its way through varying terrain and coastal townships eventually meeting up with the Twelve Apostles at Port Campbell, the road is one of Victoria’s most popular tourist destinations.

Off the poor campbell we go full stop more road works after more camera we go take two i’m not sure where we are but it’s some look out on the way between uh apollo bay and um fort campbell but what a view look at that and there you go the other way you’ve got all those beautiful hills mountains oh and elaine’s in the way but besides that it’s pretty good besides

That pretty good best thing about this ride all that beautiful coastal scenery to now walk through the great ocean national park which is all like rain forest um you know big birds such a beautiful ride motorcycle heaven up here so much fun to ride tell me attention running very low on fuel nobody’s hyping starting to get worried everybody’s closed still

Because it’s freaking covered 20 k’s to go below empty 15 k’s to go 10 k’s to go i think we’re gonna make it i hope we’re gonna make it man we are low low you want to be blowing like a beacon i think we’re gonna make it made it just it’s coming into waterfalls where we’re staying tonight we should have read at a time so much stuff along the great ocean road

We’ve been getting to see the 12 months today we’ve got to sleep back there tomorrow it’s not far back anyway so not bad elaine bathroom pretty cool yes all good morning so we’re on the road again this morning a little bit overcast a little bit of fog but that’s all supposed to burn off pretty quickly just get a head down now for the bay of islands and then

We’ll head back to port campbell show you all around port campbell should be a good day again let’s go so so we’ve made it here to the bay of islands which is part of this whole coastline here have a look at this gorgeous unbelievable so so all this here was once all one big part of the mainland the stuff that’s left over now is limestone

And limestone’s a bit harder than the other stuff so as the water seeped through some sinkholes what happened was it eroded away you know basically the mainland has left what you know what this sort of stuff is now um all these what they call apostles well these aren’t really the apostles these just that’s what the apostles are but it’s just absolutely stunning

Quite beautiful here um the camera won’t do it justice honestly it won’t it is just amazing so the fire violence how good was that just absolutely spectacular this whole coastline is just blowing me away absolutely what’s your name ditch has been waiting for how long uh 150 minutes he’s been waiting for 15 minutes to get have a sit on this motorbike so uh

The least i can do is let him get on there

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