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What is up everybody it’s an exciting day here i’ve been waiting for this for a while and uh i’ve been wanting it for a while we got some exhausts for the klx 300 as you probably know by the title it’s a yoshimura exhaust not a full system it’s just the slip-on i think i think they only sell the slip-on right now but i could be wrong um they might have a header but

I’ve heard a couple sound clips i believe with the slip-on and it seems like it sounds really really good so i’m super excited let’s tear into this box so if you’ve been looking for yoshimiri exhaust or you kind of have a klx 300 and you’ve been looking you might know that it is not really in stock anywhere in the us at least that i could find so i did find this

At a place called brisbane motorcycles which is an online shop out of australia and they had really fast shipping actually it was international shipping it added on a little bit onto there but uh i think it shipped in about a week and a half to be honest with you no more than two weeks so uh super good shipping for international shipping by then and they got it

Here pretty quick so got the little mid pipe type thing right here and uh it looks like it comes with uh a little exhaust plug which is pretty cool um for washing your bike which for the amount of money this thing is better come with something like that but no it’s got some stickers as well probably some hardware in there maybe some springs but here here’s the

Can itself the uh the silencer or the muffler this thing is awesome looking guys so here you see right here at first i didn’t really know how i felt about this little piece here coming out the end and that might even be removable i think it is actually but uh it’s really really growing on me i think it’s gonna look awesome on the uh on the dual sport i think

It’s just gonna look really really good so i don’t have time to get this installed today but i will be back with you guys and we’re gonna install this thing all right everybody it’s the next day from when we got the exhaust and i want to go ahead and start taking this stock exhaust off and getting the yoshi on so i’m going to start unscrewing stuff here i see

This guy first off this guy and this guy and then we’ll probably have to unscrew this little flange as well and we’ll see if anything else comes up um i’m gonna leave the o2 sensor in until i can bring the exhaust down a little bit and get a better angle to unscrew it because right now it’s in a weird spot and these three bolts are going to be a 12 mil 12 mil

Looks like all right well she’s loose in there now i’m gonna work on this little flange see if that comes out easy all right flange is unscrewed so theoretically we should yep slip this guy right off perfect now i’m going to unscrew this o2 sensor now to have a better angle stock pipe off or a muffler i guess you could say o2 sensor is all out i guess now i need

To put together this uh yoshi exhaust let’s see how this goes together all right so we got this little part out of the we got this little baggie here that we got in here some stickers you get a little bit of instructions that’s nice you get a little plug i’ve never actually had one of these so good to have now and then the hardware here oh yeah you get them

Factory yoshi exhaust mount clips that’s funny it also gives you a actually gives you a new exhaust gasket too which is nice all right so i literally just kind of took it and placed it on there right now roughly it’s gonna go in a little bit more but you get the idea uh gonna mount up there and there and we got our we got a it’s sitting in there but i need to

Tighten up the flange as well so i’m gonna get to it also can’t forget the exhaust brackets here so using that little tool that they gave us just gonna pull it back and boom super easy i’m gonna do the bottom one as well all right just got this guy on right here and we’re going to get this final screw in just kind of hold it up a tiny bit and should be able to

Get it in just fine all right guys she’s all bolded up and tight on there and it looks a lot sicker i can tell already looks so nice on there i’m not gonna put the plastics back on quite yet because i’m gonna be doing some other stuff on this while i’m while i have everything off and uh you guys probably see that in the next video but uh let’s let’s go ahead

And get her started up let’s see what she sounds like all right hopefully she barks damn i don’t know how that thing sounds on video but that thing sounds real good holy cow that sounds i know it’s obviously a bigger bike and everything but i have a full exhaust on my z and oh my god i thought since i was just doing the silencer or something it may not be

Quite as loud or i might not get it as loud as i want but it’s pretty dang perfect i’ll have to ride it on the road and and see how that sounds i’m also going to put out another video real soon here uh just the stock comparison i took a few clips with the stock exhaust and i’m gonna go ahead and take a few clips with the yoshi rs2 once i get a chance and i’ll

Upload that comparison video but for the install guys it was actually really really easy and holy cow that thing it sounds worlds different i’m guessing it’s going to perform a little different too but we’ll have to see here so subscribe and stay tuned if you want to hear or listen to how i feel about this pipe in the future i will definitely make videos talking

About it i’m also as i said i’m not putting the i’m not putting the seat in plastics on quite yet because i’m not done here so we got a little something over here but that is gonna do it for this video guys so be sure to subscribe and i will see you guys in the next one

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YOSHIMURA EXHAUST FOR MY KLX 300! (Install) By NolanRides