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In this video I talk about the differences between a yz125 and a yz250 when it comes to woods riding.

All right guys so like i said today we’re going to be talking about the differences between a yz125 and a yz250 yeah start it off right boys oh yeah bob send it so for your guys’s reference i owned a yz-125 for about three years and i’ve now owned this yz250 for about i’d say about two years so i’ve definitely had my time really learning these bikes and i have a

Very good understanding of how they feel and what the difference is between them are so i’m going to start off mostly with the yz125 the yz125 obviously is lighter than the yz250 obviously it does not have as much power as the 250 those are the common things that everybody knows when it comes to woods riding i feel like it’s very underpowered in my opinion because

You have to be on the gas the whole time to really feel any of the power with a yz250 you can really lug the bike around and uh you know really get a good feel for the low end torque that the bike has where the yz-125 is you’re either on the gas or you’re not for example if you guys are going up hills you know you have to be on the gas on the yz-125 to get up the

Hill if you’re not on the gas like like what i’m doing right now just lugging this bike along it’s fine with it you know it’s an mx bike but in the trails you know it could do this and be perfectly content whereas on my yz-125 i couldn’t do that i’d literally have no power the bike just you know it has to be in the power band for you to be going anywhere so

The yz125 is a little bit smaller as well my opinion it’s easier to handle than the yz250 because it’s like i said it’s lighter and it’s a little bit smaller but it depends on the kind of riding that you do uh that’s really going to affect those two things you know if you are doing the kind of riding like i do you do mostly trails and stuff that extra weight i

Feel like actually helps you a little bit because while it might slow you down a little bit in the turns you know it’ll get you through if you’re taking jumps um or just in general i feel like you’ll have more balance on a 250 with a heavier weight than you would on a yz-125 i know i feel way more balanced on this bike than i did on my yz-125 yeah i would just

Say the biggest difference for sure is you know just your ability to lock a 250 around you just don’t have to put as much effort in and you know really strain yourself as much when you’re on the 250 in the woods because you’re not on the gas all the time you’re not trying to focus okay when i downshift you know i gotta make sure i’m in the perfect part of the

Power band going up this hill or you know i’m not gonna make it or you know you can’t you gotta really have to pick your line really well especially on the hills with the yz125 because if you don’t and you know you start to slow down loser momentum you’re gonna stall and once you stall you’re done you gotta go back down to the bottom of the hill and start all

Over again so my preference is the uh the yz 250 i like him a lot more than the yz125 i love my little yz125 you know i might get another one but i feel like the yz250 is just overall much better bike and it has the ability to do a lot more than a yz-125 is the yz-125 to me is you know a bike that you have if you’re if you have a field in your backyard or you

Have really flat trails that you can hit in the power band consistently there’s no hills but or the track too like i said i think that’s a much better track flight than a yz250 but the yz250 i mean i’ve taken this bike everywhere i’ve taken it through sands mud rocks hills combinations everything single track and you know it does it and that’s the other thing

Too if you like single track the yz125 really would just drain me so fast when i’d been doing the single track because like i said you’re either all power or nothing and you know you might not really think it’s that big of a deal but it really tires you out when you’re not prepared for it yeah guys also the suspension on this i feel like it’s just way better for

You know any kind of woods riding than my yz125 is i really felt you know a really big difference in the suspension which is you know the biggest thing that you’re going to feel in general when it comes to riding in the woods is the suspension really just makes you know night and day difference in terms of how a bike feels and i feel like the suspension that’s

On the yz250 is just better suited for the woods than uh the one is on a yz-125 um but uh yeah guys those are pretty much the main differences that i’ve noticed between my yz-125 and my yz250 overall i feel like the yz250 is a much better overall bike if you’re going to get one or the other i’d say get a yz250 it’s really not a good bike for beginners in terms

Of the power but if you have some experience on a bike and uh you’re very careful with the throttle you know you can you can handle a yz250 i would say if you’re using it for the woods especially just jump over the yz-125 and uh you know you’re gonna i really just don’t feel like a yz-125 is a good bike for the woods in my opinion so that’s pretty much gonna do

It for this one guys if you like this video let me know by hitting the like button hit subscribe if you have not already and i will see you guys in the next one please

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YZ125 VS YZ250 DIFFERENCES By Brap Genius