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In this episode we look at a BRAND NEW manufacturer. MGB from MotoGB, firstly looking at their Euro 5, 125 scooter range.

Back in 1923 when the concept of a malcolm was merely an ill-conceived idea that milkman once had whilst contemplating his morning brown flakes and i was a mere teenager scooters were very minimal once the malcolm ran into puberty in the 80s and 90s scooters were still only favored by older ladies and seemed to be severely lacking in the choice department fast

Forward to today and scooters are not only the rage but favored amongst many ladies and gentlemen over their geared opponents especially considering their practicality and their much improved cooler looks these days well motogb the uk importer for such brands as royal alloy royal enfield sim kiwi benelli lambretta hanway fb mondial and italjet have decided they

Want to get in on the market as well with their own brand mgb for moto gb i know it’s not excitingly inventive but it works they do 50 cc scooters one two five scooters and a one two five adventure bike and that will be coming up in future episodes but today we’re looking at the one two five range and coming up now is a list of what they do in that range it’s

Fifty and one two five i’ll be back so we have the a9 the r8 not to be mistaken for the audi the trieste and this the fantasy also available as a 50. so today i thought i would take a look at one of their 125s the fantasy and see how it compares to its rivals such as the motoring misano and the nico gpx also available as a 50 and a 125 let’s crack on

Well the fantasy uses an air cooled four-stroke single cylinder fuel injection engine which is euro 5 compliant and moto gb states it develops 8 brake horsepower and a few torques with right way up forks on the front you get twin shocks on the rear 220 millimeter front disc with a double piston caliper and 190 millimeter rear disc also with a double piston caliper

And using the combined braking system using a 120 kenda tyre front and rear it comes with 12 inch wheels front and back dimensions are all pretty typical 1.8 meters long 720 millimeters wide although it is 870 when the mirrors are on so just be mindful of that if you’re getting it down an alleyway 1.1 meters tall and it weighs in at just 115 kilos pretty typical

Really sea height 780 millimeters so it’s all pretty average but it is comfortable so i think at this stage we should take it out on the road and see what it rides like and here we go so initial thoughts well bearing in mind is a brand new scooter perhaps he falls away fine as a scooter should all brakes are pretty sharp put your spot on there takes the corner

Very easily indicator easy to use up to speed look straight away there’s no dramas there mirrors are good i’ve got good visibility out of the mirrors i can see probably 85 percent of the road behind me which is good yeah very pleased with the mirrors seats very comfortable position is very easy it feels very stable moves around very simply very easy to flick

Around no problems there at all very comfortable it’s expecting the suspension to be a lot harder than that but it’s not it’s very forgiving nice and soft simple to ride as i say i can’t thrash this i can’t do too much speeds on this because it is a brand new scooter and it hasn’t been run in yet breaks very nicely pulls up very nicely no jolts no judders very

Nice indeed so now is a little test as to how it performs when i pull away from the traffic lights i don’t expect a rocket ship but i expect no hesitation okay no real delay there it’s gentle it’s not a rocket ship but we are now doing 40. absolutely fine yep got no qualms with that so it handles well it’s soft and forgiving comfortable good visibility and it

Rides like a scooter should ride nothing nasty nothing feels bad okay i have two small complaints it rides really nicely the only thing is don’t take the corners too sharply because you will catch the side stand and the other thing is the side repeaters not the side repeaters the indicator lights on the dash are very very small so when you’re indicating make sure

You look and turn it off or just push the button and then just give it a quick check other than that i’ve got nothing to complain about at all the bike is available in three different colors you’ve either got this silver with red you’ve got white with red or you’ve got red white and blue now it only has a five and a half liter fuel tank but that’s just average

For every other scooter so you’re just filling up exactly the same as you are with any other scooter it just doesn’t sound a lot when you compare it to a motorbike but anyway that’s what scooters do and as scooters go i think it rides really nicely now in comparison to the other two i think this has the much better looks it feels more substantial it feels better

On the ride the suspension feels nicer at the front and at the back and i like the way the dials are set out as well price wise on the road these are priced at 1999 pounds now that is a hundred and fifty pound more than the motor arena misano but a hundred pound less than the nico gpx what this does have over that is you’ve got a nice handy usb on the front and

You’ve got these two little cubby holes down here so i think this is a very good buy and i’m really pleased with the way it looks the way it feels it rides really well i think it’s a bit quicker than the other two it feels quite punchy at the low ends for a one two five scooter but as a budget scooter i think it serves its purpose really well indeed but where it

Excels above the other two as far as looks and practicality and usage is concerned there are a couple of things i don’t like about it one of them being that red brake disc now they must have actually paid someone to paint the edge of the brake disc red and a red that doesn’t match the red on the body so why it’s just not necessary just need a silver caliper and

A regular disk without all the color on it it’s not necessary and the other thing i don’t like are the indicators at the front and i’ll show you what i mean now despite the fact that when you start it you’ve got one light on this side and then main beam switches to the other side and that i don’t like it looks a bit cheap and pathetic the indicators in the sun

They are very low down and not very visible now the sun has just gone in and i’ll show you again in a second when the sun comes out from behind that cloud that you just cannot see them from the front or for that matter from the side so the sun is now out so we’ve got right indicator is on off on off now i would say they’re practically invisible not good design

There okay there is one other thing i don’t like now they’ve got a sticker on there that says e5 and the one underneath that says unleaded gas only will gloss over the gas bit but please use unleaded gasoline of 90 octane or above now in the uk unleaded and super unleaded are both above 90 anyway so to cover yourself i personally would just put super unleaded in

And not the new e10 fuel okay now you could argue that the headlight arrangement one side to the other is just down to me not liking things that aren’t symmetrical but other than that the only thing i don’t really like to say is that disc where they painted the edge of the disc and those indicators other than that i think it’s a pretty damn good bike and a nice

Buy and for a euro 5 bike that’s this large practical comfortable and easy and good to ride i think it’s pretty good bargain and that brings us to the end of this episode remote for the masses thank you very much for joining me i’ll be back next time with something else who knows find out then um please like subscribe and click share on this video and all the

Other stuff if you want to support this channel please do so by clicking the patreon link or our facebook merchandise shop link in the description below and until then they’re going home so i’m going to finish too thank you so until next time please ride and drive carefully but have fun bye-bye yeah all right give up you

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WORLD's FIRST REVIEW MGB Fantasy 125 E5 By Motors for the Masses